More Flexible and Less Winded

“I have been doing PraiseMoves for over a year, and I introduced my girlfriend, Toby, and her daughter to it also. I then bought another DVD for my sister-in-law. “I have noticed that I am a lot more flexible when I keep up with doing the DVD consistently. If I...
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BASIC Steps Book used for “BASIC Training”

“During the 18 weeks of training (at Woodland Heights Baptist Church), we worked through 10 weeks of BASIC class (using the BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness book). To this point: your 21-Day Step-UP program has proven tough for all, tummy curfew is discussed almost weekly, we all strive to eat breakfast and...
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“Not bringing a Reproach to Christ”

“Thank you for this beautiful article and reminder of the importance of our Christian walk ( “Why a Christian Alternative to Yoga?” article).  Very well said. You are describing the importance of not bringing about the reproach of Christ. “I am grateful for your courage and your strong conviction of following God’s...
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Even Teenage Boys Enjoy PraiseMoves!

“I ordered a PraiseMoves DVD last year and have had fun using the DVD with my family. Even my son’s friends happened to catch me using it one day. Did they laugh? A little bit, but then they jumped in and started exercising right along with me! “I truly believe that...
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