CPI Session EIGHT - Certification Day!


You are now officially a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor!!!

Certification Ceremony with Dr. Laurette Willis




Thank you, everyone, for your attention to detail, excellent videos, assignments — and love for the Lord. It shows!

Here are the new Certified PraiseMoves Instructors from the Online Training – YEA TEAM!!!

  • Enjoy the New CPI Files where you can find Lessons, Marketing, Scripture Sequences, PowerPoints of all the PraiseMoves postures, and MORE! See your Certification email for the link and password.
  • You will be added to the CPI email UPDATE LIST.
  • Join our 2nd Sunday of the Month CPI Monthly ZOOM on March 12 (then April 9 and every 2nd Sunday of the month)!
  • I send out info a few days beforehand — Sunday @ 7PM Central US time. Don't worry if you miss it or if it is not at a good time for you — it will be recorded and added to our CPI Files!
  • If you are on Facebook, please request to join our PRIVATE CPI Group here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/PraiseMovesCPIs/
  • New CPIs will receive their signed Certificate of Completion via email within the next week. We recommend you print them out on parchment paper and frame them for your office.

Congratulations are in order to New CPIs:

  • Leah DuMouchel / CT
  • Lynn Knapke / TN
  • Lorisa Markle / WV
  • Tina Northcutt / KY
  • Annee Ong / New Zealand
  • Cindy Shadle / PA
  • Dawn Small / CO
  • A number of our CPIs have been with us since 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011… Wow!
  • Kara Armstrong / CT (2019)
  • Robin Ashmore / AR (2021)
  • Stephanie Bigby / MO (2019)
  • Danelle Bieniek / MI (2017)
  • Jennifer Carroll / MO (2015)
  • Kimberly Colpitts / OH (2009)
  • JoAnn Cornish / DC (2019)
  • Crystal Cupp / VA (2009)
  • Sharon Draper / New Zealand (2021)
  • Anna Field / DE (2021)
  • Sally Frasco / MO (2019)
  • Sadie Hill / VA (2019)
  • Connie Hurley-Pronley / WI (2021)
  • Becky Johnson /GA (2013)
  • Anna Jones / New Zealand (2021)
  • Madeline Kinnamon / TX (2017)
  • Carmen Kraus / MO (2007)
  • Gloria Leeb / GA (2011)
  • Arlene Lumbao / Philippines (2015)
  • Erika Martin-Ware / MA (2021)
  • Luisa Medeiros / RI (2017)
  • Barbara Milligan / MD (2015)
  • Raquel Mills /CA (2009)
  • Janine Perotti / New Zealand (2021)
  • Carolyn Pittman / SC (2017)
  • Melissa Pitts / CA (2021)
  • Mutya Ramos / Philippines (2017)
  • Christine Ross / Canada (2019)
  • Liz Semeniuk / Canada (2015)
  • Cheryl Sequin / TX (2019)
  • Judy Sikes / GA (2021)
  • Valerie Stevens / MD (2019)
  • Colette Swindell / Australia (2021)
  • Pam Terry / OK (2005)
  • Kristi Thompson / KS (2008)
  • Paula Trojacek / TX (2015)

Next week you will be listed on the CPI PAGES!

Our IT Team will take a few days to get your information on PraiseMoves.com. So be sure to check out Instructors Under CLASSES at PraiseMoves.com next week!

Watch the Video (Below) with a Special Message I Pray for each of you.

ALL New CPIs and Recertifying CPIs

1. REMOVE Your Postures VIDEOS: After we have viewed them, please remove them from YouTube.

2. Consider: Becoming Certified in MIRA!, and/or PraiseMoves Gold, PraiseWAVES, L.I.F.T., PraiseBarre, HipHop2Scripture, PraiseKICKS, Power PraiseMoves, and Praiselates!

You can purchase additional ONLINE Certifications HERE: https://laurette.lpages.co/additional-certifications/

3. PraiseMoves International Conference June 23-25, 2023


Enjoy the fellowship, workshops, praise & worship, inspiration, and more!

