Daniel Diet – Day 4

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Coming out of the Darkness and Into the Light.

That’s More Like It!

I got up earlier this morning than usual and did the AM portion of the AM-PM PraiseMoves workout! Wow! I felt great!!!

And I didn’t want any dinner tonight–that’s unusual for me. I feel full and relaxed.

That seems to be a common theme from people by Day 4 of the Daniel Diet.

You may find that some of the elimination channels are more active, some less active. Sinuses, gunk in the eyes, perspiration, wax in ears, urination or bowel…it’s all part of your body’s natural detoxification process at work.

Here were some of the reports:

* “I’m a larger guy, so it would make sense that I’d lose more, but I lost 12 lbs. by Day 3! All the calls have blessed me. God is at work!”

* “My blood sugar is in the normal range for the first time in YEARS!!!”

* “I’ve lost 8 lbs. already — and that’s very unusual for me.”

*  Kristina writes: “Day 3 was the most difficult for me. I did lose 2 lbs. yesterday but had major brain fog and quite a bit of stress from my work day. Day 4 brought me a 4 lb. weight loss and what Jordan referred to as ‘the blowout’. So I think it’s true that getting past Day 3 seems to progress into a smoother momentum. I feel better today than I did yesterday, more alert. Also, my skin tone is looking more even and smooth on the area where I had the most sun damage.”

How to Maintain the Weight Loss and Health

Once a month do a 3-day Suero Cleanse (or if you’re a hardcore faster, do Reign Supreme water with 10 ml. Terrain per bottle — Reign helps to remove toxins from the body).

Cleanse Day Wednesday – Once a week consume only cleansing beverages (Suero Viv, Reign Supreme water, organic juices).

Daily Cleansing – Eat food only between the 12:30-6:30 window. Drink Suero Viv in the morning instead of breakfast!

Other Healthful Recommendations:

“Earthing” or “Grounding” – walk barefoot on the grass, or just be barefoot while on the grass outside for 30 minutes a day. It has been proven now to reduce cortisol levels and reduce stress. Get sun if you can. Anything you can do to augment the cleanse would be great. Sauna is good, too.

Question some have asked: “Can I make a soup out of the Omega Veggie pack or Antioxidant Veggie pack?” Eating EA Live raw is preferred, but if you want, you can warm up some Reign water and add the Veggie pack to rehydrate the vegetables and other ingredients.

Jordan’s Breaking Fast Meal Plan – for Day 10

NOT YET! But on Day 10—it pays to think ahead.

Drink only Reign Supreme water during the day. No food.

5:00 p.m. 8 oz. SueroViv

5:20 p.m. Large Salad w/greens, Red Peppers, Purple Onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Celery, Sprouts, 
 Raw Cheddar Bites (Beyond Organic), Omega Seed Crackers 
 Salad Dressing: 2Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1Tbsp Terrain Oregano, Lemon Juice, Sea salt

6:00 p.m. Wild Fish, Chicken or Beyond Organic Beef (Ranch Roast), Sauteed Veggies, Quinoa

8:00 p.m. EA Live Smoothie (serves 1-2 people) 
 8 oz. Amasai (Plain), 2 raw eggs (organic pasture raised-optional), 1 fresh banana, 1/2 avocado, 2Tbsp EA Live Sprouted Seven (Beyond Organic), 1Tbsp raw, unheated honey, Vanilla extract to taste (alcohol ext not glycerin), 1Tbsp Coconut Oil, 1Tbsp Raw Almond Butter (optional)

9:00 p.m. Treat – EA Live Chocolate Almonds

Jordan Rubin Shared about how the Daniel Diet came to him.

On his way back to his hotel with his family after a crusade in Srikakulam, India around midnight, he sensed the Lord say to him:

“Because you have traveled so far and sacrificed, I’m going to give you a new CONCEPT that is going to impact the health of humanity, starting with the people back in America.”

Jordan says, “The Daniel Diet was the first concept He gave me.

“I don’t know why it’s doing what it’s doing (having such amazingly good results across the board). Is it the 90 superfoods, or the 36 grams of fiber, or the fact that we’re eating in a confined time window? Could it be the prayer 3x a day–the focus, the discipline? Could it be the lack of common allergens and the infusion of probiotics and enzymes? Those may be some of the things in the natural.”

But I’d say it’s SUPERNATURAL. Wouldn’t you?

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