Christian Health Coach Training Victories

Christian Health Coach Training Victories

I am amazed and blessed by the dedication, creativity, and devotion to the Lord of our Certified Health Coach Institute graduates!

I wanted to share some of their inspirational stories with you.

Realize that these newly certified Certified Christian Health Coaches were just like you. They sensed the call to become Christian Health Coaches — and didn't want to compromise.

They wanted a CHC from a Biblical worldview. They sensed in their hearts that they could make a positive IMPACT on the lives of people in their church, community (even around the world!).

They watched the CHC Webinar and took action by getting the health coach and business training they needed. Then they turned their education into some very exciting and diverse business ventures and ministries.

Most of our Certified Health Coaches opt for the more traditional path of one-on-one, in-person coaching. Others offer workshops at churches, retreats and in their community. 

Some have built successful online health coaching businesses using Skype or Zoom, allowing them to reach people around the world. And still, others partner with health care providers, helping patients and clients stay on track in a preventive health model.

We all love a great success story, here are a few to encourage you!

* Sarah Jane Carpenter took our advice and gave a simple natural health talk at her church's monthly women's ministry meeting.

Sarah had a sign-up sheet and offered free 30-minute “discovery sessions” to attendees. Seven women opted in, and two of them became regular clients!

“I'm so grateful I stepped out to become a CHC,” Sarah Jane wrote to me. “I've always been interested in health, and NOW I have a way to really help others–and it's doing what I love!!!”

* Paul Carrelli wanted to leave a stressful full-time job. He got his CHC so he could build his business on the side, go part-time, and eventually replace his full-time income. He wanted to reach people outside of his hometown. He also liked the idea of putting a 14-day cleanse together that he could offer online.

“It's kind of funny, but no one listened to my health advice before I got my Certification,” Paul told me. “Learning from Dr. Jordan Rubin and the Bible-based training helped me SO much! It did a lot for my CONFIDENCE, too!!!

“Now I have two cleanses that I offer online and I must admit I like putting ‘CHC' after my name!”

These are just two of the many testimonials we've received.

I am so proud of what our Certified Health Coach Institute Coaches have done and grateful for all the lives they've touched.

Not only have their clients' lives changed but so have their own lives and those of their families! Doing what you LOVE is powerful!!!

So–what would YOU like to do?

I believe in you and know you can absolutely do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength!

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