Do You Need Wisdom from God?

This method has worked for me 100% of the time!

I pray it's a blessing to you! If you “Believe you receive,” please comment below!

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“Soaking in the Psalms” Christian Meditation

“I'm LOVING it! The music is exceptional and your readings add such a vividness to the Psalms.” –Jennifer Bunderle, Ecuador

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“Soaking in the Psalms” Music w/3-part program

* 9 tracks of beautiful “soaking” music with 40 Psalm passages read by Laurette Willis

* Workbook & Journal

* 40-day Devotional written by Laurette Willis

Music by Award-winning musician John Tussey

“The sample track releases His Presence…” Gail Bryant, AL


Soaking in the Psalms SELECTION

“Soaking in the Psalms” 3-piece program: Downloadable MP3 and Workbook-Journal, plus 40-day Devotional sent to your inbox.

Soaking in the Psalms Audio and Workbook-Journal will be sent to your email Inbox. Look for it shortly after your order –>> NO Shipping Costs! Instant Access.

Soaking in the Psalms” 3-piece program $17.00Introductory price $12.95


  1. Laurette,

    Thank you for finding the courage to share the message. Yours is a powerful ministry and you make a difference!
    May God continue to bless you.

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