Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity

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Since 2007 when I first developed the PowerMoves Kids program (the first to combine Character Education AND Fitness), it has been incorporated into the school day in hundreds of public school classrooms throughout the U.S. and Canada (as well as private schools and home schools). I've been blessed to hear from teachers and parents all over the U.S. and Canada.

Having been an overweight child, I am particularly sensitive to the needs and struggles overweight children face. The problem has less to do with proper diet than it does with proper mindset and how a child sees himself or herself.

“It does my heart good to see someone being pro-active in reaching out to help our nation’s children, and doing it in such a way that it exercises them both mentally and physically to set the tone for the rest of their lives. PowerMoves Kids is such a program.”

-U. S. Senator James M. Inhofe (OK)

WE Have Got to do SOMETHING

If we don’t do something now to help obese children break the cycle, the future can be rather bleak.

Since 1980, global obesity has more than doubled. Sixty-five percent of the world’s people now live in countries where overweight and obesity cause more deaths than underweight.

Roughly 86 percent of Americans age 18 and older may be overweight or obese by 2030 and related health care costs would double every decade and could reach $956.9 billion in 2030 – 1 of every 6 health care dollars spent — according to a study published online by the journal, Obesity in 2008.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2010 nearly 43 million children below the age of 5 were overweight. In spite of awareness, media campaigns and attempts that have met with limited success, the fact remains that our children are fat and getting fatter.

Obesity is preventable. If we don’t help our children find their way out of the downward spiral of obesity, what will their world be like when they grow up? It's been said that we may be in the first generation of adults who outlive their children.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in the U.S., 18% of adolescents aged 12–19, 20% of children aged 6–11 and 10% of children aged 2–5 are obese (CDC 2010). In the United Kingdom, experts predict, 10.1% of boys (8% of teenaged boys) and 8.9% of girls (9.7% of teenaged girls) will be obese by 2015 (Stamatakis et al. 2010). Without intervention, the physical, emotional and financial consequences will be enormous when these children reach maturity.

Changing Kids from the Inside-Out

Benefits of Physical Education: The American Heart Association (AHA) reminds us : “Physically active, healthy kids learn better!”

Benefits of Character Education: “Character education has proven to be a positive force in reducing disruptive behavior, alcohol and drug abuse, and teen pregnancy. It reasserts the responsibility of schools, parents, and community members to be as concerned with the development of character as we are with the education of the intellect.” – from the Maryland State Department of Education Fact Sheet on Character Education

Character Education + Fitness = CHANGE for the Better

PowerMoves Kids is the FIRST classroom program to combine Character Education and Fitness. “PMK” is helping children stay focused and on-task, while having fun moving their bodies to these easy-to-follow stretching postures.

Pre-K through 8th Grades – Designed specifically for the classroom teacher, public and private school educators (as well as home schooling parents) are finding PMK helpful for transitions between subjects as well as for group focus and discipline.

“What an absolutely fun way for children to become physically and behaviorally fit! Our teachers have embraced PowerMoves Kids with much enthusiasm.”

Carmen Phillips, Admin. Director, Children's Colony Prep School, Brooklyn, NY

By reciting a character-building quote with each gentle stretch, children are being taught character education at the same time—exercising their minds and emotions while exercising their bodies—and teachers are seeing the difference it's making in their PK-8th grade students!

PMK postures become mnemonic devices to help anchor in empowering life principles such as respect, trustworthiness, honesty and self-control.

As an added bonus, since PowerMoves Kids is fun and the postures, quotes and affirmations fit neatly into the school day, children are learning to take healthy stretch breaks for energy (instead of junk food breaks!).

“PowerMoves Kids gets ‘the wiggles' out so we can focus! The children are excited about doing the PMK postures; making fitness and stretching a fun part of their day. Afterwards we're focused and ready to get back to work.”

– Michele Fisher, Kindergarten Teacher – Norwood School,Hulbert, Oklahoma

Is PowerMoves Kids yoga?

NO. PowerMoves Kids is not yoga.

The PowerMoves Kids program incorporates healthful stretches that are simple to do and good for the body.

While stretching, the character-building quotes FILL children's minds with good thoughts such as:

“Honesty is the best policy.” (Miguel de Cervantes; Character Trait: Honesty; PMK posture: The Arrow)


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (The Golden Rule; Character Trait: Caring; PMK posture: The Cradle)


“Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.” (“Uncle Ben,” Spider-Man the Movie; Character Trait: Responsibility; PMK Posture: The Giver).

When we talk about true character, we always go back to tenets, principles and proverbs which are part of our Judeo-Christian heritage. However, PowerMoves Kids is “non-religious,” and completely acceptable in all public school settings (it is also used in private, Christian, and home schools).


Among its numerous endorsements, PowerMoves Kids is endorsed by the Great Expectations Teachers Program at Northeastern State University and the Cherokee Nation Co-Partner Program.

PowerMoves Kids 3-piece Program The FIRST Classroom Program to combine Character Education AND Fitness!

Designed for the Classroom, the PowerMoves Kids program includes:

• Teacher's Manual for PK-8th grades

• Curriculum with 48 mix n' match lessons (divided into PK-2, 3-5 and 6-8 grades)

• PowerMoves Kids Instructional DVD

* PMK is great for transitions between subjects, group discipline and focus.

* PMK is an easy way teach Character Education.

* PMK helps you add Fitness “nuggets” to your students' day!

* PMK enables schools to bring more physical activity into the students' day.

* And since Character Ed. is part of the program, it's Value-Added Fitness!

See a sample of the curriculum: EXAMPLE at

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SINGLE USER LICENSE – This License Agreement permits you to use one (1) copy of PMK Program materials for one teacher or class. Use shall be defined as the PMK Manual, Curriculum and DVD used by one teacher ………………………… $ 99.95 $74.95

PowerMoves Kids 3-piece Program: $99.95 $74.95 (SAVE $25)

Teacher's Manual, Teacher's Curriculum and Instructional DVD If you live in Oklahoma and are a public school or other 501c-3 organization, call the office to arrange payment w/o paying tax (918-458-1800).

Want to outfit an entire school with PowerMoves kids? Purchase an Unlimited Site License for only $450 (about 1/10th the cost of other Character Education programs) – and other Character Education programs DO NOT have the Fitness element PMK does!

Some parents have bought the PowerMoves Kids Single License for their child's classroom–or the Unlimited License for the entire school. The teachers will thank you for it (and so will the students!).

“We appreciate you bringing PowerMoves Kids to our attention. We share your concern about the significant problem about childhood obesity that we face, and we are pleased to learn about this effort to enhance student physical activity. It is also encouraging to see that the program incorporate strategies that assist students in developing the character traits that will help them become responsible and productive members of our society.”

Deborah A. Price, Assistant Deputy Secretary – Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, United States Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

PowerMoves Kids: Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity


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