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Keynote Themes

For Conferences, Retreats and Special Events

Extreme Makeover by God’s Design (2 Corinthians 5:16-17)
Ready for an extreme makeover? Television’s reality shows tempt us to look only at the outward person. “Ugly ducklings” suddenly become graceful swans, yet the Lord reminds us to “regard no one according to the flesh” – even ourselves.

Looks like it’s time for a radical “faith lift!” Can spiritual beauty be developed? How can I look more like Jesus on the inside so His beauty radiates through me on the outside?

A Word-based, encouraging seminar that will leave you feeling uplifted – in all the right places!

Becoming a Vessel of Honor (2 Timothy 2:20-21)
You can be the person God called you to be. Interestingly, the qualification to be a vessel of honor is up to us (“If anyone cleanses himself…”). Discover that God uses willing, ordinary people to do outrageous, extraordinary things!

Many Flowers, One Bouquet (Romans 12:4-6)
Different gifts, different callings… one body of Christ. Whether encouraging volunteerism at church, or greater fellowship among believers, the Lord persuades us to love one another and work together for His glory. We are each a special and vital part of the beautiful fragrance of God’s “bouquet.”

Beauty for Ashes
Hear Laurette’s remarkable, moving testimony – and discover how the Lord is able to create something beautiful from the ashes of our past. From the bondage of compulsive overeating, alcohol, fear and self-loathing; her life on the New York stage; a 20-country trek through Europe and the Andes as a New Ager and yoga instructor “looking for God in all the wrong places” – to the day she came to the end of herself on a lonely hilltop and cried out to the Lord on April Fool’s Day (when she says she “went from being a fool for the world to a ‘fool for Christ.'” You’ll both laugh out loud and cry with Laurette as she tells of her compelling “journey to Jesus” and shares how He continues to bring freedom from bondage – and victory from defeat. God wastes nothing – even those wasted, painful places in our lives.

Making this message personal to your group is the heart of Laurette’s talk. The Lord is able to take the ashes of our past, turn our mess into a message and make our lives a shining beacon of hope to others, leading them to Christ. You’ll agree that God chooses the foolish things of the world (“Like me!” says Laurette) to confound the wise.

Apples of Gold
Have you ever wanted to bite your tongue after saying an unkind word – or a string of them? Based on Proverbs 25:11, you’ll discover how a word “fitly spoken” can heal hurts, change lives and sow blessings into the hearts of family, friends and those we meet. Uncover the mystery of taming the tongue. We can ditch the “rotten apples” and cultivate a golden orchard of blessing!

Write the Vision (Habakkuk 2:2)
Getting in touch with God’s purpose for your life, dreams and goals. It’s never too late to fulfill the call of God on your life. People leave this seminar with a clearer idea of their purpose in life – and a plan for its fulfillment in line with God’s Word. Clear, concise, relevant. (Can be given as a talk or seminar.)

Please Note: On request, Laurette will prayerfully design a talk based on the theme of your event.

Seminar Themes

Fitness for His Witness™
featuring PraiseMoves® (“The Christian Alternative to yoga”)
In this enlightening seminar, Laurette covers scriptural keys to health and fitness for spirit, soul and body (based on Romans 12:1-3; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and Hebrews 5:13-14). She also shares valuable tips she’s learned to help people at all levels of fitness get in shape, “Six Seeds to Sow for Vibrant Health,” and clever ways to introduce health-giving habits into our family’s lives. All teaching is given with a generous dose of humor based on Laurette’s trial-and-error experiences on the road to victory after years of being overweight and out-of-shape.

Based in part on Laurette’s books, BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness and The Busy Woman's Guide to Total Fitness (both from Harvest House Publishers), you’ll learn BASIC (Body And Soul In Christ) steps to achieve vibrant health from the inside out – and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Laurette also outlines the dangers of yoga, and the dynamic PraiseMoves difference. Gentle stretching and movement combine with STRONG scripture for stress relief, weight loss, flexibility and strength.

Most of the seminar is given in an interactive, entertaining teaching format, and the last 15-20 minutes includes a gentle PraiseMoves stretching workout anyone can do (seated or standing). Discover PraiseMoves for yourself during this invigorating yet relaxing session. Be refreshed!

Storytelling (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced for parents, Sunday school teachers, students, pastors)


Storytelling “off the book,” Personal life experience storytelling, Creating characters. Recounting the historical accounts from the Bible; How to teach storytelling to children; Improvisational storytelling, Power-storytelling to teach life lessons, morals and Life Principles.

Drama (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced for adults or children)

Includes: Basic acting skills; Recitation skills & improving memory; Vocal projection & breathing techniques

What is “stage presence” and how can I get some? Bringing characters to life

Overcoming stage fright; Improvisational comedy – it’s a snap!

What might a Weekend Retreat Look Like?

A weekend with Laurette Willis is entertaining, enlightening, encouraging and “Pass-me-the-Kleenex” moving – from tears to laughter! Depending on the format of your retreat or conference, a weekend with Laurette can include any or all of the following:

  • Dynamic Presentations
    Choose from a variety of timely messages, or ask Laurette to prayerfully design a keynote address tailor-made for your event. Whichever you choose, rest assured you’re getting a seasoned Bible-literate professional who’s sensitive to the needs of others and the leading of the Holy Spirit. And everything Laurette does is peppered with a generous dose of joy and laughter!
  • Winning Workshops
    Breakout sessions available: Fitness for His Witness featuring PraiseMoves (spiritual, emotional and physical fitness), or how to include drama or storytelling in ministry.
  • Quiet Time
    This allows participants to personalize the messages they’re hearing and enables the Holy Spirit to attend to their hearts one-on-one.
  • Prayer
    After her presentations, Laurette is honored to pray with your participants for their personal needs and those of their family.
  • Call to Action or Communion
    In closing, you may choose a corporate call to action, or to take communion together as a group. Either choice helps to anchor the experience of the weekend in participants’ hearts. We renew our dedication to the Lord and return to our homes refreshed!
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