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PraiseMoves Helpful During Pregnancy

“I am currently pregnant with our second child, and am using PraiseMoves along with water aerobics and walking as my fitness – and using PraiseMoves in particular to help me strengthen my back. I completely identify with what you’ve said about Yoga exploding among folks near my age (mid 20s-mid...
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PraiseMoves in the Philippines!

Certified PraiseMoves Instructor Marivic Vidaure lives in Manila in the Philippines. One of the ways she enjoys sharing PraiseMoves is by teaching children at her church for their KFC (Kids For Christ) group. Marivic writes: “I just wanted to share with you these pictures from yesterday’s KFC assembly. KFC means Kids for...
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New Age Truth Seekers

My radio interview with former Kundalini yoga guru Mike Shreve is up — and is turning heads (and hopefully hearts to the Lord!). Mike is a former yoga instructor who ran an ashram, had a number of devoted followers, and taught at 4 universities in Florida before he had a...
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Daniel Fast: Know Your WHY

Fasting Update: Starting tomorrow January 1! Decide WHY you are fasting (and sorry, it can’t be “To lose some of this Christmas pudding I’ve put on over the last month.” That may wind up being one of the benefits, but fasting isn’t a diet.) Here are some reasons people fast...
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