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Certified PraiseMoves Instructors answer the question:

“Why PraiseMoves? Why did you become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor?”

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Sharon Parker Ereaux, CPI, CMI, CPGI – Australia

Kim Todd, CPI, CMI, CPGI – New Jersey – led to bring PraiseMoves “into the marketplace” – including the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital in Newark, NJ – as a blessing to cancer survivors, caregivers, and staff — and was paid through a Grant!

Bobbi Mullins, CPI, CMI, CPGI – Oklahoma – her Masters in Holistic Nutrition led her to search for a fitting complementary fitness practice for her clientele – she found it in PraiseMoves.

Linda Hassel, CPI – Virginia – some of the biggest benefits have come from time invested in the Word of God in preparation to teach her classes.

LaCretia Gelley, CPI, CMI – Colorado – her friend Kara inspired her to become a CPI, too – though the enemy has tried to come against them, they've experienced amazing things in their classes – healings, pregnancies, people have come out of yoga, people growing in the Word – and “To worship God in the Word”

MaryAnn Haslett, CPI Trainer, CMI, CPGI – Pennsylvania – what started as a way to get back in shape has become a full-time ministry at area churches and YMCAs for this dedicated CPI Trainer, author, and pray-er. MaryAnn has also been a huge contributor to many of our PraiseMoves postures and Scripture Sequences (flowing exercises we do to passages from the Bible). She is also the creator of our PraiseWaves program.

Claire Sabeti, CPI, CMI, CPGI – Washington – Claire has found a “powerful way to express His Word and instill His Word” into the lives of her PraiseMoves students – “It's changed my prayer life, my thought life and has given me more love for people.”

Pat Mohney, CPI – Missionary to Moscow, Russia at 72 years young!

“As I have listened to the testimonies of CPI instructors, I have been impressed by how many have had a background in some area of exercise or physical fitness.  Well, my LACK of physical exercise is what brought me to PraiseMoves!

“Since reaching the golden age of 70 two years ago, I’ve noticed a considerable loss of energy, as well as muscle tightness in my feet, legs, and hip that would last for months at a time.  My increasing lack of mobility scared me and served as a wake-up call.  As a missionary serving in Russia with a medical organization and living in physically challenging circumstances, good health is a necessity! It’s not optional!

“By God’s design, on my way to Russia five years ago, I met CPI Trainer MaryAnn Haslett at a writers’ conference. We’ve kept in touch ever since and I remembered how she shared with me about PraiseMoves.

“Last winter, as I explored the PraiseMoves Website and began corresponding with Laurette, I got excited but at the same time, I was hesitant. Doubts flooded my mind: What if my brain isn’t capable of absorbing all the names of those muscles and postures?  What if I get down on the floor to do a PraiseMoves posture and I can’t get up again!!  If you are considering PraiseMoves certification, let me encourage you!  You can do it!

“As I prayed about it, a vision of how God could use PraiseMoves in Russia began to emerge.  Russia has an aging population with the bulk of the people being over the age of 50.

“This age group does not exercise and their steady diet of potatoes, sausage, bread, and cheese contributes to their poor health.  In a nutshell, my vision for PraiseMoves in Russia is to introduce older adults to a healthier lifestyle and the Word of God through PraiseMoves classes.

(Below right, Pat teaches a group of young Russian people PraiseMoves, scriptures, and English – “God always surprises us!” she says.)

“I wish I could tell you that this ministry has taken off like ‘wild fire,' but things don’t happen quickly in this country. However, a few weeks ago I had my first opportunity to share PraiseMoves with a group of young people (God always surprises us!) who came to my apartment to study English.

“During one of our breaks, I took them through Walking Wisdom Warm-ups.  This is just a tiny beginning of a powerful work God wants to do through PraiseMoves in Russia. And to encourage me, every few days in my study of God’s Word, one of the core scriptures used in PraiseMoves comes across my path!

“Incidentally, God has healed my aching muscles since I completed the PraiseMoves certification last March and have been doing WWW (Walking Wisdom Warm-ups) and the PraiseMoves postures. One of the great blessings of PraiseMoves is that it is so ‘forgiving'! By that I mean, I was encouraged to start where I was at physically. I was amazed to learn I could even sit down and get benefit from a stretch posture if that was all I was able to do!

“Thank you, Dr. Laurette, for this wonderful ministry; also NolaJeanne and MaryAnn for your prayers and encouragement. To God be the glory!”

Pat Mohney, Russia


  1. love testimonies, its just so inspiring and what comes through is passion and love. Both for our messiah but what He declared us to do and love others. The love just radiates. Evonne I am also Messianic so seeing your testimony was very encouraging and may HaShem bless you in your outreach to our Jewish brothers and sisters.
    My family is from Lithuania, so it is even more exciting to see PraiseMoves there.. God bless this ministry and Laurette.

  2. Hi and Shalom Anika. My daughter is named after an Anika in our family!
    It is amazing how God draws us to share with our loved ones using PraiseMoves, through the love of Yeshua HaMashiach. It is exciting to see another sister out there standing with the Lord. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Thanks Pat for your testimony. It is very encouraging to me. I don’t think I would have the confidence or motivation to ever consider myself becoming a CPI until I have seen your testimony. May God bless you and use you mightily!! May God bless your country too! In our beloved Jesus’ name, Amen

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