7 Signs You are Meant to be a Christian Health Coach

7 Signs You are Meant to be a Christian Health Coach

Have you been thinking of expanding your career, starting your own business, or beginning a new profession altogether? If you find yourself drawn to becoming a Certified Health Coach, you most likely have certain characteristics which set you apart (especially if you want to be a CHRISTIAN Health Coach!).

Here are 7 tell-tale signs you may indeed be called to become a Certified Health Coach.

  1. You have a passion for healthy, vibrant living.

What separates a Certified Health Coach from another profession within the health and wellness field is the focus on a whole-person approach to achieving an optimal lifestyle.

A Certified Health Coach Institute coach sees the value of integrating nutrition and fitness as well as emotional and spiritual wellness into their practice. Empowering clients to be ALL they can be is a driving force.

If you find yourself often integrating health and nutrition with exercise, psychology, and Scripture, all to learn how people can overcome health issues, you have the frame of mind and heart to become a GREAT Christian Health Coach.

  1. You love to learn.

The Health Coaching profession involves continuous learning, continuing education. From renewing the mind and retraining the brain, to nutritional science and fitness, to business and marketing strategies,  health coaches must have the thirst for knowledge and commitment to challenge their own minds as well as those of their clients.

A health coach isn’t ashamed to admit that they don’t know everything. They’re willing to ask for help and do the research to find answers they can implement in their practices.

  1. You want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

One of the essential characteristics of a great health coach is a passion to help others become their best selves. As Christian Health Coaches, we encourage others to continuously invest in their health—spirit, soul, and body.

Although all the information is out there and readily accessible, putting information into action is difficult for many. Health Coaches empower their clients to take action by coming alongside them, encouraging and motivating them, and providing helpful resources.

If empowering others to be their best selves, a career as a Certified Health Coach is worthy of your consideration. 

  1. You love personal growth.

Certified Health Coaches enjoy personal growth, so they read, study, watch videos on health and wellness, and attend conferences and online training in spiritual and physical health, nutrition, marketing—anything that builds their confidence and skill, improving their lives and business.

They are open to new ways to bless their clients and potential clients: via workshops, blogging, video chats, using social media, emails… They are not afraid to learn new things and creative ways that can help them in their work and ministry to others.

  1. You want the freedom to work flexible hours from home or anywhere in the world.

With the ability to reach a global community at our fingertips, our Certified Health Coach Institute graduates enjoy the freedom of working from home—or they can bring their skills into the marketplace and partner with other healthcare providers such as chiropractors or naturopathic doctors.

This kind of flexibility is very attractive, especially for those CHCs who have an entrepreneurial muscle they’d like to flex! It’s YOUR business and we give you the knowledge and skill and then provide you with the after-graduation resources to build your business as YOU would like.

  1. You are a good listener.

One of the most important qualities of a great Christian Health Coach is the ability to listen and really HEAR what a client is saying. Regardless of the role of “expert” and mentor in the eyes of our clients, it is vital that a Health Coach doesn’t fall into the trap of rattling off answers and opinions without engaging the client and asking the client for their thoughts and input.

Have you been told you’re a good listener and easy to talk to? Do you enjoy coming up with solutions to help others? If so, you’re on the right track to becoming a great Certified Health Coach.

  1. You want to Learn from a BIBLICAL perspective

Many of our CHCI graduates have told us that they are especially grateful for the opportunity to learn Health Coaching from a Biblical perspective.

There is a lot of New Age teaching associated with even some of the most popular Health Coaching programs. As a Christian, if that is unacceptable for you, learning from a Biblical worldview would only make sense. “What does GOD have to say?” was one of the first questions I had when considering getting my CHC.

Dr. Jordan Rubin is known as “America’s Biblical Health Coach,” and as such as helped untold millions with his best-selling books (such as “The Maker’s Diet” and “The Raw Truth”). As a product formulator, he has blessed millions with his nutritional products for the companies he founded or helped found (Garden of Life, Beyond Organic and Ancient Nutrition).

As a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, is dedicated to empowering people to know the truth about what the Bible says about our health—and how being a Christian Health Coach can be a most rewarding career and ministry to others (while blessing our own families at the same time!).

To YOU, CHC means both Certified Health Coach and CHRISTIAN Health Coach. And that’s as it should be. ?

In summary…

If you found yourself reading through these seven signs, agreeing and nodding your head “yes,” to a number of these statements, then becoming a Certified Health Coach with CHCI may indeed be a perfect way to start your ideal career and fulfill the call on your life!

Get started on an exciting new Christian Health Coach path!

Watch the Certified Health Coach Webinar replay HERE.

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