Daniel Fast – Day Eighteen: Rewards for Fasting #11

Day Eighteen: Fasting Update – Rewards for Fasting #11 – “Is this not the fast that I have chosen… The LORD will guide you continually” (Isaiah 58:6&11).

Reward #11: The Lord will guide you continually!

When our PraiseMoves ministry was really beginning to grow, my husband Paul and I realized we could not do everything ourselves. We would need help.

Nola Jeanne Baird and her husband Lloyd usually sat behind us at church. One Sunday morning in April 2006, I suddenly felt impressed to ask Nola if she would be our Administrative Assistant. Now almost six years later, Nola is not only our Administrative Assistant and Number One Prayer Warrior, she is also a CPI, CPI Trainer and PraiseMoves’ CPI Coordinator, overseeing our Certified PraiseMoves Instructors worldwide. I do not know how we could have ever done without her!

God’s guidance is like that. Sometimes we sense a faint impression—something just seems “right” about a certain decision, or going in a certain direction. You feel what my husband calls “warm velvet” on the inside of you – the peace of the Lord that “surpasses understanding.”

At other times, you will feel a definite “Stop! Don’t go there!” or “Don’t say that!” Other times God’s leading may come as a “check” in the spirit—something just doesn’t feel right about a certain direction you are going.

All of that is God’s still, small voice. You may even hear words with your inner ear—or an audible voice on very, very rare occasions (but it does happen).

Seasoned saints have said that the longer we walk with the Lord, the finer His voice and calling becomes—finer, yet clearer than crystal. You know-that-you-know it is Him.

Fasting makes you more sensitive to His voice and leading. Will you follow?

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