CPI Training Session FIVE, Parts 1-4

CPI Training Session FIVE

Greetings, CPI Trainees and Recertifying CPIs!

**** FINAL EXAM INFO toward the bottom of Page****

It is BEST to watch ALL the videos in ONE sitting.

See the HOMEWORK Assignment at the bottom of the page.

1. Check-in. CPI Trainees send a SEPARATE email to praisemoves@gmail.com . Let us know the DATE and TIME you are watching Session FIVE.

2. Watch the videos. Have your Bible, Manuals, and Notebook handy.

3. Do your Assignments and PraiseMoves workouts before the next class.

4. “The _____ of the Lord is your strength” (fill in the blank). Do you know the scripture reference, too?

5. SEND IN YOUR VIDEOS. They are due this week. 


A Great Message from Pastor Cori Johnson, CPI

Pastor Cori became a CPI in 2007. She pastors two churches: Gethsemane and St. Stephen Lutheran churches in Michigan.

Here Cori shares her thoughts about the revelation in Dr. Laurette's message in Session #3 about praising the Lord in His Word during our PraiseMoves classes.

“I am completely excited about this revelation about PraiseMoves and speaking the Word of God!

“I just taught a Lay School for Mission class on evangelism last night, and I kept reminding my students about how God is on the side of evangelism!  People come to faith through hearing God’s Word by the Holy Spirit!

“Now today I had the privilege of listening to this wonderful revelation about praising the Lord in His Word.  God has revealed to me already the importance of this.

“So often we praise God for things in our own lives – restored health, happy times, etc.  Of course, this is important.  However, the circumstances of our lives are so changeable.  God’s Word, though, is unchangeable!  How much more powerful to praise the Lord in His Word!

“The strength of God’s Word doesn’t depend upon the changeable circumstances of our lives.  Instead, God’s Word endures forever.  By praising the Lord in His Word, we are offering up timeless, enduring praises!  Hallelujah!”

How Cori has been Implementing This:

“I have already been considering how to use this revelation in teaching PraiseMoves.

“I practiced praising the Lord with the scriptures while practicing the postures.  What I’ve discovered is that it is especially easy to do on a posture such as The Angel where you do it one way and then the other.

“I’ve found that it’s easy to say the scripture like I’ve done in the past on the one side and then change it around on the other side, so I’m saying it like it’s a praise or thanksgiving to the Lord.

“For example, with The Angel, on the one side, I said the typical verse, ‘For He will give His angels charge over you to keep you safe in all your ways.  Psalm 91:11.'

“Then on the other side, I said, ‘We praise You, Lord, for giving Your angels charge over us to keep us safe in all Your ways!'

“It works great, and I’m confident that this will be an excellent way to get students in the habit of speaking praises to God from His Word!”

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Session FIVE, Part 1

Session FIVE, Part 2

What are the Hebrew Letter Postures — and the Living Word Pictures within the Hebrew Letters themselves? Enjoy the video below as Dr. Laurette shows the beauty and brilliance God has placed within the Hebrew Alphabet (alef-bet) upon which our PraiseMoves Alphabetics postures are based. 

HERE you can see a PowerPoint Dr. Laurette did which you can share with others about Hebrew Word pictures. http://praisemoves.com/hebrew.pdf

You can get the Hebrew Word Pictures Book & CD set from Dr. Frank Seekins here: https://living-word-pictures.myshopify.com/collections/all

You may combine Hebrew Word Pictures info and the PraiseMoves Alphabetics DVD in your classes. Find the downloadable DVD at our digital store: http://praisemoves.com/shop

Session FIVE, Part 3

Here is a video of Dr. Laurette doing several postures. This is an abbreviated set of the postures giving the Scripture reference only for each posture (The Little Child, David's Harp, The Dove, The Runner, and The Tent). For a more complete explanation of each posture with corresponding scripture, please see the CPI Training Manual and the PraiseMoves DVD.