You can take CPI refresher training at no additional charge on June 23.

Get your Early Bird ticket for the online Conference here: https://laurette.lpages.co/cpi-2023-conference/


4. Trademarks & Copyrights: PraiseMoves® is a Registered Trademark. Please spell it as ONE word with the P and M capitalized.


5. CPI Forum: Find many wonderful Files with Lesson Plans, Tips, and Marketing Materials – plus unbeatable fellowship with CPIs worldwide! You will receive an email with information about how to access this password-protected site shortly.


6. Private CPI Facebook Group – request to Join & we'll add you:



7. CPI Tips page: http://praisemoves.com/cpitips (music, insurance, FAQs, and more)


8. CPI Store: http://praisemoves.com/cpistore (discounted items for CPIs only)


9. PERMISSION: Always obtain permission from the Home Office first.

  • Do not post a video online of yourself or students doing PraiseMoves, or promotional photos of PraiseMoves without permission first (some have put YOGA photos and attached PraiseMoves names to them — no, No, NO!!!). Some have demonstrated postures incorrectly, and that reflects on PraiseMoves. Send videos and promo photos to us first for approval at info@praisemoves.com 
  • Do not give or sell a video of yourself or students doing PraiseMoves. Check with the office first — send the video to info@praisemoves.com
  • Do not write a book, booklet, or devotional incorporating PraiseMoves without permission.
  • Do not teach PraiseMoves postures or Scripture Sequences you create without approval first. Submit new postures with their scriptures and new Scripture Sequences to NolaJeanne Baird, CPI Coordinator at nolajeannepm@gmail.com.

We would LOVE to see videos of you teaching PraiseMoves! Send them to us first and we can okay them to be spread throughout the internet!

Thank you for your help with this. We are ultimately responsible for everything regarding PraiseMoves. To be on the safe side, PLEASE ASK Permission First.

10. Available to you NOW – FREE OF CHARGE! 

-> BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD from Dropbox


PraiseMoves WILL have hundreds, and then thousands more CPIs around the world as time goes on. We want basic PraiseMoves classes in Singapore to be the same as PraiseMoves classes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Today there are hundreds of CPIs and CPI Trainees on 6 continents. We will continue to grow as we seek the Lord and follow Him.

Your helping to protect and treasure PraiseMoves as the precious jewel from the Lord that it is, helps us to grow. Your classes will grow. Your influence will grow. And your walk with the Lord and intimate relationship with the Lord will grow.

LET'S GROW TOGETHER! Glory to God! ~ Dr. Laurette

Certification Ceremony with Dr. Laurette Willis


I pray that my words bless you. I know the scripture, message, and prayer are for each one of you–and I hope they bless you as much as YOU bless me. I am so grateful to God for each one of you. He is faithful and true–and He sure does love you!!! 

Please use the Password you have been using to unlock other videos in your training. Thank you.

Be prepared to receive, glory to God! 🙂


Want to Review any of the Sessions? Here they are:

  1. Oh Laurette! You had me crying also! Praise be to our awesome God! You are such an incredible woman of faith and I thank Him for you. May an abundance of blessings be yours! Thank you for an incredible 4 weeks with you and all the CPI’s!
    Love and prayers
    Lia Thibault, CPI!!!!! (I love that!)

  2. AWESOME Laurette! You got me crying to! It has been a wonderful training time. I’ve learned and benefited so much – ways to improve my PraiseMoves classes and my In-Person Trainings too. Thank you for EVERYTHING! I’m humbled and honored to be a part of the PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry.

  3. I really felt God’s presence. I really pray that we can enlarge the borders of His borders. May He use us all mightily. Thank you Laurette, Nola Jeanne and all the Trainors and co CPI instuctors that inspired us all through this journey. Looking forward to be working with you all in this Ministry. God bless PraiseMoves.

