Daniel Diet – Day 6

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The real blessing for me has been the supernatural quality of this partial fast on the Daniel Diet.

I’ve felt great a majority of the time, have been exercising daily, and my husband and I can see God’s mighty hand at work in some important areas of our ministry and finances–great favor, too!

I’d been holding at about 2-3 lbs. lost, but got on the scale this morning and suddenly down another 3 lbs overnight! So that’s 6 lbs in 6 days. Yea! I only feel like eating 2 meals a day, which has been very unusual for me — like I said “supernatural”!

The REAL weight gone though is the weight of the world and its empty pleasures. My tastes for the things of this world are so much less — and spiritual discernment and *hearing* God’s voice so much greater.

A New Generation of “Daniels”

As someone in full-time fitness ministry, this is huge and powerful. God is birthing new “Daniels” IN US!

Like Jordan said in the prayer call this afternoon about the biblical pattern we are following on the Daniel Diet:

“I believe Daniel had the impact that he did because he followed these principles. He was a living sacrifice–his life was devoted to God, and he didn’t conform even when he faced death. He didn’t conform to the patterns of the world at that time.”

Expect the miraculous! Expect the SUPERnatural!

As many people are saying, “Thank you, Jordan, Jason & all our Beyond Organic family for your faithfulness — and Glory to God!!!”

A Few Rough Spots People Can Experience

When on the Daniel Diet, as with any partial fast, there are usually a few rough patches: 

1. Day One – If one is accustomed to coffee first thing in the morning, or energy drinks, you may experience fatigue, irritability or headache. This is usually gone by Day Two.

2. Days Two or Three – This is when your detoxification really begins, and you may have physical symptoms (headache, stuffy nose, low energy, scratchy throat or dry skin) — some experience very little discomfort.

Realize that the body’s cleansing itself is the way God made our bodies. Colds and flu are really part of the body’s involuntary cleansing whenever we’re not proactive about cleansing.

Daniel Diet helps us to be proactive!

3. Weekends – These are typically times we have get-togethers with family, church and friends–and food is often a big part of it. This is the time to remember your resolve to “finish the course!”

Weekend Suggestions: Do something outside – take a walk, go barefoot on the grass or at the beach, if you can; ride a bicycle, gardening — stay active and proactive.

After Day 7, it’s smooth sailing from there to Day 10!

Jordan Rubin’s Tips to Keep the Weight OFF and Cleansing ON

Whenever you need a tune-up, the Daniel Diet is for you.

Cleanse every morning by drinking cleansing beverages until after noon. You will NOT feel deprived! You will enjoy your food and not need to control portions.

Suero Viv cultured whey beverage is great, or Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water, or raw juices.

This works with your body’s natural cleansing regimen, and will get you to your desired weight.

Prayer Calls Today

1. James 6:14-18 – Faith without corresponding action is dead/worthless. Abraham was willing to go to the ends of the earth to follow the Lord and even sacrifice that which was most dear to him.

On your Daniel Diet partial fast, you are taking action on your faith that what you are doing in obedience to the Lord and to honor Him is making a difference.

Lord, with food all around us, may we be satisfied by Your Word, the Bread of Life.

2. Romans 12:1 – We present our bodies as living sacrifices to God. Daniel had the impact that he did because he followed these principles we are seeking to follow on this partial fast.

a. Offer your body to God.

b. Don’t conform to the PATTERN of this world. We will be transformed day-by-day by renewing our minds on God’s Word, in prayer and meditation on Scripture, and taking part in the daily prayer calls.

Jordan said, “Daniel was a living sacrifice — his life was devoted to God, and he didn’t conform even when he faced death. He didn’t conform to the patterns of the world at that time.”

Prayer: “We pray to look at our lives, at what we eat, drink, watch, listen to, and what we say — we pray that we look for ways to get on that narrow path that leads to life.

“We choose not to conform to the broken and fallible patterns of this world in education, finances, health, and relationships. Instead, we choose to fill our minds with Your Truth, Lord.

“Eating pulse and drinking water we may become educated and gain understanding in Your principles and Truth, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

3. James 4:7-8 – Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Resist temptation. Jesus resisted the tempter after His 40-day fast. Jesus quoted the Word of God, combating what the enemy said. We’re to do the same. There is POWER in the Word of the Living God!

“Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God,” Jesus said.

Finish the race! Complete these 10 days and have an amazing testimony of what God has done.


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