New Age Truth Seekers

New Age Truth Seekers

My radio interview with former Kundalini yoga guru Mike Shreve is up — and is turning heads (and hopefully hearts to the Lord!).

Mike is a former yoga instructor who ran an ashram, had a number of devoted followers, and taught at 4 universities in Florida before he had a spectacular encounter with Jesus Christ!

You may have seen Mike on Sid Roth's TV show, “It's Supernatural!”

They asked me to share my story in their new book Truth Seekers, which features the stories of ten New Agers who found the Ultimate Truth in “the way, the truth and the life” of Jesus Christ.

Listen to this enlightening radio interview here. Learn the REAL foundation of the New Age movement and the “Age of Aquarius” connection.

Discover the best way to share your faith with loved ones who believe there are “many paths” to God. Mike is THE expert!!! Don't miss the one-of-a-kind salvation call at the end of the interview.

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