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We have added a new Cloud Streaming Video/Audio platform so you can view your PraiseMoves videos from devices that will not let you download, like iPhones and iPads. It is easy to use, no passwords to remember, no files to store, move around or lose. Just login with the email address you used to purchase with and enjoy. Playable on almost any internet connected device. Smart Phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, SmartTVs, game consoles… **After purchase you can still download your video, by clicking on the “i” icon. Use the “Bookmark This Player” button to save to your favorites, or to add to your home screen of your mobile device. It will launch like an App, ready when you are! If you purchase access to stream your favorite PraiseMoves Videos, you have unlimited access to that video, no time limits. Here are the PraiseMoves products we have ready to view. Click on image below. All videos are only $14.95 for Unlimited Streaming!
PraiseMoves Alphabetics AM-PM Christian Schools and home schools may also use PraiseMoves for Children. PraiseMoves Flow
 Cover-Gold-new-205x300 Power PraiseMoves Slow Cadence 20 Minute PraiseMoves PraiseMoves Kids
  1. I paid through Paypal on July 4, 2021 for the children’s download. I have no instructions on how to access it. I have emailed you twice asking for help to no avail. I’m sorry if it is self explanatory and I’m just not getting it but, if I cannot access it, I will have to dispute the purchase in Paypal. I would rather access the workout. Please help.

    1. Greetings, KP – We have been trying to contact you. We wrote to you 4 times. We also researched your email address in search of a phone number for you. We found your American Auto Sales & Recycling listing and tried contacting you, but did not find a phone number.

      When all else failed, we refunded your payment and gave you the workout as our gift through another avenue. Hopefully, you will see our response here.

      From earlier this month:
      Hi, KP – You should have received the downloads when you purchased them on July 4. The only thing I can think about which may have happened is that the downloads went into your spam folder perhaps? If so, spam usually “disappears” after 30 days.

      SO – this will work even better for you I believe because you will be able to access your purchase even when offline via the free downloadable player (and there are lots of other workouts and educational programs for kids and adults here).

      Here is the PraiseMoves for Children workout that you can enjoy even if you have NO internet access!

      All you need do is download the free Platform Purple player to your tablet.

      Download the PraiseMoves for Children Workout per the instructions below. I believe it will be a great blessing to you!!!
      (and the instructions were included in our email to you on August 7).

      Please check your Spam & Promotions folders. Thank you!

  2. I own the book and DVD but don’t use it because I dislike messing with DVDs a d players. I’ve been waiting, and hoping for a streamable product I can use on my Smart TV. I see from the description that this is now an option, but don’t see the instruction as to how to do so. I find no PraiseMoves app on the TV. Please advise. I’ll need to be certain I can stream it on the TV before I purchase yet another version.

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