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  1. Hoping to receive my CPI certification in February and maybe attend this conference in June! I’m excited about this new venture! 🙂

  2. I would like to attend this training. I am excited to certify in MIRA and PraiseMoves Gold. But my question is can I recertify in PraiseMoves while I am there? I would be happy to go throught Thursday certification day if that is what is needed.

    1. Wonderful, Carmen! The recertifications will still be online in 2013 so everyone has the opportunity to go through all of the Online training themselves. I’m excited that the interview with you and Rashel highlighting your work at the First Baptist ROC fitness center outside of Kansas City is one of recorded interviews! We look forward to seeing you at the Conference – – yes, MIRA! and PraiseMoves Gold Certifications are popular with many CPIs! Opening many doors!!!

  3. I am know officially going to the PraiseMoves International conference. I will be arriving June 17,2014. I am looking for someone to share my room, so I’m letting you know, Laurette. I am anticipating this event!!!

  4. Getting my application all ready and checking flight prices…I am going to sign up for CPI online for May then head to Tulsa to the International Conference in June to get certified in both MIRA and PraiseMoves Gold….I can’t wait! I will share a room…I would love to get there for June 19th to praise and worship with you all before the Conference…

  5. I’m just finishing up my application (I have the tendency to over-answer – LOL) & am hoping to get into the online training that starts May 5th – then do the MIRA & Gold certifications at the conference. Thankfully, I live about 2 1/2 hours from Tulsa, so will be able to drive to the conference. To say I’m excited would be a MAJOR understatement! More than likely, I’ll be leaving “The Rabbi” at home (the folks in our congregation kinda like having their teacher with them during the services) so would love to share a room with someone 🙂

  6. Annyeong-haseyo from Seoul, Korea! My flight to Tulsa is booked for June 18th. I’d like to share a room with someone from Wednesday, the 18th through Saturday, the 21st. (Actually, I usually sleep on the floor, so if 2 others want to share with me, that would be great!)

  7. Hi,
    Not sure I can make the June certification. When is it offered again? Is there any on-line course? Other locations for Mira training? I am in Arizona.

    1. Hi, Lisa!

      Yes, we have Online and Live training available:

      The June Conference is once-a-year – and has the certifications for CPI, MIRA and PraiseMoves Gold available, too:

      There IS a great need and call for more Certified PraiseMoves Instructors in Arizona! 🙂

      You are also welcome to call us at the office with any questions you may have:

      We look forward to hearing from you!

  8. So excited to be attending this years conference! I just finished my CPI training this week and will be adding Mira to my training. I am arriving on Friday morning, flying in from RI, so please pray for good travel so I arrive on time for the Mira training.

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know the PraiseMoves family!

  9. I am a rookie and very much looking forward to receiving my CPI on Thursday night!!! I also plan to take PraiseMoves Gold at the conference. Yippee!!!

  10. Hi: My name is Patricia Sanker and I am from Washington, DC. I really like to come to your conference. I don’t think I can afford, because I am retired and therefore I am on a fix income. I teaching physical fitness to have another income. Yes I do teach zumba, aerobic dancing, poundworkout and would like to teach PraiseMoves. For I do like variety in my workouts that I teach, Yes I do believe in the FATHER, SON, AND THE HOLY GHOST AND LOVE THE LORD. I am presently in Bible college and yes I like to farther my ministry. I call my ministry Pure and Simple Ministry, I call my fitness business Fit(Necessity)/ALLTHATWORKOUT. I would love to come to your conference and connect with someone in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia and travel to the conference with these individuals or a individual. Thanks for keeping me in mind. I will look at the information and hopefully get materials so I can look it over. Amen. May God Greatly Bless you. Please call me at 202-591- or I will call you thanks. Patricia Sanker

  11. Just finished my CPI certification and I cannot wait to attend the Conference! I am wondering about the PraiseMoves for Kids, is that a certification offered at the conference or a workshop-type training?
    Thanks to all of PM Team! I am so excited to be a part.
    Blessings on you.

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