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Meet Founder Dr. Laurette Willis.

Hi! I’m Laurette Willis, Director of PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry.

I’d like to share a little about myself. Perhaps after you see the video below, you’ll understand WHY I’m so passionate about PraiseMoves.

I’m also passionate about faith & fitness, and supremely passionate and excited about getting the Word of God into people in unique and uncompromising ways – through Fitness, Meditation, Music (and every way we possibly can!).

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Why a Christian ALTERNATIVE to Yoga?

Discover the Truth about Yoga for yourself. It is NOT “just exercise.”



Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical…

PraiseMoves Testimonies run the gamut!

I HEARTILY RECOMMEND PRAISEMOVES! “As a board-certified musculoskeletal sub-specialist physician in the area of spine and joint pain, and as a Christian physician, I heartily recommend Laurette Willis’ PraiseMoves for your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health!” –Rita Hancock M.D., Board-certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and in Pain Medicine, Author of The Eden Diet

55 LB. Weight Loss – and more energy “Through regular use of PraiseMoves, I have regained the flexibility and energy… Bottom line: I have lost 55 lbs. and have more energy than I ever dreamed I could have at 58 years of age.
– Julie Wood, Tulsa, OK

Chiropractor says: Yoga creates “spinal misalignments” BUT PraiseMoves does not!!! “Some of the very worse spinal misalignments that we have seen in 14 years of practice we found present in the spines of people who make a practice of yoga. Instead, we recommend PraiseMoves to our patients.”
– Dr. Ray Marshall, Marshall Spinal Care Tulsa, OK & Branson, MO


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