  4. Where’s my kleenex when I need it, lol. Thank you Laurette. I definitely felt the love of God on your prayers, and everything you shared. I’m under His weighty presence right now so will not try to write much more, but to thank you for your hard work; you are a great encourager and the teaching was wonderful.

  5. Thank you for the annointing (blessing) you prayed over us. I, too, touched the screen to ‘receive’, Amen! Thanks! I am so excited about PraiseMoves. I SEE it touching thousands in my area. “Lord, we pray PraiseMoves becomes bigger and more well known then Zumba and Yoga. May PraiseMoves ‘move’ throughout the nation and empower the body of Christ to rise up and be the warriors they are called to be, in Jesus’ name…–health, whole and prospering in our spirit, soul and body. Amen and Amen” Glory be to God!!!!

  6. I feel so blessed and encouraged. Thank you so much Laurette! Congrats to my brothers and sisters in Christ!
    Peace and Blessings!

  7. Thank you Laurette so, so much for your prayers, encouragement for all of us. You are truly an inspiration!! I am so excited to see how the Lord moves through each and every one of us…Lord may we all walk worthy of this calling You have placed on us…may we always be willing vessels…we live to serve You and only You..we know that there is no greater joy than to be in Your presence…i pray others would indeed see You in us so that all may come to know what an awesome God we serve!! Amen and Amen!! Blessings to all of you!!

  8. Thank you, Laurette, NolaJeanne, and others who have been apart of this CPI training journey! Your encouragement has been overwhelming. May God bless each new CPI and re-certified CPI as we cross the threshold into this new anointing and ministry, however God leads us to carry it out! And to Him be the glory! Love you much!


  9. Congrats to everyone, crying too~ in a good way! I will not cast away my confidence~ I will keep the switch of Faith turned on! Thanks to all at PraiseMoves. I feel after watching this that the Lord is calling me to focus even more of my heart and time on PraiseMoves, and not on other endeavors I have been focusing. The Lord blessed me with PraiseMoves and began a good work in me and my family. I will focus on the Lord! Love you all!

    1. What a precious heart and light you are, our *Shalom Sister*!!! Looking forward to seeing all the Lord has in store for you!

  10. Thanks for your prayers Laurette! It is so overwhelming to see God’s authority and at the same time, His gentleness in you. I do believe that God has mighty things planned ahead of us. How perfect His timing is! Just a few days before our online certification ends, He (through our leader) has called me to do a brief presentation on PraiseMoves for our local community’s yearly praisefest. Isn’t that amazing? I’m gonna teach them the postures & SS I taught in my recertification video tomorrow. I know He’s opening doors no man can ever shut… and shutting doors no man can ever open. We have been REDEEMED, and no man can ever take away the truth from us anymore! Alleluia!!!

    1. What an exciting time this is, Marivic! We’re expecting the Lord is doing great BIG things in PraiseMoves and in the Philippines and in each of us — Glory to God!!! Wonderful about PraiseMoves at the PraiseFest — how appropriate! We love you!!!

  11. Oh, Laurette! Your sincerity, warmth, and passion are contagious! I am so thrilled to be part of the PraiseMoves family. I pray I can exude the same love to my class participants as you demonstrated to us. I was leery of the online program (I prefer face to face contact), but through the power of the Holy Spirit working through you, I felt like you were in my living room. It’s AMAZING what we can do when we yield to the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you again. I look forward to meeting you in June at the national conference.

    1. Thank you, Shannon – We’re thrilled the online training has been such a success. I look forward to seeing you at the National Conference in June, too!!!