Please DO NOT share these videos. They are for training only. Thank you.

Session FIVE, Part 4

How to Cue Modifications.

Here, Jennifer Scheidt, CPI shows how she cues modifications in a portion of the Lord's Prayer SS. Note the clever use of a chair for one of her students and how Jennifer is able to cue the chair moves as well as the other moves for her students. Making it all look so effortless, Jenn assures us that with practice, it all becomes one easy flow. Jenn and all of her students face mirrors, so Jenn, as well as her students, can check their form.

Session FIVE, Part 5

***GO HERE for the Continuation of Today’s training with NolaJeanne Baird.

Today NolaJeanne will focus on the use of muscles versus momentum and working with new students.

GO TO:  http://miradance.weebly.com/cpi2.html

Homework Assignment:

1. Study these 4 postures: The Flapping Tent, The Tent, The Altar, and The Cross.

2. Practice and study pages 85-93. Use some of the VERBAL CUES for these postures. Practice teaching in front of a mirror.

3. Know one-to-two BENEFITS for each posture.

4. Be aware of some of the most important CONTRAINDICATIONS of each posture.

***Be sure to use the CPI Guide Script you received in the email for reference.

5. Write these 4 postures on Index Cards. Note a few verbal cues to help you remember how to guide your students.

6. Practice repeating the SCRIPTURE VERSES and REFERENCES that go along with each of these postures.

7. Practice your 2-minute WWW.


For CPI Trainees:

1. VIDEOS must be submitted THIS WEEK. Do not wait until the last minute. You will need to have or borrow: a video camera (video camcorder, webcam, or smartphone that takes videos), and one adult to teach (a family member or friend).

You cannot be certified if you have no one you are instructing in your video. We need to see how you work with your students. The student must be an adult or teenager since you will be certified to work with adults and/or teenagers.

CPI Video example lightVisually, it's best if you are in a V-shape — the Camera is the point of the V. You and your student are the endpoints of the V – FACING THE CAMERA SLIGHTLY SO WE CAN SEE YOUR FACES. Do not be completely facing each other, or we cannot see your faces.

We want you to be able to see your student's face, and we need to see your face, too–and of course, you need to see your student's face also.

ALL VIDEOS ARE DUE ON TIME. Do not wait until the last minute. Leave extra time in case we require you to re-do your video.

WWW – If you have not submitted your solo 2-minute WWW video, today is the last day to submit it (FEB. 20).

Your 5-Postures video teaching 1 adult student is due THIS week. BE SURE TO MARK IT “UNLISTEDNOT PRIVATE. Your other option is to schedule a LIVE Zoom with NolaJeanne Baird.

NOTE: Follow the CPI Guide Script-> which you had approved by NolaJeanne.

Your Video will include:
a. Start with Prayer.

***Music question? You may use Christian music with words for WWW only. For PraiseMoves postures: ONLY instrumental Christian music or classical (not New Age, of course!). We want people to FOCUS on the Word and your instruction. You will receive PraiseMoves Class Music #1 with your Certificate.

b. Video record yourself teaching ONE adult student the following five PraiseMoves postures: The Angel, The Reed, The Eagle, The Vine, and The Little Child.

1) We need to be able to see you and your student. The best way to do this we have found is to situate yourself, your student, and your camera in a V-shape. Your video camera is at the Point of the V. Your student and you are the endpoints of the V, facing one another, but angled slightly toward the camera so we can see BOTH of your faces.

2) Be sure to watch your student and correct her/him as necessary.

3) Walk over to your student a time or two to cue them and correct their form WITHOUT touching them. You can model the correct form for them instead.

4) Be sure to SAY the corresponding Scripture and invite your students to REPEAT the scripture after you.

– What do you say? Guide your students into a posture, breathing, Scripture (invite them to repeat after you; add an element of praise in line with the video above, such as “We thank You, Lord, that Your Word says…*scripture*…” or you can thank the Lord after you say the scripture.

