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25% off: “40 Days to Fit & Fabulous with PraiseMoves” DVD & BOOK Set


40-Day Fitness Challenge.

40Day Friends

Now is the Perfect Time!

Join the hundreds who are taking part in the 40-Day Fitness Challenge with a friend, a group,  spouse or family member — or by themselves.

Would you like to Lead a Group at your church or home?

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“Receive from God, Like a Child” ~ AND ~

“Rejoice FIRST, then Pray” 

(2 Audio Teachings from our 40-Day PowerUP Calls)

1. Receive from God, Like a Child

Jesus said, Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it” (Mark 10:15.)

HOW can You Receive from God like a Little Child?

children giftsIn this Audio Message from our weekly 40-Day Fitness Challenge Power-UP call, we answer:

* What IS “the Kingdom of God”?

* WHY is it important to receive the Kingdom “like a little child”?

* What part do Trust, Wonder, and Casting our Cares play?

* How to receive and walk in this Kingdom of God on a continual basis.

We also prayed for emotional, mental and physical healing tonight, and I’ve heard from several of you that you Received! Glory to God!

Click below to listen, and enjoy!


Day Eight – Receive from God, Like a Child (in conjunction with “I Receive by Faith, Like a Little Child” in 40-Days to Fit & Fabulous with PraiseMoves devotional book).

2. Rejoice First, and then Pray

rejoiceI NEVER saw this before I began meditating on these scriptures! It’s like finding a missing key to a treasure chest!!!

There is scriptural evidence to the *formula* of rejoicing BEFORE you pray that I never saw before I started preparing for this message.

You will discover:

* HOW rejoicing shortens the time between believing you receive and the physical manifestation of what you have received by faith.

* WHAT is “praying without ceasing”? (*Hint: It’s NOT continually praying about the same thing!)

* The Hebrew and Greek connection between Joy and GRACE.

* HOW to Rejoice (it’s easier than you think!).

We also experienced the 3 steps to answered prayer outlined in Scripture, so you can do this yourself anytime — and teach others! Glory to God!

Take a notebook and your Bible, and get ready to be amazed — this works!

Day Nine – Rejoice FIRST, and then Pray (in conjunction with “I WILL Rejoice Right Now!” in 40-Days to Fit & Fabulous with PraiseMoves devotional book).





40Day FriendsIT’S FREE!


We’ve received so many wonderful testimonies from participants and leaders who are part of the 40-Day Fitness Challenge with us.

We believe you will be greatly blessed, too, and we’d love for you and your friends to join us!


Christian Meditation: What is It?

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall MEDITATE in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success” (Joshua 1:8).

Yet much of what is called meditation (even “Christian meditation”) is hypnosis, not meditating on the Word of God.

Listen to the TeleSeminar I was blessed to do for the Abundant Health Summit on Stress Relief through Christian Meditation.

Click Arrow Below – and enjoy!


Don’t “empty your mind”! Fill it – with the Word of God!

“This 3-part program is literally SOAKING in God’s HOLY Word!” – Joanie, Kodiak, AK

* No guided imagery!
* No mysticism!
* No hypnosis!
* Just pure Bible and anointed music to help you focus on the Lord of glory.
* FILL your mind with the Word of the living God!

“Soaking in the Psalms”

* Enjoy 40 Psalm passages read by Laurette Willis to 9 *soaking* songs by award-winning musician and composer John Tussey.

* Includes Workbook-Journal

* Plus 40-day Devotional!

Meditation in Bible Times:

According to Zodhiates’ AMG Complete Word Study:

“It is possible that the Scriptures were read audibly during the process of meditation.”



“I’m loving Soaking in the Psalms. I have the recordings on my iPod & listen as I go to sleep, as well as during the day.” – Vanetta Stephens, OK

Instant Access Program OR Hard-Copy!

* 9 tracks of beautiful “soaking” music with 40 Psalm passages

* 40-Day Devotional

* Workbook & Journal (Instant Access Only)

Music by Award-winning musician John Tussey

“The sample track releases His Presence…” Gail Bryant, AL

LISTEN HERE: Soaking in the Psalms SELECTION

Soaking in the Psalms - 3 short selections

“It has been a wonderful time of prayer and meditation. It gives me a shield against any negative thoughts or feelings, and protects me from temptation! It has been on all the time with ‘Repeat’ on in my computer!” – Sachiko Houck, Lancaster, PA

“Soaking in the Psalms” CD & BOOK

Hard-Copy SETPhysical CD and 125-page Devotional BOOK

Plus shipping (Contact for shipping Outside of US/Canada)

book and cd
Number of Sets (Save with Multiples)


“Soaking in the Psalms” INSTANT ACCESS

Downloadable MP3 and Workbook-Journal, plus 40-day Devotional.

