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AM-PM PraiseMoves DVD

NEW Workouts to begin and end your day featuring Laurette Willis

(See PROMO & Details!)

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Hard Copy AM-PM PraiseMoves DVD $19.95 (+s/h)



Power PraiseMoves DVD

Buy it now: $19.95

High-Energy Workouts for Whole-Person Fitness
featuring Laurette Willis (See PROMO & Details!)

Power PraiseMoves DVD $19.95 (+ s/h)



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Fit & Fabulous with PraiseMoves

Buy it now: $24.95 Book And DVD

See Details.

40-day Devotional book to PraiseMoves postures, Fitness & Nutrition Tips, plus AM/PM PraiseMoves Workout DVD

40 Days to Fit & Fabulous

$24.95 $18.75 (+ s/h)

20 Minute PraiseMoves DVD

Buy it now: $19.95

3 New Workouts to Fit Your Schedule. Absolutely perfect for BEGINNERS!

Separate workouts also for Intermediate AND Advanced, too! Comes with Instructional Booklet, too! (See Promo & Details!).

20-Minute PraiseMoves DVD – $19.95 (+s/h)

PraiseMoves DVD

Buy it now: $19.95

The Christian ALTERNATIVE to Yoga! RENEW Your Mind! Rejuvenate Your Body! (See Details!)

PraiseMoves Classic DVD $19.95 (+s/h)





PraiseMoves Gold DVD

$19.95 Hard Copy DVD

PraiseMoves for Seniors and Limited Physical Mobility (See Details!)




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Hard Copy PraiseMoves GOLD DVD $19.95 +s/h




The Gimme Ten Workout DVD

Buy it now: $19.95

Six 10-minute Workouts with Light Weights and the Word! (See Details & Testimonies!).
The Gimme Ten Workout™ DVD $19.95 (+s/h)  Includes free Exercise Bands.


Slow Cadence

Slow-Cadence Exercise DVD

Buy it now: $19.95

The Busy Person’s Fitness Phenomenon! How would you like to exercise once or twice a week for 20 minutes and get as much (or greater) benefit as you would going to the gym five days-a-week? (See Details & Chiropractic Endorsement!) Includes free Exercise Bands.

Slow-Cadence Exercise DVD $19.95 (+s/h)

PMA comp

PraiseMoves Alphabetics DVD

Buy it now: $19.95

The 22 Hebrew Letter Postures! Laurette has created 22 postures which beautifully mirror these ancient characters. (See Details!).




– OR –

PraiseMoves Alphabetics DVD (hard-copy) $19.95 (+s/h)

PM Kids





PowerMoves Kids CURRICULUM

–>> see Combo Specials Click HERE!

PraiseMoves For Children DVD

Buy it now: $19.95

A PraiseMoves Workout just for Kids! Why should grown-ups have all the PraiseMoves fun? (See Details & Testimonies!)




– OR –

Hard copy PraiseMoves for Children DVD $19.95 (+s/h)



PraiseMoves Kids TV Show DVDs

Buy it now: $79.95 $49.95

Enjoy 13 episodes from the first season of the popular PraiseMoves Kids TV Show – plus 29 “FitMinute” mini-segments with HipHop 2 Scripture, PraiseMoves. Ballet 2 Scripture (See details).

PraiseMoves Kids TV Show – 13 episodes $79.95 $49.95 (+s/h)



















PraiseMoves Flow DVD

Refresh, Relax and Renew!

Join PraiseMoves Founder Laurette Willis and Certified PraiseMoves Instructors for 16 flowing “Scripture Sequences” (PraiseMoves exercises to passages from the Bible). (See Details)




– OR –

PraiseMoves Flow DVD (hard copy) – Save $5 – $19.95 $14.95 (+s/h)



Power Promises Walking Workout

Dynamic 4-part program gets you MOVING with the Word AND Music!

Instant Access! Walk to the Music & Scriptures!

Plug-in for 30 minutes of music & motivation for your outdoor walk, treadmill, elliptical — even chores around the house! ALL accompanied by the Word and Scripture-based affirmations.

(See Details!)

$79.95 $17 Instant AccessThis is a SEPARATE transaction (so you won’t be charged shipping)

You can purchase Power Promises and then any DVDs in a separate order. No extra charges!



Healing Scriptures CD

Buy it now: $9.95

Laurette Willis reads God’s promises for healing from the King James and New King James versions of the Bible — plus Scriptural Affirmations you can use to take the Word of God personally for YOUR life.(See Details!).
Healing Scriptures CD $9.95 (+s/h)











book and cd



NEW! “Soaking in the Psalms”


Hard Copy – OR – *Instant Access* Downloadable 3-part program:

1. 9 “soaking” instrumentals by award-winning musician John Tussey w/40 Psalm passages read by Laurette Willis

2. 40-day Devotional

3. Workbook-Journal to Chart Your Progress (download only)

LISTEN to SAMPLE and read testimonials (See Details!)

“Soaking in the Psalms” 3-piece program: Downloadable MP3 and Workbook-Journal, plus 40-day Devotional sent to your inbox.








Soaking in the Psalms” 3-piece program $17.00Introductory price $12.95

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“Soaking in the Psalms” CD & BOOK

Hard-Copy CD and 125-page Devotional BOOK

Plus s/h

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HARD COPY CD and BOOK (plus shipping)

Great Women of the Bible

DVD or CD. Buy DVD now: $19.95 $14.95

Laurette’s critically-acclaimed one-woman musical drama.
See portrayals of Elizabeth (the mother of John the Baptist), Mary Magdalene (who walked with Jesus), and Priscilla (the wife of Aquila who worked side-by-side with the apostle Paul). 90 minutes.

Entertaining and Enlightening way to teach the Bible! Great for Adults and Children. (See Details!).

Great Women of the Bible Full Movie DVD (Save $5.00!) $19.95 $14.95 (+s/h)

Great Women of the Bible Orchestral Music and Songs CD (Save $5.00!) $14.95 $9.95