Christian Counselor ties Yoga with “Chaos & Confusion”

Christian Counselor ties Yoga with “Chaos & Confusion”

“I’ve noticed a consistent pattern in my clients who are Christians and are involved in yoga, whether it is ‘regular yoga’ or ‘christian yoga’…their lives are marked with chaos and confusion.”

– Celeste Davis, The Wellness Workshop (

And the Source of My Comfort is…

Whenever we habitually go to anything for comfort apart from God, strongholds of addiction follow.

For example, when we use ‘comfort food’ instead of going to the Comforter — or we go to alcohol, illicit relationships, drugs, smoking, pornography, and yes, even yoga for comfort — to change our emotional state in some way, addiction follows.

chrislamHaving experienced much of that myself, I think it is because these things can only offer a temporary fix, a tattered band-aid.

Only the peace of God in the Person of Jesus Christ is everlasting, eternal and has the ability to comfort and change us from the inside-out. Glory to God!

ChrIslam” is to Islam what “Christian yoga” is to…

ChrIslam is supposedly Christianity mixed with the Moslem faith. Most Christians would agree that Christianity and Islam cannot be mixed. So, why are some so ready to believe one can mix Christianity with Hinduism?

ChrIslam = Islam, just as “Christian yoga” = yoga. Christianity is a relationship, not a religion (although many have made a religion out of it). Relationship is God-made. Religion is man-made.

Note: I’ve been told the church sign photo above is a fabrication. However, you can Google “Chrislam” and see where it is an emerging trend among those who seek to discredit the truth of God’s Word.  Also, since yoga classes are being held in churches, and the Lord of Yoga is Shiva the Destroyer, not Jesus the Author of Life — do you see the similarity with so-called “Christian yoga”? 

A.K MozumdarRead full article: “Meet the Hindu Founder of so-called ‘Christian Yoga'” (A.K. Mozumdar, at right) Read More  HERE

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