Yoga: Exercise or Religion?


by L.G. Marshall, Christian (Taken from “Yoga IS Religion” by L.G. Marshall: former yogi, TM student and follower of “The Maharishi,” now devoted follower of Jesus Christ)

The differences between PraiseMoves and yoga are evident.

PraiseMoves is so much more peaceful and positive and uplifting than yoga. The Word of God used in PraiseMoves always builds people up.

Yoga focuses on Self, which separates us from others. While purporting to make connections, it actually does the exact opposite. The “good feelings” that come from yoga are a mirage. The closer you look, the more the image disappears into nothingness.

The exact opposite happens in a typical PraiseMoves class. At the end of class, the participants feel connected with fellow Believers. They have had a real encounter with the God of the Bible, through His Word, and His Holy Spirit.

PraiseMoves supports the biblical teachings that God is the Creator, and we, His creation, have been made to worship and obey Him, experience healing and have an eternal relationship with Him.

Yoga (“Union with Self”) practice comes directly from a main branch of Hindu religion, which teaches that everything is God. There is no distinction between the Creator and Man. “Man is God.” Yoga is the vehicle to the supposed realization that “man is God.”

Yoga is always destined to fail miserably in its fundamental purpose. Yoga practices can be very harmful as well. Physically, spiritually and emotionally harmful. Yoga was always meant to be imparted by a teacher that stayed with the student for long periods of time. Constantly monitoring, constantly instructing , constantly observing the student. The Indian gurus that teach yoga are always in a disciple/devotee relationship with their students. This is because yoga can be a very dangerous practice.

Contrast that with PraiseMoves. While PraiseMoves is not the Word of God, it will never contradict the Word of God. PraiseMoves always points to the Word of God, which does have the power to save souls, and the power to renew the mind and body. PraiseMoves is constructive. Yoga is destructive.

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