Soaking in the Psalms  –>> NO Shipping Costs! Instant Access.

Christian MeditationDOWNLOAD NOW!

Soaking in the Psalms” 3-piece program 



Psalm 91 Protection – for such a time as this

PM flow DVD Cover FINALWe’ve heard miraculous stories of escape from death and destruction from missionaries, soldiers and parents when they prayed and stood on Psalm 91.

Here’s one way to do it! Learn to pray Psalm 91. Speak it over yourself and your children. Teach your loved ones to do the same!

This is from our PraiseMoves Flow DVD

PraiseMoves Flow DVD has 16 flowing Scripture Sequences (including Psalm 91).

Willis Ministries Int’l Work & Vision

PraiseMoves Founder, Laurette Willis shares the Global Reach of Willis Ministries, International.

WMI benefits2






Online PraiseMoves Certification

We are Looking for LEADERS in PraiseMoves

Are you called to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor?

Are you someone with a passion for the Lord, health and fitness and want to be part of a growing worldwide ministry?

Are you concerned about the prevalence of yoga, and exercise programs that focus on sensuality — even in churches?

Would you like to be a part of helping people get the Word of God into their lives in a unique, uncompromising way–thru fitness?

Do you feel a call of God on your life to be part of a ministry, but you’re not sure where to start?

PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry may be just what you’re looking for–and we are looking for you!


For Information, please see Instructor Training, or call the office 918-458-1800.

Listen to a Teleconference with 3 Certified PraiseMoves Instructors, ages 20s-50s.

“God doesn’t always call the equipped, but He does equip the called.”o


Testimonies about PraiseMoves

If you haven’t read “Why a Christian Alternative to Yoga,” we highly recommend it. Learn about the roots, fruit and real agenda of yoga, and the differences between so-called “Christian yoga” and PraiseMoves. You may read the article HERE and its accompanying “Yoga IS Religion” by L. G. Marshall.

Download our FREE 42-page, full-color eBook, “The Truth about Yoga: Peaceful Practice or Dangerous Deception?” here:

CPI Trainer Shares How PraiseMoves has Helped Her

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaving had 2 spinal surgeries, MaryAnn Haslett (center in blue) has personally experienced many physical benefits from PraiseMoves, including:

  • lasting relief from chronic back pain
  • better posture
  • improved muscle tone

Her chiropractor also says she is holding her adjustments longer.

“Even more important than the physical benefits are the spiritual benefits that have come through PraiseMoves,” says MaryAnn.

“These include feasting on God’s Word and experiencing His love and grace while transforming your workout into worship.

“Prior to PraiseMoves, I struggled to memorize Scripture, but adding movement to Scripture helps to visualize the words and internalize them.”

– MaryAnn Haslett, CPI Trainer, CPI Eagle Award Recipient 2008-2009
She still gives 5-6 classes a week at several YMCAs in Pittsburgh and two churches. See about attending MaryAnn’s classes HERE (as well as all of our CPIs!).

—MaryAnn Haslett, CPI Trainer, Pennsylvania


Christian Meditation: “My heart is finding His peace again”

“I’ve been going through an emotionally rough spot recently so I bought the Christian Meditation package yesterday for some encouragement and focus.

“I’ve only listened to the first two tracks (of “Soaking in the Psalms“) and my heart is already finding His peace again!

“Thanks, Laurette, for your devotion and dedication to whole wellness in Christ.”

– Lynn Ellis, Spokane, WA


“Lost 30 lbs…and Fibromyalgia pain reduced!”

“When we were looking for an alternative to yoga, God led my husband to PraiseMoves!!!

When he first showed me the website, I started crying. It was exactly what I needed! Our local Christian bookstore had Power PraiseMoves so my husband bought it for me.

