Yoga Mandatory in Public Schools?

Can the creaking door marked “Separation of Church and State” swing both ways?

This from a concerned California Mom who is also a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor, Leslie Marshall:

“Too weird to believe…

“My Christian neighbor (mother of 3) stopped me at the YMCA yesterday. She said her son in 6th grade recently had an ‘Art' Lesson by a JOIS Ashtanga Yoga Instructor at his public school.

“The Art Lesson was to make Mandalas. This poor mother is now a puppet on a string, as she tries to second guess, what's happening in her son's classroom. She vows to take him out of class, but what a hassle!”

(Note: From Institute of Buddhist Studies, “Mandala: pronounced mahn-DAH-la, meaning ‘house' or ‘palace', the mandala represents a Buddha's divine place of residence.

“There are hundreds of mandalas representing each of the different tantric deities, each with its own unique set of details.

“To the practitioner, the mandala represents the activities and teachings of the particular deity represented in the mandala, and can be described as the residences of the respective deities and their retinues.”)

Leslie continues, “Yesterday at the YMCA, the young, pretty petite yoga instructor was wearing a T-shirt that said: “Got Mula Bandha?”  [‘Root Lock']  (in other words, she's demanding everyone she comes in contact with, ‘Look at my private parts.'

“I hope to meet with a local apologetics ministry today or tomorrow. The assistant to the President is spearheading the parents' protest. Her children attend local elementary school, where these programs are now in place. She's gathering support and names, from local pastors, parents, etc.”

Our California PraiseMoves instructor promises to keep us posted.


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