Thanksgiving Power

I was blessed to meet Christian Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf last week. I'll be interviewing her for the Oasis Radio Network on Dec. 7.

I took 18 pages of notes (!) at the seminar last Saturday with Dr. Leaf. Her 25 years as a Neuroscientist give her a unique perspective on the brain – and her life as a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ enables her to see the perfection of the brain in the light of God's Word.

You may have seen her as a guest on Christian TV: Joyce Meyer, Sid Roth or James & Betty Robison's shows. Perhaps you have read her book “Who Switched Off My Brain” or her new book “The Gift In You.”

Connect with God & Change Your Brain

Dr. Leaf shared that thanksgiving (giving thanks as an offering to God) does powerful things for our brain chemistry. Thanksgiving is one of the quickest ways I've found to enter the Lord's presence.

Moving from Thanksgiving to Praise to Worship.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving,  and into His courts with praise” (Ps. 100:4).
What are the TOP 3 THINGS you can thank God for right now?
1. _______________
2. _______________
3. _______________
“Thank You, Lord for _________. I am so grateful because ________________.
I thank You – thank You – thank You – thank You, Lord…”
Usually after a few “thank You's” I start laughing with joy and crying in the spirit with a
“joy unspeakable and full of glory” (1 Peter 1:8).
I sense His blessed presence, His glory… This quickly leads to Praising Him.

How do you praise the Lord?

Just SAY it. “I praise You, Lord. You are wonderful! You are so good! You are perfect and worthy of all praise. There is no one like You.”

This leads to Worship – you lose yourself in loving the Lord. Sometimes I go back and forth among the three – thanksgiving to praise to worship to thanksgiving to worship to praise… It becomes one glorious circle of splendor, laughter and tears of joy in His presence.

You Have the Mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16)

Some quick sound bytes from Dr. Leaf:

Thoughts ARE things. Toxic thoughts are like “black trees” in the brain (they can even be seen!).

Thanksgiving, praise and worship help dissolve toxic thoughts in the brain.

Scientists have found that the brains of worshipers and those who meditate on God's Word have more highly developed frontal lobes.

Everyone is a genius — the GIFT in you is the WAY you think; the way your brain processes information.

I will cover more of this and post the link to our hour-long interview as soon as it's available.

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  1. Praising Him, The LORD Jesus, causes REAL changes, not superficial changes like other types of self help remedies.

    Jesus truly cares for us and gives us a way out of our misery, or disappointment, our anger, our dysfunction, our complacency, our doubts, fears… boredom, & pain.

    Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory & praise!

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