Daniel Fast – Day Twelve – Rewards for Fasting #5

Day Twelve: Fasting Update – Rewards for Fasting #5 – “Is this not the fast that I have chosen…Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, And that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; When you see the naked, that you cover him, And not hide yourself from your own flesh?” (Isaiah 58:7).

Reward #5: Sow a seed…share your bread with the hungry

Are you spending less money on food because you're fasting? What might be a good thing to do with that money you've saved?

According to this verse, it is to feed and clothe the hungry and naked. Like Jesus said in Matthew 6, “When you give…When you pray…When you fast.” They seem to go together.

We've all wanted to give to ministries that feed the poor, and while many of us have done so and give on a regular basis, there have probably been a few times you've said, “Oh, if I only had an extra $20 to give to help feed one of those starving children.” Well, fast a few meals and you will have that money to give.

A Seed You SOW–Not a Debt You OWE

Consider that money you will give into a ministry to help feed and clothe the poor as a “seed” you sow into God's kingdom. Pray over it. Give the money to the Lord as you send it off to help others.

The Bible says that he who gives to the poor lends to God and He will repay. You cannot “out-give” God. He will bless you over and above for your heart to feed and clothe others — another opportunity for you be the hands and heart of Jesus to the world.

Will you do that this week? Let's feed some children. I believe Jesus still multiplies loaves and fishes!

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