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CPI APPLICATION available here.

Listen to our TELESEMINAR CALL on Christian Fitness Ministry and what it’s like being a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor.

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We receive requests from MEN and WOMEN throughout North America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere from people looking for Certified PraiseMoves Instructors and classes they can take.

The release of the PraiseMoves DVDs from Harvest House Publishers, our television programs, magazine articles and interviews have brought an increased awareness of the first Christian ALTERNATIVE to yoga (PraiseMoves is NOT so-called “Christian yoga,” which we consider an oxymoron/contradiction in terms since “Yoga IS Hinduism” according to many Christians and most Hindus! See article which explains this in full.).


Perhaps you know of others at your church or in your community who would be interested in starting a Fitness Ministry or earning a nice part-time income offering PraiseMoves classes at church, a local gym, community center, school, senior center or their home. Of course charging for PraiseMoves classes is optional, but when we consider that millions of people are spending billions of dollars on yoga classes, a dedicated PraiseMoves instructor is certainly worthy of his or her hire.

CNNMoney.com lists Fitness and Aerobic Instructors – one of the 11 “America’s Hot Jobs” where you have the edge: “Amidst growing concerns about obesity, fitness instructors help their clients slim down and shape up by instructing them and physical and exercise activities like yoga, aerobics and weightlifting.”

The course consists of:

The PraiseMoves Classic DVD – Includes downloadable 60-minute and 20-minute workouts. Plus Bonus Sections AND 16-page booklet. Outlinescorrect breathing techniques, 21 basic PraiseMoves postures, and several flowing Scripture Sequences.

The PraiseMoves Training Manual (history and benefits of PraiseMoves; dynamics of stretching; Basic Anatomy; the Muscular System; Muscles and the PraiseMoves postures; outline of PraiseMoves workout; low-impact aerobic dance steps; Walkin’ Wisdom Warm-ups; all PraiseMoves postures w/photos – plus all new PraiseMoves postures; Scripture Sequences; PraiseMoves Alphabetics w/corresponding scriptures; reviews, and sample exam).

How to Start Your Own Fitness Ministry Manual – Everything you need to start your own PraiseMoves classes from finding students and workout spaces to finances and ministry.

Teacher Certification Weekend – Held at various locations around the U.S. (See HERE for dates and locations). Certifications are held during a One-day Certification “Blitz” usually from 9am-6pm. Classes outlining all aspects of PraiseMoves and the final exam will be given, followed by a Teacher Certification ceremony awarding Certificates of Completion.

ONLINE TrainingPraiseMoves LEVEL I Certification (and Recertification). You can now request to take part in one of our Online Webinar series which take place every February and September. In-person *live* certifications are also available (such as at our Annual International Conference!). Now those who would prefer online training from anywhere in the world can certainly do so (some may want to do both, at no extra charge). Eight (8) in-depth online webinar sessions over 4 weeks with Dr. Laurette Willis, PraiseMoves Founder, and Director. See Online Training dates HERE.


– Only Certified PraiseMoves Instructors (CPI’s) may use the PraiseMoves® name (a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) and teach the copyrighted PraiseMoves material.

– Graduates of the training will be able to call themselves Certified PraiseMoves Instructors (CPIs), use the registered PraiseMoves trademark in their advertising and charge for group and private classes.

– CPIs and CPIs-in-Training receive 40%-50% off all PraiseMoves products (DVDs, books, CDs, etc.) which they may sell to their students at retail.

– CPIs are the only ones who can also train to become certified to teach MIRA! (Christian Fitness with a Latin Beat) and PraiseMoves Gold (to teach seniors and those with limited mobility).

– From time-to-time, we hold specials for more % off and contests for products, prizes, money and more!

– CPIs’ information and classes are listed on the main PraiseMoves website free-of-charge so prospective students can find you.

– CPIs will have access to PraiseMoves devotionals which can be held in conjunction with PraiseMoves classes.

– CPIs will be able to offer the trademarked “Fitness for His Witness” seminar to area churches as a way to introduce them to their PraiseMoves classes.

– CPIs will be able to offer the PowerMoves Kids Program (the first classroom program combining Character Education and Fitness) at area public schools, private schools, home schools and YMCAs. They may also sell the entire PowerMoves Kids system to schools and receive commissions on this Character Education/Fitness program for the classroom — now being used in schools throughout the US and Canada. “Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity — with CHARACTER!” Find out more at: http://powermoveskids.com .

– CPIs will be on the leading edge of a new wave of Christian fitness, countering the popular and deceptive practice of yoga and “new age” mysticism.

– Follow-up support and prayer are always available, as well as new routines, fellowship and continuing education workshops.

– Contests, special events, recognition (CPI of the Year, CPI Rookie of the Year, Eagle Award) and yearly reunions (PraiseMoves National Conference and regional conferences) are available.

– And perhaps most exciting of all, CPIs will have the opportunity to minister to the Body of Christ and those who are searching for Him.

