Passover Seder Messianic-Style

Passover 2014 begins in the evening of Monday, April 14
and ends in the evening of Tuesday, April 22

Have you noticed how everything in the Old Testament points to our Lord Jesus, the Messiah?

The same holds true to the Hebrew alphabet (or “alef-bet”), too.

What is the Word for “Religion” in  Hebrew?

According to Hebrew Letter pictures, the letters for the Hebrew word for “Religion” are Dalet (Door) plus Tav (the Cross or the Sign).

“Religion” = “The DOOR to the CROSS!”

Evonne Mandella is a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor and a Messianic Jewish believer in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah). Evonne says: “‘The Door to the Cross' reminds us of the Blood of the Lamb applied to the ‘doorposts' of our hearts!”

Let's take a look at this word for “religion” in Hebrew using our PraiseMoves Alphabetics (Hebrew letter postures).

PraiseMoves Alphabetics 

Dat – The Word for “Religion” in Hebrew is Dat


Dalet + Tav = The Door to the Cross – in Hebrew we read from right to left.



Originally, Tav looked like a CROSS, but it was changed to the way we see Tav today shortly after the Resurrection of Jesus.

Wonder why? Consider what “Religion” means in Hebrew! “The Door to the Cross.”


Dalet – Stand feet together, right arm out to side, palm facing forward; bring left hand in behind, placing back of hand and fingers close to right shoulder blade; switch arms after 4 verses. Reach left hand back to grab right fingers,  stretch, reverse.

Tav – Start with a modified Cross first. From The Altar posture, bend one knee and touch the sole of that foot to the ankle of the outstretched leg. Place the weight on the bent knee bring the opposite hand up, palm forward. Your arms should be in the shape of a cross. Same on the other side.

Now return to the other side to prepare for the more challenging Cross posture.

alph cvr FINAL 150

You may repeat the modified Cross if you prefer. From The Altar, stack one foot on top of the other so the insides of the feet are touching.

If this is too difficult at first, one foot may be in front of the other for balance. When you have your balance, lift your top arm up, palm facing forward.

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What's a Haggadah? What's a Seder Meal?

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The word haggadah means to tell, or to relate. The Haggadah is “the Telling,” a vivid narrative which is set in the context of a parent-child dialogue.

It refers to one of the most important aspects of the seder: the recitation of the historical account of Passover and the Exodus from Egypt. Seen from a Christian or Messianic perspective, we see that Jesus Christ our Messiah brought us out of the land of bondage (sin) and purchased our redemption for us.

Evonne has put together a wonderful tool you can share with your friends and family to help bring this important Jewish Holy Day alive with new meaning for Christian believers.

* Stunning Photos from Israel

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Enjoy! Shalom-Shalom!

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