  12. Thank you Laurette for your great example through out the classes ! Your examples of going straight to God immediately through prayer and to His word , whenever there was direction needed or a challenge through spiritual warfare!! This spoke volumes to me and that will be my model too !!
    In Christ
    Christine Carr

  13. OOH YEAH!! “Live so far out in faith that you will fail miserably if God does not rescue you! And this ain’t no teasing testing tricking, yes the righteous shall LIVE by faith! AMEN! Glory to God! WOW! THANK YOU! i am undone, i feel lifted up in His everlasting arms. i am flying and i am soaring with ecstasy – forever grateful for this awesome opportunity. I pray we will each one be faithful stewards of the gifts given us. May the Lord draw multitudes into the Kingdom through this ministry. The obstacles that came my way to try stop me to enroll and finish this course were too many. It is enough PROOF of the mighty work God has in mind with this, because the enemy was scared, darkness cannot understand this thing God is about to do but it knows; its going to suffer a HEAVY blow! populating heaven while hell is going bankrupt GLORY!!!! praise God praise God PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you Laurette and the office team for all your hard work and thank you CPI’s for the great encouragement via video and audio! You are awesome! AND YES! GOD HAS NOT LET US DOWN HE WILL NEVER LET US DOWN AMEN that’s TRUE!!! Thank you Laurette! I feel born again again! i feel i’ve been given a new lease on life, career, future, ability, i feel ignited all over again! Thank you JESUS!

  14. powerful prayer, wow, wow, wow… i listened to it a few times and again with earphones to make sure it embedded deep in my spirit. that i missed nothing. THANK you for the word you spoke over us also. POWERFUL ah! i’m undone. i’m elated i’m in awe. Thank you Laurette. AND THANK YOU Holy Spirit of God. In Jesus name I receive every piece and part of that instruction and Impartation to the glory of God. AMEN and amen.

    1. Glory to God, Isolde! You are such an encourager. What a blessing you are! Did you read the Acts 19:19-20 reference I added to your amazing testimony on the CPI forum? It is prophetic!!! You, my sister are a sign and a wonder! Hallelujah!!!

  15. Yes, I agree, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! This whole course has been amazing! I’ve learned so much in the last four weeks and I’m thankful to God for leading me this way. HE IS AWESOME AND MIGHTY AND SOOOO WORTHY OF OUR PRAISE!!! NolaJeanne, thank you for your kind words of encouragement to me when I was getting ready to make my video, you helped me more than you know. Thank you, Laurette, for this ministry and for shining your warm and beautiful heart on us and being so encouraging. I feel as if I know you already but I look forward to meeting you in person one day. Your prayer for us was overwhelmingly beautiful and through my tears, I also had my hand on my computer screen for the blessing. Thank you again for everything and MAY HE CONTINUE TO BLESS THIS PRAISEMOVES MINISTRY!!!

    1. Beautiful, Linda – thank you so much! You have blessed us more than you know. So grateful you are a part of the PraiseMoves family!

  16. Thank you for the prayer and blessing. I believe and receive it, but I also want to send the same prayer and blessings up for you, your family, and this PraiseMoves Ministry.

  17. Thank you so much I agree and receive all that was prayed! No turning back…the Lord did not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, spirit of love and a sound mind!! I am so excited for all that the Lord has for all of us graduates..Praise Moves God!! Thank you PraiseMoves staff for all your wonderful encouragement and support through this time:-) Looking forward to meeting you all face to face at the national conference next weekend and blessed to be a part of this wonderful community of believers! Wow..who know that when I bought my first PraiseMoves DVD last October.. That it was going to lead me to this point.. Our Lord and Savior did.. Thank you Lord!!!

  18. Thanks Laurette, The sessions were enlightening and encouraging. I really needed that encouragement. Thanks for caring so much about the present and future of this ministry and for your beloved CPIs. I am sure we all feel your love (“…but the greatest of these is love”1Cor 13v13). By God’s grace we will run with this vision for His glory. We really are equipped through the Holy Spirit and your dedication.May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen you as you lean in to hear His good and acceptable and perfect will.

  19. John 16:33 NIV
    “”I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.””

    In this world, we will have trouble!! Jesus told us we would!! Our adversary wants nothing more for all of us to hit a rough patch & turn back to yoga or our old ways. Cast all those cares on Jesus & keep stepping forward in faith. Thanks Laurette for the recertification, and answering God’s calling to begin a Christian alternative to yoga!! We serve an amazing God!!!

