CPI of the Season Monique Jenkin

CPI of the Season Monique Jenkin

Some people make you feel good just being around them whether in person, on the phone, on a Zoom…even in an email! Monique Jenkin, CPI from White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa has that special gift. Love, joy, and laughter are in her countenance and voice.

We are blessed to have Monique in the PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry family! She is Certified to teach PraiseMoves, PraiseKicks (Kickboxing with the Word), and MIRA! (Christian Fitness with a Latin beat, our alternative to Zumba).

“I can still remember, the first day I saw the PraiseMoves flyer up in our church building two years ago,” said Monique Jenkin, CPI (Certified PraiseMoves Instructor). “My mom and I decided to join the following week. There we met an amazing Certified PraiseMoves Instructor, Charlotte Fredriksson, and I fell in love with PraiseMoves.”

CPI of the Season, Monique Jenkin with mentor and friend Charlotte Fredriksson, CPI.

Twenty-two-year-old Monique is an action taker! “Right after the first PraiseMoves class I took, I felt God telling me I am going to be a CPI,  so I went on the website, purchased a few workouts, and started doing PraiseMoves from home as well. Unfortunately, the February online training had past and when the September certification came around, my circumstances didn't allow me to join at the time.”


Monique continued to practice PraiseMoves at home and in classes with Charlotte Fredriksson and wanted to take the online PraiseMoves Certification in February 2020, but didn't have the funds.

Success leaves clues! Monique shares, “After missing the September online training in 2019, I made the firm decision that I was going to join the February online training in 2020. I did not have the funds at that point in time. BUT God!

“I stepped out in faith believing that God would provide. On the very last day of signing up for the training, there was still nothing, but there was no chance for doubt in my heart. I still remember there was a nudge in my spirit from the Holy Spirit urging me to email Dr. Laurette and explain my situation.

“I did so and oh my goodness, all the right doors just flew open! At the same time, someone blessed me with all the funds plus enough for equipment. I can't wait to grow further in this ministry, and with God through this ministry.”

Monique and some of her Online students. Thumbs up!!!


“The following week (LOL)!” Monique said. “Charlotte asked me to step in for her since she was unable to give a class that week. As I followed the leading of the Lord, I started my own classes in June 2020.

“The Online Zoom classes I teach are PraiseKicks on Mondays 17:45 SAST (South Africa Standard Time), MIRA! on Wednesdays 17:45 SAST, and PraiseMoves on Fridays 17:45 SAST.”

One of Monique's students shared about the blessing of being able to take classes with Monique online, including the revitalization of her faith! “PraiseMoves has had a huge impact on me and my faith! I’ve recently moved to Hungary where there is not much English and all the churches have closed due to the Covid pandemic. It has been so awesome to be able to connect with like-minded people and worship God in a new way. I’ve found so much joy in all of the classes, especially in MIRA! where we’re able to move more expressively. These classes have revitalized my faith and given me comfort and a sense of community in a tough time. Thank you!” ~ Robyn Anderson

Another student of Monique's, Chane Lombaard wrote, “Initially it started out as something that I could try  just for fun. But steadily it has evolved into a need, as these provide a few moments of quiet time with, and Bible study with God. Combined with exercises within my hectic student schedule. This is the very reason I try to attend as many classes as possible. As it is one of the few moments within my day I get to breathe and be present with God.”


Monique shares, “PraiseMoves is very special to me, as I am able to get closer to my Creator while I do something I am passionate about. Spiritually I feel I have matured more, and just being able to memorize scripture is already a win for me. Physically I am a lot more energized. I'm more flexible and experience a lot less pain in my joints.

“But the most drastic physical is Asthma symptoms have cleared up so much that I only get a tight chest from time-to-time.”

Monique and the Jenkin family. All for one and one for all!

What else does this powerhouse PraiseMoves Instructor do?

Monique is a Fashion Designer, founder of eMJay's Fashion Design. She also helps with the family business, The Chicken Man. “My  parents are always supporting me. I love being able to do PraiseMoves with my mom (we still take part in Charlotte's class on Tuesday evenings), and my brother and his wife join my online classes. They are all an inspiration when it come to our Abba Father.”

When she is not doing PraiseMoves, or working with her business or her family's business, Monique enjoys sewing, photography, play the ukulele and piano…“and doing our nails!” (what girl doesn't?!). ???

We invite you to take a class with Monique by going to our ONLINE CLASSES PAGE at http://praisemoves.com/online-classes

Get ready to be BLESSED!!!





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