“Please let me tell you what an amazing blessing it has been…using the P90X and PraiseMoves (which is such a nice way to balance the high intensity of the other workouts), I have lost about 30 lbs (still a ways to go before my goal, but hallelujah!!), my balance and flexibility are improving, and my Fibromyalgia pain has reduced greatly.

“You should hear my daughter reciting scripture. It is an amazing blessing to see her loving the things of the Lord at such a young age!!! What more could a parent want! She is even working on some postures that she made up.

“We have so much fun together and she talks about it to anyone that will listen or watch her demonstrate.”

–Megan from Wisconsin


After Coma & 8-months in hospital,

Health Returns “as a result of your PraiseMoves!”

PraiseMoves Gold“I wanted to update you on what’s been changing in my body since I started your (PraiseMoves Gold) classes!

“After 1 or 2 classes, I could, after 4 years, lift my leg after bathing and dry my legs without the necessity of sitting down. I was amazed!

“Then recently I have had the strength to dust cob webs in my home by holding up my arms for extended periods of time. I don’t have to hire someone to come clean my home. YEAH!

“Also have had strength to up-do my hair in a French twist that I have not been able to do since my illness. This may not sound like much to an experienced PraiseMover but to me, it’s wonderful!

“It’s amazing after my health issues (hospital stay of 8 months, 2 in a coma from a CF leak) that I have had some resumption of health return as a result of your PraiseMoves.

“My balance is much better and I no longer need 6 pillows to sleep upright. I am only using one at present.

“I have started walking and doing a few exercises shown on TV but the PraiseMoves postures have brought about the best results.

“Thank you so very much for all your patience and the extra work on balance, and chair work that has brought about so much benefit for me and my health issues. Was so happy to start the floor exercises last week with your class. Even though I am very slow and wobbly, your patience and graciousness has kept me from being embarrassed in class. THANKS!

“Love, prayers & blessings,

–Brenda Sue, Oklahoma

Now Accepting Applications for ONLINE & *LIVE* Certifications!


There are also *LIVE* trainings available at various locations in the United States and Canada.Is the Lord calling you to join us?There are currently CPIs and CPIs-in-training on 6 continents (sorry, no one in Antarctica–yet).See PraiseMoves Instructor Information to learn more about how you can make an impact in Fitness Ministry.

Enjoy the Recorded Webinar that will answer many of your questions, and listen to a conference all at the link above, featuring Laurette and Certified PraiseMoves Instructors, ages 20s through 50s!

Join a team of women and men making a difference by bringing the Christ-centered ALTERNATIVE to yoga to their communities!

 You Can Become a Certified Health Coach–Online!

From Laurette:

I’m the sort of person who always loves to learn more. I’m grateful that our friend Jordan Rubin has made it easy for people to do just that — plus get a Certification to be a Health Coach! — without all the New Age nonsense rampant in other Certified Health Coach programs we’ve seen!

Sure, there are some excellent courses out there (many which cost thousands of dollars), but not all of them are from a Biblical perspective. That’s important to me (I’ve done the New Age-y route, and I don’t want to go that way anymore!).

Through Biblical Health Coaching, I was able to learn directly from New York Times Bestselling Author Jordan Rubin (author of “The Maker’s Diet” and 22 other books, founder of Garden of Life, and Beyond Organic).

Because of our relationship with Jordan, we are able to give this specialized training to people who join us as CEOs on our Team (just ask!).

Jordan Rubin is passionate about health & nutrition education.

As believers, it is imperative that we be fit witnesses for Christ in spirit, soul and body.

<<– Here I am with Jordan Rubin and his wife Nicki at an event in Orlando, Florida (how come almost everyone’s taller than I am? “We’re short of nothing,” my mother used to say!)

Jordan has a ‘Joseph mandate,’ and is helping people in many ways to improve their health–all while keeping honoring the Lord and His Word and principles in the forefront.

Beyond Organic University offers a 40-hour self-paced online learning experience, complete with educational curricula. resources and media.

The Beyond Organic University with training by Jordan Rubin is home to introductory and expert level online courses on nutrition, healthy living, fitness, personal growth and development, and sustainable agriculture.

Offered from a BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW – I really like that!

chc8The Certified Health Coach Institute features a Certified Health Coach Program, and for those interested in starting a CHC business, we offer business and coaching training as well, at no additional charge.

Upon successful completion of the Online CHC program, you will receive an official signed Certified Health Coach certificate.

