Don’t Wait for Conditions to be Perfect

“Don't Wait for Conditions to be Perfect.” Go ahead and do something.
Take a step of faith, and praise the Lord as you are doing so. He will lead and guide you!!! #PraiseMoves #TakeAStepOfFaith #FaithActs


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2 Responses to "Don’t Wait for Conditions to be Perfect"

  1. Robin Grossl, CPI says:

    Very inspiring, Laurette! Since the coming year ends in 7 it just may be the year Jesus comes to take us home, so we need to reach everyone we can with His precious love & the good news of His salvation!

  2. Lisa Freeman says:

    I enjoyed your book so much . I have had a spinal fusion and I’m not sure I could ever accomplish some of those moves. But I am inspired to speak scriptures over my life .

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