— Don’t be robotic here – be yourself! You’re thankful for God’s Word already–just let some of your thankfulness show. Your students will pick up on your genuineness and it will bless them, letting them know they can enter into praise easily.

We also call this the “Higher Dimension of Praise.” Keep it simple and it will flow easily for you.

–You are a Leader and a Minister of the Gospel. Your students will follow you. We are “not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for every who believes” (Romans 1:16).

WATCHING HOW NOLAJEANNE TEACHES WILL BE INVALUABLE FOR YOU. She is one of the very best, and her students love her. See the links below for NJ videos.

–Mention benefits (I like doing this toward the beginning “This posture is great for…”). Mention contraindications when guiding into a posture (“If your neck is sensitive, look straight ahead instead of up”).

— Incorporate the revelation you received from the video in the last session about the revelation from Galatians 3:5 and Jeremiah 33:11 (“I thank You, Lord, that Your Word says…” or “We praise You, Father that…” and then follow with the Scripture). This does not have to be done for each and every posture (let the Holy Spirit guide you). Invite students to repeat after you.

Push through your comfort zone and past the fear of doing something new and “un-COMFORT-able” – lean on the Comforter, and be willing to *feel* foolish. It looks good on us, no matter how offended our pride, flesh, and minds may feel (I speak from experience here). ?

Example from Nola Jeanne Baird, CPI Trainer & Coordinator:

Notice that the first few words she added are the “Higher Dimension of Praise”…

NolaJeanne shares, “For example,  For Mt.Zion, I now say:  Father, we thank You that Your Word says, “those who trust in the Lord are like Mt Zion which cannot be moved but abides forever. Ps 125:1.”‘  See how I prefaced the scripture with a statement of thanksgiving?

“Another example for The Eagle,  I now say:  ‘We Praise You, Lord, for Your word says: “those who wait on the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isa 40:31″ – thank You for Your strength, Lord.'” 

Please Note: Upload your video via YouTube.com (a free service). Mark the video “UNLISTED.” DO NOT mark it “private” – we cannot open private videos. Send us a link to the video at nolajeannepm@gmail.com

Final Exam is on Monday, February 27. You have 24 hours from the time it is sent to complete it. The exam itself MUST be submitted online NO LATER than Tuesday, Feb. 28 (the next day) in the afternoon (Central time). It will be a multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and written test that you will take online.

The Exam will be a CLOSED-BOOK TEST.

If you are in a time zone whereby you don't receive your exam until Tuesday, you would have until Wednesday.

As a New CPI, you can take additional Certifications! 

PraiseMoves Gold, PraiseKicks, MIRA!, PraiseBarre, PraiseWaves,  L.I.F.T., HipHop2Scripture, & Power PraiseMoves!

All are available online at https://laurette.lpages.co/additional-certifications/

–OR you can write to us at info@praisemoves.com and we can send you an invoice

CONTINUE PREPARING FOR THE CLOSED-BOOK EXAM NOW by taking notes and practicing. Expect to do excellently well. You will!

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  1. Thank you so much Laurette for your exhortation in the first video. Loved it! Thoroughly enjoyed the Hebrew Lettes video. I’m in awe. I had goosebumps through most of it. Our God is so awesome. As well, I’m inspired by Jennifer’s testimony as to how the Lord brought her to PraiseMoves and provided her with her own studio. All for His glory! Lynn is an inspiration. Wow!

  2. I loved the comment about being Jewish! I just had the same conversation with someone the other day. I said, “Hey, are you a believer? Then your “in the family”. Your adopted!” LOL It was funny. You made me laugh, Laurette, it was the SAME conversation. 🙂
    Jennifer, I loved your interview and the modifications to the Lord’s Prayer. I, too, will be an entrepreneur (owner of a studio) someday per the Lord-in due time right next to my husband’s taxidermy studio.
    My prayers go out to Lynn for health and wholeness to be completely restored unto her. For her to be a walking testimony of COMPLETE wholeness (no more diseases) in Jesus’ name Amen.

