New Age Truth Seekers

New Age Truth Seekers

Are you curious about the “New Age” and it’s hodge-podge of beliefs based on paganism, Buddhism, Hinduism and so-called “Mystical Christianity”?

How have yoga and New Age confused and attracted so many (even those once in the church)? A former Kundalini yoga instructor at 4 universities in Florida, learn how believers with simple childlike faith won Mike to the Lord. Hear about the dramatic encounter when Jesus “arrested” Mike.

At the end of the interview, Mike gave one of the best, most beautiful and heartfelt invitations to receive Jesus I have EVER heard!

(At right is a photo of Mike painted by one of his yoga students in 1970.)

Do you have friends or loved ones involved in yoga, mystical practices, astrology, witchcraft or the New Age?

Please invite them to listen in on this life-changing interview (links below).

Also, check out the new book Truth Seekers, which speaks directly to New Agers — written by former New Agers (like Laurette and Mike!).

Featuring Laurette’s Story and others

Are you looking for a loving, uncompromising way to share your faith with friends or family members who are New Agers (in a way that “speaks their language”)?

Do you know people who believe there are “many paths to God?” Are you curious about the New Age and humanistic beliefs permeating today’s society and how to witness to people involved in New Age, yoga, metaphysics, Transendental Meditation, humanism or psychism?

Co-authors Sid Roth and Mike Shreve were both extreme seekers. Sid practiced psychic mind control. Mike ran a Kundalini Yoga ashram and taught yoga at four universities. Then they both had amazing encounters with God that changed everything. Their spiritual journeys are featured in this book, along with eight others – former New Agers who share their personal spiritual journey.

You will be inspired by these ten amazing stories-seekers who walked different paths in life, yet shared one common passion-LOVE FOR THE TRUTH. They all desired lasting answers. They all knew that religion alone could never satisfy their spiritual thirst. They longed for supernatural revelation-transformation-ultimate reality.

This book will accomplish two things: it will acquaint Christians with the perfect biblical response to many New Age ideas and more importantly, it will provide you with fabulous witnessing tool, a book you can share with those who are of a pluralistic mindset (the idea that all religions are just different paths to the same God). That concept is permeating our society and world. This book is a perfect way of responding.

The ten Truth Seekers in this book not only sought the truth – THEY FOUND IT!

$16.95 Now $14.95 (Save $2.00)

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  1. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for this interview! I am in the middle of listening to it now and I am so grateful for the stories that you both share. I have just ordered Truth Seekers also! My sister-in-law is a new ager and I’ve been trying to figure out for years how to reach her without making her defensive. I’ve tried to compassionately share my beliefs without “insulting” hers, but she still has not been receptive. I am not giving up on her though, and I keep praying for her. I know that Christ will show me the way, or shall I say, show her the way. The best way to witness to your faith is to live by it. Thanks so much for all that you are doing and all the inspiration you share! May God bless your ministry!

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