Daniel Diet – Day 2

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I am so NOT HUNGRY! The EA Live products on the Daniel Diet are amazing. I can hardly wait for all the products and program to be released so I can share it with YOU!

And the Reign Supreme Water is sweet, pure–and more hydrating than any other water you’ve ever had. I’ll go into more detail about the water later in our journey.

Walking in the Miraculous

That was a word from the Lord I heard woven through our three prayer calls today. I’m amazed how much the Lord (and Jordan) can get into these 3 minute calls!

On our Daniel Diet journey, we’re learning to “trust in the Lord” and not our own understanding; submit to His will (being humble, not arrogant); and to give as the Lord directs us to give (Proverbs 3:5-10).

Trust Him for Divine Provision in every area. Speak like the provision is here–that it is done. Remember, you are your Heavenly Father’s child–made in His image! We are to be imitators of Him, like dear children (Ephesians 5:1). Your Father “calls those things which do not exist as though they did” (Romans 4:17).

This afternoon, Jordan prayed Psalm 91 over us–and I’d suggest that is something you learn to do, too–and pray it over your children.

Here’s one way to do it! This is from our PraiseMoves Flow DVD

Health Tips on Daniel Diet

People are lovin’ the EA Pulse that is the main staple food during the Daniel Diet! EA = Enzymatically Active!

Any feelings of hunger are a good thing – your body is cleansing and “taking care of business.” Lean on the Lord during these times.

Many are saying they’re not hungry. “Do I have to eat all 3 bags?” NO! Save them for when you’re not on the Daniel Diet–you won’t find a healthier snack! So, if you are not hungry, don’t eat!

Weight Loss Tip:  Start eating your first bag of EA Live by 12:30 PM and finish your 3rd bag 5-6 hours later. Eating window is tight from 12:30 to 6:30…

The rest of the time, your body is cleansing. You will be without food from 7PM to 12:30 PM the next day.

Cleansing to building/eating ratio –>> you will be cleansing more. So if not hungry, don’t eat. That’s fine.

Get the good fats into your diet – Omega 3s in their unprocessed, sprouted forms (called “parent Omegas”). That’s what you’ll find in the EA Live Omega veggies and fruits.

Average weight loss men: 12.2 lbs; average women’s weight loss: 8.4 lbs on the Daniel Diet – greater balance of insulin, leptin, glucagon and ghrelin. Balancing blood sugar!

Tired? Go to bed earlier. If you can, take a nap during the day if your body is tired. We’re so accustomed to taking a shot of some energy drink or food to get us through. Instead, rest if you can; at least go to bed earlier. You will awaken sooooo refreshed!!!

Thank you for all your great comments! Here’s one from Dawn:

“Love your blog Laurette! Day one went well, halleluYah Jesus!

“Having those days to prepare beforehand really helped. I was worried how my body would react giving up coffee and breakfast 🙂 But Jordan gave such good advice, waiting 30 minutes later and later each day and cutting down on coffee so that yesterday was fine. No headaches or other detoxifying effects.

“I even had enough energy for some PraiseMoves Alphabetics and a little elliptical, a very little, lol 🙂

“Oh and LOVE the EA Pulse! Especially the Omega Fruits! Like you I ate ALL of my bag of antioxidant fruits, and then all of my omega veggies. But wasn’t very hungry for the evening meal even though I think the omega fruits are my favorite. So sour-sweet and fruity and chewy 🙂 Looking forward to their next rotation. What a blessing knowing we’re in this together”

See you tomorrow–get some rest, drink your Reign Supreme water, and keep praising the Lord. He is worthy of all praise!

Come back to www.DanielDiet.info tomorrow for Day 3!

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