Daniel Fast – Day Twenty-One: You did it!

Day Twenty-One: Fasting Update – Praise the Lord! We have completed our 21 days of fasting together. What are some of the benefits you have noticed?

Here's what some have noticed:
– closer relationship with God
– answered prayers – and quickly!
– addictions, bad habits and bondages broken
– divine revelations has been flowing
– hearing God's voice more clearly
– improved health and energy
– food less important than it was before
– amazing opportunities and favor granted
– increased prosperity
– divine guidance
– divine appointments with amazing people

I have news for you. It NEVER has to stop! Continue to feed on the Word every day. The great evangelist of the last century, Smith Wigglesworth once said, “All lack of faith is due to not feeding on God's Word.”

Come off the fast slowly. Tomorrow is not the day to “pig out” for goodness' sake! Exercise the fruit of the Holy Spirit – the fruit of Self-Control (wow, that's a new concept). Start adding foods back in slowly–foods you have been off the last 3 weeks.

Stay off some food you know are “triggers” to addictive behavior for you. Things like sugar, caffeine, processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, “junk” food, etc. And some behaviors you KNOW God has delivered you from (anger, self-pity, jealousy, greed, gossiping, guilt, regret, etc.)

He who the Son sets free is FREE indeed!!!

Lastly, I'd like to share with you a word I received in prayer the other day. I pray this for you, too — that you will DARE TO BELIEVE:

“Live so far in faith that you will FAIL if God doesn't catch you and take you the rest of the way. This way, He gets ALL the glory!” Amen.

Thank you for sharing your precious journey with Jesus with me, too! I am grateful for you. With Love, Laurette

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