  20. Laurette, thank you so much for being a vessel for God to work through. Thank you for obeying His leading when he called you to create this ministry. And thank you for keeping it centered on the Word of God. I can’t wait to immerse myself in this every day, in the study of His Word, in the stretching and strengthening of my body, and in the leading of others through the discipleship of PraiseMoves. This is a big responsibility He has given to me and to the other new CPIs… but I have confidence that the Lord will make any rough places smooth for us, and that His Kingdom will be ROCKED in a mighty way! Thank You, Lord, for this new community of faith that You have brought me into. Lord, You knew that I needed another deeper connection to You and the Body of Christ.

  21. I will miss these times together! Such beautiful fellowship in the LORD! What JOY to serve our JESUS! So appreciate your word Laurette to wait on HIM to lead us out in HIS timing and way to offer PraiseMoves to those in need!
    Love in Christ,

  22. Thank you, Laurette, Nola! It’s not over yet for me, but the online course has been very forward thinking. I am reminded of years ago when I first met Laurette at Joy Conference in Arkansas! Who would have guessed that so-o-oo many years later PraiseMoves was still moving people to grow in their relationship with God. I suppose God and Laurette! Bless you, please pray for my timely completion!

  23. PRaise God!!! He is Good and works miracles for us! THank you Laurette and NolaJeanne! This was an amazing training I am very grateful! I taught my first class today! THank you!!

  24. WOW! Glory to God! Tears of gladness, answering the voice of joy! He strengthens and empowers us! Laurette, thank you and glory to God!!!

  25. Thank you very much dear Laurette and all of friends of PraiseMoves Ministry!!!!!!. Now we are a family in the name of Jesus Christ!!!. I hope to be usefull in the plans of God through this beautiful Ministry. Thanks God for the privilege to serve you.
    A million of blessings to every body……
    With love!!!

    1. Thank YOU, Griselda, Lori, Kitara, Hope, Debbie and all our amazing, Kingdom-advancing CPIs! We are grateful for you and EXCITED about the future the Lord has planned for all of us! Thank you for being uncompromising and faithful to Him in all you do. Hallelujah!!!

  26. WOW!
    Thank you for the glorious send-off!
    Yes, let’s walk with God’s timing! I backed out of the last certification class because I felt like I was rushing ahead of God. While this time was no less jam packed with so many things, the timing was beautiful. My church is having Missions week and we are hearing sermons, stories, calls, and testimonials from the world and local missionaries to LISTEN to God when He calls us to move; to ask for and obey His plans for us in going out to make disciples.
    I am so blessed to have found PraiseMoves and will now push past the fear and do as I am called!

    WooHoo! Can’t wait to read everyone’s stories on the forum!
    Lauren Lucia (“Loo-chee-a”)

  27. Laurette – you are SO cute! I ove your enthusiasm and sharing your real self with us! I love you, dear sister!!!

    I am SOOOO incredibly excited to be coming to the PraiseMoves conference and certifying in Mira! and PM Gold! Wahooooo!!!

    Thank YOU, Lord!!! Hallelujah and thank You for sending me forth in Your power, Your love and Your direction!

    Thank you, Laurette for your oh-so-special prayer for us – my heart is filled to overflowing! Yes – we are like Mt. Zion, we cannot be moved, we ABIDE in God!

    Congratulations fellow CPIs (oh my gollygosh, I’m a CPI!!!) – I look forward to meeting many of you online and in person! God bless you each and everyone! God bless you OH SO MIGHTILY, Laurette!

    In Him,

  28. Praise God! I feel such an anointing through your prayers, Laurette and the Prayer Team Members. Mount Zion was indeed most fitting for me personally. Thank you for the generosity you have shown throughout this process. Congratulations to all the new CPI’s! This is indeed an awesome responsibility and Honor entrusted upon Us, as PraiseMoves Instructors. Laurette, thank you for the high standards you have set for us, in worshiping our Most High, Our Lord, through the PraiseMoves Program.

