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PraiseMoves Digital Shop is Open! *Instant Gifts* for Yourself or Others!

Have you ever wanted access to something RIGHT NOW?!!! Me, too. I guess it's part of our *instant society.* We want *instant access* for most things (and that can be either good or bad!).

I choose to think that your being able to now Download Christian Fitness DVDs is a very good thing – especially for those of us who want to save on having to pay postage – and those who live outside of the U.S. and don't want to wait to have DVDs delivered.

Download Christian Fitness

We've started with some of our most popular PraiseMoves DVDs — instantly downloadable into your own PraiseMoves player onto you computer — and can be viewed on any mobile device, too (even without an internet connection — can you believe it?!!!). It's pretty amazing.

*Coming Attractions*

*More PraiseMoves DVDs

*PraiseMoves TV Shows

*MIRA! classes (“The Christian alternative to Zumba”–David Warren, Oasis Network)

*Individual PraiseMoves & MIRA! classes from CPIs around the world!

Check it out here: Download Christian Fitness

For Yourself – or as *Instant Gifts* to Send Others! 

We're off to a flying start. I hope you'll have an *instant smile* on your face, too! 🙂

Download Christian Fitness DVDs


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