This is the same Biblical Health Coach program offered for hundreds of dollars more in years past–now through the Certified Health Coach Institute.

Learn more about the Certified Health Coach Institute program HERE.

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Willis Ministries International is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization, located in Oklahoma, USA.

Remember, praise moves God…deeply. So keep praising the Lord!

Laurette and the PraiseMoves Team

PraiseMoves Foundation Scripture: “You were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s” (1 Corinthians 6:20).

27 Responses to "FitNews"

  1. Brandy says:

    In fact the original dvd is the one I still like to use!!!

  2. Laurette Willis says:

    That’s precious, Brandy! Thank you. We did the original one in July 2003 on “a wing and a prayer,” as they say. I still have some of the VHS copies left somewhere.

    I’m glad we got the new logo, though! An old friend accused me of trying to look like the Superman logo. Whaaa! haha! Good to have a sense of humor.

    Despise not the day of small beginnings, eh? Glory to God! Hugs to you, Brandy!

  3. Anne Brasecke says:

    Great stuff. I am 65 and need exercise so use the Praise Moves Dvd and feel happy to get the exercise I need and move with the Holy Spirit and God’s Word. Being in SA and limited access to internet i need to buy the Dvd at the Christian Book Shop so hope they have your new one.

  4. Shivani Singh says:

    I am so proud of you. Its a relief to know that there is an alternative to yoga

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Thank you so much, Shivani. Your words mean a lot to me. You mentioned earlier that you found PraiseMoves from the article that was in the India Abroad newspaper online. I was very pleased and honored by their coverage of PraiseMoves. Thanks again for spreading the good Word!

  5. Tammy Decker says:

    I love the LORD & have Faith that by working out with other Christan ladies I have a better opportunity to succeed in this program. Today will be my first class with the instuctor Natalie Hannans who will help me learn the New PraiseMoves to lose weight & exercise properly & to give praise. Praise to our Lord for making PraiseMoves a possibilty.
    I’m Happy to find such a alternative to exercise. Moderation in keeping Christ first in my ability of exercise!

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Great, Tammy! Natalie in GA is a wonderful teacher. I know you are all having a great time “Transforming your workouts into worship!”

  6. Anne Brasecke says:

    oh i feel so blessed as the Holy Spirit works in my heart with ALL I have enjoyed here. So wonderful a witness as I believe in repentance first – then the power. I do this!! it works then the Joy of the Lord comes. Following that, i enjoy the food and exercise parts. I say AMEN to all. may God bless you. I would love all on offer, but don’t possess any credit cards. i will have to be satisfied enjoying all you have with what you send me per e-mail.

    Love you. Love Jesus.

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Thank you for your wonderful words, Anne. To God be all the glory! I also wanted you to know that you can send an international money order in “US dollars” (not just US funds) for any product you’d like. We can let you know how to do that, if you’d like. Also, PayPal doesn’t require a credit card – they can work with your bank, so either way we can help you get any products you’d like. The PraiseMoves DVDs are also available at your local bookstore (just ask them for any of the Harvest House Publishers products). Voila! We’re practically neighbors! Much love to you, dear heart. I so appreciate your kind words. with love, Laurette

  7. Angela King says:

    So glad to have found you. This is fantastic! I learned so much about yoga from your site and I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to make a change. May God bless you for what you are doing for all of us that thought yoga was okay as long as the chants weren’t done and that we meditated on the Word of God.

  8. Kei Yanti says:

    Dear Laurette,

    I am so HAPPY to know about PraiseMoves. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started to practice Hot Bikram Yoga for 1 month and I went to practice every day, because I felt the benefits! I lost weight. I felt happy because I could accomplish all the difficult poses at the class. I didn’t like sports before. I nearly cannot do any sport (swimming, tennis etc) not even to the gym, pilates … but once i tried hot bikram yoga, I sweat a lot, and felt all my body and mind refreshed.

    One day friends in my church told me, that Yoga is full of wrong spiritual messages and forces behind it. I did not accept this, because while I was practicing I didn’t meditate–my mind was not empty, or numb–I didn’t chant. I just did the stretching… not even thinking about the spiritual things behind yoga.

    Yet I was upset… if then it’s right that Yoga has all this Hinduism behind it, why do those smart Hindus care so much about their health and create Yoga, while some of the Christians eat junk food, don’t care about their health and when they got sick, pray that God should heal them?

