Choose Your Pain

disciplineWell, that's a scary title, isn't it? When it comes to making a change in your life, there is going to be some pain.

Choose your pain: Discipline, or Regret? Your choice.

Avoiding the pain associated with discipline is easy. It's call procrastination. Who has not said, “I'll start the diet on Monday” or after the holidays, or after school starts again…? Procrastination can feel good compared to discipline.

There's a temporary “Ahhhh, I'm safe” feeling which comes from putting off doing something difficult (I'm speaking from experience here!).

However, can you live with the pain of regret when days, weeks and months of putting off what you committed to do start piling up?

What is it you've been putting off doing? Start it now. Ask the Lord to help you and take a step in that direction.

Perhaps it's calling someone you've been meaning to call. Maybe it's taking better care of yourself and loved ones.

Exercise? It can become an *almost* painless part of your life with PraiseMoves (honest!). Health? Weight Loss? Energy for Life? You can start now adding the 90 Essential Nutrients needed for good health to your diet (yes, even during the holidays!).

Are you looking for a way to earn additional income so things aren't so *tight* in 2015 as they were in 2014? Could Network Marketing be a fit for you? Take a look at a free webinar I did exploring that subject: Christian Network Marketing Webinar.


So, are you ready to take action? Start now by checking out some of the resources on this page and avoid the procrastination trap.

By taking a step right now, you're one step closer to the JOY and celebration of Accomplishment. You're one step closer to being able to say, “I DID IT!!!”

When you choose your pain, you're also choosing your pleasure. Make it the long-lasting kind.

Comment below and let me know if this has helped you. “What's your pleasure?” 😀

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