  29. Thank you Laurette for being you! Thank you for being obedient to the call of God to start this PraiseMoves ministry! Thank you for the prayer blessing and sending us out as servants of Jesus… the Word made flesh and dwelt among us! Thank you for the videos and interviews to share with us about persistence when the numbers are few. Thank you for constantly providing us with a variety of resources to continue learning and improving our skills for the task! Thank you for expanding your knowledge in the area of stretching and postures with new material for the future renewal classes. To God Be the Glory!! Thank you CPI’s for sharing your video’s and class information and tips! Looking forward to meeting some of you one day I hope. I won’t be able to make this year’s conference but hopefully next year Lord willing… In the ministry together , Celanie Coleman-CPI!

  30. Thank you Laurette, NolaJeanne, Jennifer, and others for allowing our Father to use you for such a wonderful calling. Laurette, thank you for your guidance, direction, understanding, confidence (when mine was wavering), and most importantly for hearing God as He set PraiseMoves into motion. a personal thank you Laurette for the prayers you have sent up for each of the new CPIs. May we stand firm in the way of The Lord just as you have prepared us. Blessings.

  31. Thank you! Thank you for following our prescious Lord. Through you and your beautiful team we can have another unique way to minister, to build up, and to love others! I have been seeking and asking the Lord to use me for His kingdom in a special way and then He gave me PraiseMoves! Please tell your hubby and family “Thank you” also. 🙂
    Love and hugs,

  32. Dear Laurette.
    It has been a very special journey to become a CPI, much more and much deeper that I would ever have thought. I sooo love you and your team. I have cried tears of joy every session, and I will treasure your prayer and revisit your prayer for us very often. I am trusting the Lord for PraiseMoves here in Australia, and all the nations. Glory to Him and blessings to all in PraiseMoves, thank you Laurette for the information on the NKJV ….I have always liked the NKJV best.
    Sharon Borggaard

  33. Since starting the CPI, I had never heard of the NKJV – and throughout the course in other areas of my life – it suddenly kept popping up (almost on a daily basis) – to the point that I started feeling the importance of buying myself one.

    And then I saw your video Laurette. WOW… God is so amazing.

    So this week I will most certainly be acquiring myself a NKJV Bible, and so excited.

    I also want to thank you so much for the introduction to the Hebrew letters… I am so moved by this and my eyes have been opened to something new of much importance in my walk 🙂

  34. Wow, what a blessing recertification has been for me. Thank you Laurette for your faithfulness to our Lord and for keeping PraiseMoves pure and acceptable in His sight. I am ready to begin again and move forward without fear, shame or insecurity. Thank you so much!

    1. That’s wonderful, Kyra! I really believe that word was for all of us. God is so good and wants us to — as He told me tonight — “JUST BELIEVE.”
      Amen, Lord. After I posted the video tonight, I watched it as if watching it for the first time – I wanted to receive from the prayer, too. When I said that I believed the Lord had something personal to share with each of us and to write it down, I heard in my heart, “Just Believe.” He is so faithful and good. We are so blessed to have you with us, Kyra, and all our amazing CPIs and new CPIs. To God be ALL the glory!

  35. I have no better words than “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart! This has been an amazing re certification. It was so much a blessing to see the news clip! Amazing! !!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to the new and re certified CPI’s and may the Lord richly bless you in all your classes. Nothin’ but LOVE for you, in our AWESOME LORD JESUS, Amen!

  36. I had to do another post! HALLELUJAH TO THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS! Know I am praying for an AWESOME, life changing experience in OK.! I am looking forward to the testimonies that will come forth as a result. Always all glory goes to GOD!

    1. Absolutely Hallelujah, Teri! Wish-you-wuz-here with us! Next time to be sure! We love you and are so grateful to you.
      Thank you for being the on-fire, uncompromising woman-of-God that you are!