    For a few days, I prayed to God. I told Him exactly like what I’ve written above :-). I asked God to give me an answer that can make me really understand that Yoga is not the right thing to do. And I asked for a solution. I asked, “If then Yoga is not good, please give me the good one that I’m sure You have, Lord.”

    So here is the answer. Thanks to my friend who passed me this link, to know more about Yoga, and even you have the solution!!!! I would like to have the DVD so I can practice at home. Is it available here in Indonesia?

    Thanks to God, the Answer of my life, and thanks to you, Laurette… God bless you!!

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Thank you for your precious words, Kei – and your sensitivity to the spirit of God and His Word.

      Since you’re accustomed to a more “intensive” workout, I’d recommend the Power PraiseMoves DVD, which would be available from one of your bookstores in Indonesnia, or you may get it from our online store and we can send you the shipping options available.

      May God richly bless you!

  9. June Brown says:

    Hi Laurette

    That is an amazing prayer, thank you I will certainly use it. Great statement about the enemy and his fear strategy too.

    tks, blessings


  10. Sonia says:

    I’ve been thinking of joining a yoga class for a long time, you see, I’m a runner and I need some relaxation and stretching exercises. But before I could find any yoga class that will fit my schedule, (funny thing, I leave in St. Louis, MO and couldn’t find not a single class that I could join), I decided to research on line for videos that I could do at home. I truly believe it was by the grace and mercy of God I found PraiseMoves. I am so really happy with the stretching/poses and I thank God for you and your ministry. I love the fact of saying scriptures and especially the part when I get to put on the “Armor of God.” Finally, I just want to say, Thank you for your disposition to do all this so people like me can be blessed at home. May God continue blessing you so you can keep on blessing us too.
    Sonia. :0)

  11. I appreciate your work and your ministry. Thank you for all you do to help others become healthy and fit.
    Dr. Polite

  12. Laurette, When the doctor tells you that you have cancer, the rest of the sentence and conversation is a blur. Think of the Charlie Brown shows when the teacher is talking. I’ve been there and I can say I have live the longest 8 weeks of my life knowing, testing, waiting, waiting and finally deciding on the treatment plan that is best for me.
    I am cancer free for 16 months, I thank God every day for that second chance on life. I look at many people struggling with their cancer and say I had it good.
    In 9 days, October 16, 2011- I will be riding my bike 90 miles with my Team HOPE in the LiveStrong Challenge- Austin, TX. I chose to name my team- Team HOPE after Isaiah 40:31 ‘But those who Hope in the Lord will renew their strength’….
    I ask for prayers for strength on this event not just for me, my team, but all those who ride for cancer and those who are suffering with cancer.
    Please ask your followers to keep us in their prayers on October 16, 2011.
    Thank-you and God Bless!

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Praising the Lord with you for your healing and continued health, Theresa! And much success and glory to God as the Hope Team soars with wings as eagles – you shall run and not be weary; walk and not faint – and riding like the wind with Ps. 91 protection, under the precious Blood of Jesus. Amen! Keep us posted, please!

  13. Laurie says:

    Are there PraiseMoves instructors in the DFW area?

  14. penny st cyr says:

    looking forward to this program.

  15. Rita Benz says:

    Looking forward to the program

  16. Melinda says:

    Looking forward to becoming more flexible.

  17. Jo Hillyer says:

    I live in the Missouri Ozarks. I heard you speaking on the Road Show on Oasis radio and was very interested in Praise Moves since I have never been led to do yoga. As a Christian, I believe that we can never get too much of God’s word in us. I have had a very dry spell since my husband and sister both died of cancer within the last two years. I have gained weight and have not felt motivated to exercise. This year I would like to turn my life back to God and make my body a fit temple for the Holy Spirit. I know I cannot do it alone, so I am going to use Praise Moves to get me going. Which DVD do you recommend to start your program?

  18. Norah says:

    Are there any local stores in Uganda where I can buy PraiseMoves DVDs from?

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Hello, Norah!

      You can download several of our PraiseMoves DVDs here:
      Several can be ordered at your local bookstore (PraiseMoves from Harvest House Publishers, or Destiny Image Publishers).
      Others can also be ordered from us, but the shipping may be a bit pricey.
      Digital download may be the best price for you. We have 5 DVDs available that way so far.

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