3 Private Coaching Sessions with Dr. Laurette Willis


THREE (3) 50-minute Power Coaching Sessions with Dr. Laurette Willis via phone, Zoom or Skype. Health or Business related, or both.


THREE (3) 50-minute Private Coaching sessions via phone or Skype with Dr. Laurette Willis.


Health: As a Certified Health Coach (with a Biblical worldview, trained by Dr. Jordan Rubin), author, speaker, and Founder of PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry, Dr. Laurette Willis has presented to and coached thousands of people over the last 20 years.

During her sessions with you, Dr. Willis will help you define your health goals, work with you on a plan to attain them, and then coach you over a series of 3 “Power Sessions” via phone or Skype.  Her particular specialty is weight loss and overcoming self-defeating thoughts & habit patterns that keep you stuck.

Business: Laurette has been an outspoken supporter of home-based business for twenty years. In her primary company, she attained the highest rank in less than 13 months, has personally enrolled over 860 people in less than 6 years, and uses Biblical principles of Servant Leadership to show others how they can earn a full-or-part-time income from home so they can be with their families more, living debt-free and prospering while blessing others.

Dr. Willis is a popular speaker and trainer, and works with representatives from a number of home-based businesses. Her particular specialty is overcoming the fear of the phone, solidifying your “WHY,” and achieving your most important goals in line with the desires the Lord has placed in your heart.

Scheduling: Once you have purchased your Private Coaching Sessions, we will contact you to discuss which sessions you would like (Health, Business, or both), and schedule your 3 sessions with Dr. Willis.


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