Become a Certified Health Coach

Would You Like to Become a Certified Health Coach?

From Laurette:

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Are you the sort of person who loves to learn more? Me, too!

I’m grateful that my good friend Jordan Rubin has made it easy for people to do just that — plus become a Biblical Certified Health Coach!

There are some excellent Certified Health Coach courses out there (many which cost thousands of dollars), but next-to-none from a Biblical perspective. That’s important to me (I’ve done the New Age-y route, and I don’t want to go that way anymore!).

Through the Certified Health Coach program available through Beyond Organic University Online, I was able to learn directly from New York Times Bestselling Author Jordan Rubin (author of “The Maker’s Diet” and 22 other books, founder of Garden of Life, and Beyond Organic).

This is a 40-hour online Certified Health Coach program, self-paced. Upon successful completion, you will receive your CHC.

You can become a Certified Health Coach with a Biblical Worldview!

CONTACT HERE for Certified Health Coach info to set up an appointment. See how you can receive this uncompromising education and certification from Jordan Rubin, Ph.D.

Jordan Rubin is passionate about health & nutrition education.

As believers, it is imperative that we be fit witnesses for Christ in spirit, soul and body.

Here I am at left with Jordan Rubin and his wife Nicki.

I’m grateful that Jordan Rubin is passionate not only about quality food that is BEYOND organic–quite literally exceeding today’s organic standards, but also about quality nutritional education.

We have it all in Jordan Rubin’s Biblical Health Coach Certification.

“America’s Biblical Health Coach” Jordan Rubin has a “Joseph mandate,” and is helping people in many ways to improve their health–all while honoring the Lord and His Word, and keeping Biblical principles in the forefront.

As the Founder of PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry, I am pleased to partner with Jordan Rubin for this Biblical Certified Health Coach program through Beyond Organic University–an online learning community, complete with educational curricula, resources and media.

The Beyond Organic University with training by Jordan Rubin is also home to introductory through expert level online courses on nutrition, healthy living, functional fitness, personal growth and development, and sustainable agriculture.


The University features a Biblical Certified Health Coach Program, and for those interested in further study about a particular health topic, it offers in-depth independent study courses as well.

Upon successful completion of the Online Biblical Certified Health Coach program, you will receive an official Certified Health Coach certificate signed by Jordan Rubin.

This is the same Biblical Certified Health Coach program offered for $500-600 in years past–yet now through our association with Jordan Rubin, are able to offer it to you at an *almost* unbelievable price. The value and ability to use all you will learn and receive is phenomenal!

Imagine being able to call yourself a Certified Health Coach (yes, with a CHC after your name!). You’ll be able to share with others what you have learned, and help point the way to health and fitness for them in spirit, soul and body.

Learn more about Jordan Rubin’s Certified Health Coach program through Beyond Organic University in partnership with Laurette Willis and PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry.

Contact Laurette Willis at 918-458-1800 or email . We will set up an appointment for you to discuss this opportunity to become a CHC (Certified Health Coach) from a Biblical foundation…and so much more.

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