  37. ALL I can say is, Amen! Even though I have been directed to focus on the marketplace I know that the Lord led me to my new Church to build a strong Fitness Ministry at the Church.
    I would love to have a Church Rec Center in NJ totally focused on the Mind, Body & Spirit!

    Praying on it NOW!

    Thank you for your faithfulness & vision in creating the best FITNESS program on the market!
    So glad to be part of this wonderful family.

    Love you Laurette:)

    1. I love you, Kim! We are so grateful for you in the marketplace and all the Lord is doing through you — and more open doors! Yea!

  38. Laurette,

    I can’t express in words what PraiseMoves, You, Nola and staff mean to me. You have been a prayer warrior with me, which being anointed, I called you in despair and you answered and you taught me to receive and I have been healed! Your video/prayer for us was just amazing and deeply meaningful to me, I will never be the same! I Thank God for you. I am in tears, still 20 minutes later! May our Lord continue to bless this Ministry and you as the founder, keep it coming, I love you.

    1. Thank you so much, Pam! We are constantly amazed by what the Lord does in PraiseMoves and the stellar, exemplary, uncompromising caliber of people He brings to PraiseMoves — like YOU — and everyone with us on this training. We stand amazed…and humbled. Glory to God! We love you!

  39. God Bless you Laurette and NolaJean! thank you for allowing re-certification thru website! Thank you for your dedication and for your prayers!

  40. Thank you so much Laurette and NolaJean!!! God bless you. Love you sisters in the Lord you are so sweet.
    So excited for this new step in my life. Glory to God. 🙂

  41. Praise God. Franklin watched this with me and called it the virtual laying on of hands to send out disciples. I am incredibly honored and humbled and ready to take my ministry life to a higher level in Christ. Thank you for all of the incredible tools and support. You are a blessing!

  42. AWESOME LAURETTEA! I will go forth as a flame of fire with GOD working through me! Thank you for the wonderful prayers and encouragement and declarations of God’s words over us. To God be the glory.

  43. Laurette & NolaJeanne,
    I have had the most difficult time getting to watch this! lol Now I know why! Wow! I am so thankful to you both for all that you do! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement! This right here is an amazing resource and we have been given incredible tools to use. Priceless!!!

  44. Thanks be to God for you, Laurette, and you NolaJeanne, and this PraiseMoves ministry! The recertification process was an absolute joy! NolaJeanne, you did a stellar job in leading us and recertifying us. You have a wealth of experience, and most importantly, a wealth of love for the Lord! This shines through in all that you do. Laurette, thank you for always being available and accessible. Your support is incredible. Thank you for a beautiful and empowering message on the occasion of our certifications. Glory to God! You are a good and faithful servant of the Lord. May you, and NolaJeanne, be richly blessed for your commitment to this ministry. xoxo

  45. Thank you Laurette for your kind words and all of your encouragement!! And thanks to all of you for your hard work and for believing in us!! I am so proud to be a part of a team and ministry that is so glorifying to God!!

  46. GLORY! Thank you for that amazing impartation, Laurette! I believe it and receive it! I know I’ve only scratched the surface of PraiseMoves, but I’m so excited to begin digging deeper! It’s funny… I’m all about words of knowledge and praying for healing, but I have been so focused on “learning” that it hadn’t even occurred to me about bringing sozo into the classroom. Haha! Thank you for all you do and for your obedience to bring this amazing ministry opportunity to others like me. Health and blessings! XO (I’m beyond excited!!)

  47. Thanks be to God for you and Nolajeanne. This has been an awesome experience for my first ever online class. I got far more than I expected. I am excited about what God has in store for me with my new fitness ministry. I prayed at the beginning of the year and asked God to amaze me all year. And He has given me lots, one of which is this PraiseMoves. Another is my very first women’s retreat I did at the end of August. I was asked to be a guest blogger by the Renewal center. Please I invite you to read my entry at: pallottinerenewal.org click on blog at the top of the page and then on the right side there will be new entry–The Heavenly Bubble Retreat. I pray you enjoy it.

