Enjoy this ThanksLIVING PraiseMoves Class!

Enjoy this ThanksLIVING PraiseMoves Class!

Whether you've done many PraiseMoves classes in the past, or this is your very first one, you will enjoy this praise-and-thanks-filled workout with Deann Oliver, Certified PraiseMoves Instructor from Michigan!

Jennifer wrote: “That was such a blessing! I’m a fellow CPI and I’m also post-knee surgery. This was my first class since my surgery and I loved and appreciated your ‘safe knee' options. I’m excited to get back so I can teach again soon. Your class was inspiring and motivating. Bless you!”

Sheila shared: “Wonderful way to start the Thanksgiving season! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!”

Dawn agreed, “Thank you Deann. Yes very relaxing, so needed. God Bless!” 🙌😊🙌

Get ready to move, praise, and rejoice in the Lord with us!


Mark your Calendar to join us on DECEMBER 20!

I will host our Annual Christmas Healing & Communion Service on TUESDAY, December 20 at 8:00 PM Eastern time. 


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