– As Laurette develops other programs, CPIs will have access to them (such as PraiseMoves Gold – for seniors, and MIRA!–the Latin dance-inspired workout with the Word).

– CPIs are invited to join the CPI Forum on Yahoo – open only to CPIs – a Forum of sharing, advice, downloadable files and marketing materials, prayer, support and networking among all participating CPIs. Files of brochures, cards, Power Points, new PraiseMoves postures, etc. can be downloaded as files on the Forum, too.

The Fitness Ministry is a viable, much-needed ministry at a time when Christians match or exceed the general population in weight-related illnesses and disease. Also, churches are looking for new ways to attract people who are searching for Christ.

Friendship Evangelism in the form of inviting an unsaved friend or neighbor to a fun “alternative to yoga” class is a wonderful way to introduce them to fellowship with believers. They’ll hear the Gospel in a relaxed atmosphere. After the class questions can be answered, information made available, and prayer offered. I believe many will be won to the Lord.

Are there strict standards to become an instructor?

We are looking for mature, stable Christians who believe the Lord is calling them to be part of the PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry.

While it would be helpful to you if you’ve taught exercise or some other sort of classes before, it’s not necessary. These are skills you can learn. If you are not at your “ideal” weight yet, that’s okay. We are great believers in “progress, not perfection.” If you are overweight, however, it is important that you are working toward reaching a healthy weight for you. People will be looking up to you as a PraiseMoves instructor and mentor. You’ll want to have a testimony of how the Lord has helped you lose weight and become healthier – a testimony of how PraiseMoves has assisted you in reaching your goals would also be good.

So, if you have a desire to share PraiseMoves with others and believe God is calling you to step out, c’mon and step up!

You will need to be CPR-certified. This can be done in your hometown or nearest large city. Call your local hospital or the American Heart Association to find out about CPR training in your area (fees run anywhere from $25-60 for certification). If you already have an up-to-date card, please make a copy of it and submit it with your application.

Vital: As a CPI or CPI-in-Training, it is important that you notify us of any changes to address, email and phone number so we can contact you. News organizations and magazines often contact us for interviews, and some have visited CPI classes. We need to be able to contact you if such an opportunity arises. There are also changes and additions to PraiseMoves postures and programs which would be helpful to you and your students. Updates are sent out periodically, and are also available on the CPI Forum group on Yahoo, open to all CPIs.

To become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor

Two options:

1. Either: Full payment of $395 with application (normally $325.00, save $30) for Training materials, Online or Certification weekend training, Certificate, and first year’s license to teach PraiseMoves classes.

2. Or: Pay in two installments ($295 with application and $130 balance received no later than 2 weeks BEFORE Certification training begins).

3. Outside of the U.S. only–Contact the Office or info@PraiseMoves.com . We are helping people around the world who are taking our Online Training. Let us help you!

4. While the original downloadable PraiseMoves DVD comes with your training materials, we strongly recommend purchasing 20-Min. PraiseMoves DVD (w/beg., int. & adv. Workouts with modifications) and PraiseMoves Alphabetics (the Hebrew letter postures) if you don’t already have them.

* Yearly renewal on your Certification anniversary is $125.00 the first year only, to keep your credentials and benefits current. The second year and thereafter, your yearly renewal fee reduces to only $75 per year.

* Every two years CPIs are expected to take Recertification Training online to keep up-to-date on the latest PraiseMoves postures and keep their skills fresh. There will be no additional charge for attending a standard PraiseMoves Certification Training.

Renewal Fee is every year, and FREE Recertification Training is every 2 years.

The CPI who charges for classes may earn their enrollment amount back with the first series of classes they teach. For example: 25 students @ $5 per class (estimate) for 8 weekly classes = $1,000.00; 10 students @ $8 per class for 6 weeks = $480.00. Of course, not everyone will earn the same amount. Some choose to give classes on a donation-only basis; others will have smaller enrollments while some CPIs may choose to charge more for classes.

Some CPIs who teach PraiseMoves classes at their local church donate or share enrollment fees with their church for a missionary fund, youth trip or special project. Some who teach at their local YMCA or fitness center are guaranteed a certain amount per class no matter how many students attend. To keep finances in perspective, consider that yoga teachers generally charge $8-$25 per class, depending on the area of the country.

Among CPIs, the focus tends to be more on the rewards of ministry and less on the financial compensation of teaching classes. This is one of the reasons we recommend you pray to ensure that the Lord is calling you to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor. If you are considering becoming a CPI because you imagine you can earn a lot of money, your focus is on the wrong thing.


If you would like to apply to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor (CPI), please print out the application and mail it with your full or partial payment to:

Dr. Laurette Willis, Director

PraiseMoves, LLC

P.O. Box 1449

Tahlequah, OK 74465

Application Denial or Cancellation: In the rare instance that an Application is denied the application fee is refunded with a letter of explanation. If an accepted applicant changes their mind and decides not to go through with training within 30 days of having been approved, the application fee will be refunded less $15 application processing fee.

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