    I can’t believe how God has orchestrated my steps and brought me to the PraiseMoves family but I am glad He did. Much love to you all—BlessingsnVictories—-voncile

  48. Congratulation to all the brand new CPIs. You worked hard to get where you are now. Give God all the glory and give yourself a hug for sticking to what the Lord has called you to.
    Blessings to all the recertifying CPIs, you are only getting better.
    God bless you all as you go out and take your area by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.
    Love, Blessings and Shalom,
    Renee Grainger CPI, MO

  49. It’s so great to hear from you Laurette and the impartation of God’s Word through Zechariah 4. Can’t believe it has been two years since my “whirl-wind’ encounter with the Lord through PraiseMoves that got me going with all the “small” classes led by the Holy Spirit. Obedience certainly precedes revelation. Thank you for the reminding words from Zechariah 4:10 that God does not despise the “small things” that we attempt to do for His glory. It has been a wonderfully refreshing time spent with PraiseMoves and I look forward to another great one, and even more this June with you, together with Nola Jeanne and the rest of the CPIs!

  50. Wow, congratulations to everyone!! Initially I was a little reluctant to go through recertifying this time. I wasn’t sure if I could set enough time to complete it. I contacted Nolajeanne if I could delay it to the next intake. But, she encouraged me to stick to it and believed in me. I am so so glad I did it this time. Thank you Nolajeanne, Laurette and all PraiseMoves team. The recertification is so necessary and timely. It reignited the vision the Lord gave me. Thank you! God Bless you all!!

  51. Thank you Laurette, for being obedient to the voice of our Father in Heaven!! And thank you for being so patient, you and your staff, with me and guiding me. 🙂 This new chapter in my life for the Lord is going to be pretty awesome!! And for all the lives that will be touched by the Holy Spirit, I pray that their hearts and minds and souls will be prepared to receive the Word of the Lord.

  52. Blessed Beyond Words!
    Overcame many obstacles from Satan, (Groin injury, care for a parent, hurricane Matthew, discouragement), yet I DID IT!!!

    All praise & glory to God, for I did not do any of it of my own strength, but all through Him. Amazing training, support, prayer and encouragement from all at PraiseMoves! So excited and blessed to be a part of this amazing ministry. YEAH!!!!

  53. Thank you Laurette and NolaJeanne Thank you ladies so much for the ministry that you both provide thorough PraiseMoves. You both are such a blessing to me.

  54. Laurette and Nolajeanne, Thank you for your kindness and guidance through this training and ministry. It has been a blessing and I’m looking forward to what God has planned. God’s Word that you shared tonight was wonderful and inspirational.
    Blessings, Kim

  55. Thank the Lord, thank you Laurette, thank you NolaJeanne for all you Love, Grace, and support! May the Lord continue to richly bless you now and now and forever!

  56. Beautiful message Laurette, thank you for anointing us with the Spirit of power, love and self-discipline! I am truly grateful to the PraiseMoves Certification team for coaching us along the way and keeping us in line with the Lord and this ministry. Praise the Lord!

  57. I believe and receive ALL that was said and prayed here! AMEN & AMEN!
    Praise the name of the LORD JESUS! All I can say is Glory to GOD forever! Dr. Laurette and Ms. Nolajeanne, Blessings of Grace and SHALOM to you and and a BIG THANK YOU to you for this growing ministry! I am amazed that I have been a part of this ministry for TEN years now! THANK YOU for praising and praying for me! I am praying you through during the conference next month, that ALL who attend and participate will experience a divine encounter. Yes, the best is yet to come! Again, THANK YOU! Nothin’ but love, Teri

  58. It is very humbling to be part of such a BLESSED ministry! Thank you Dr. Laurette and NolaJeanne for your training and words of wisdom. It will be exciting to see what God has in store. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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