  3. Wonderful session!! The Hebrew picture session really brought the Word alive to me…God is so awesome and His Word is alive!! The interview with Jennifer was very informative and encouraging. The testimony from Lynn was very inspiring…what an amazing woman!! I will be praying for her continued healing and restoration!! I have been so encouraged and inspired by ALL the sessions…I cant wait to get started teaching classes!!

  4. Thank you so much, Laurette. This session was so inspiring. I have had a similar experience as Jennifer. I already own an Olympic Weight Training gym and feel completely called by God to add a PraiseMoves Studio. Jennifer’s testimony reassured me. Lynn is amazing and I’m so glad she shared her story. Seeing what God can do in people’s lives and being a part of His plan is such a blessing. To God be the glory!!

  5. Praise God for this session! Good job Laurette and Jennifer. Thank you for continually guiding us towards the requirements we have to do and i pray i may be able to do it in time. God bless us all. More power to PraiseMoves.

  6. Thank you, Laurette, for the encouraging words during your first video today. I found the video on the Hebrew letters fascinating. God is all wise, all knowing, all powerful! What a privilege it is to serve and worship Him through PraiseMoves.

  7. Wow! Wow! Wow! I have seen the name Jehovah many times and never knew that about the word’s deeper meaning. It does thrill me as a Jewish Believer! He is Messiah! I love it!

    1. Hallelujah, Evonne! Yes, Messiah to the whole world from the beginning of time…isn’t He amazing?!!! That He gives us glimpses like this! Glory!!!

  8. I know the Lord has called me into this ministry, but even so we all have negative thoughts and, Laurette, your words on this video really spoke to me – “do not be dissuaded by what you see in the mirror or by thoughts in your mind, thoughts that are against the will of God.” I am retired and thoughts about my age have concerned me. As you said the words I realized this kind of thinking is from the enemy After listening to that whole part, I realized that this could be used in a WWJD Rest & Relaxation time. It is so true the enemy does try to stop anything that brings God to people and glorifies God’s name. Thanks so much for starting this ministry and God Bless you.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that, Sandra. You’re absolutely right. The enemy has no new tricks – he tries to stop each of us from doing things which bring glory to God. Here’s the good news: he is a liar. So if he said something crummy, it’s a lie! haha! I’ve also heard it said, “When the enemy brings up something about your past, remind him of his future.” Yea, Jesus! We are grateful you are a part of PraiseMoves, Sandra. More good to come!!!

    1. We may have them up for a few weeks after the training so all can finish up (recertifications especially). There will be other resources available with videos, etc. Working on it! Thank you!

  9. Another great session! It’s wonderful to see God’s amazing hands are at work; with Jennifer having a studio to teach PM’s and how blessed Lynn has become from hearing God’s word through Jennifer’s classes. WE ARE ALL BLESSED THROUGH PM’S
    Laurette your teaching on the Hebrew letters was very moving! It inspired me to share this:
    I’m reading Understanding Jesus-Cultural Insights into the Words and Deeds of Christ. By Joe Amaral.
    The letter Chet-meaning fence, protect life , and refuge.
    He talks about Exodus12:7, when God instructed the Israelites to apply the blood to the door frames in a very specific manner. He said they were to apply it to the sides and the top of the door frame. By applying the blood in that manner we are left with the letter CHET in Hebrew. He gave this in regards to the Passover feast so the angel of Death would pass-over their houses. Death cannot come to WHERE GOD HAS PLACED LIFE. Just as the lamb’s blood was applied personally to every home, we too, by faith must apply the blood of the sacrifice of Jesus to the doo rframe of our hearts, our marriages, our children and others whom we love and care for. CHET- FENCE-PROTECT LIFE

    1. Great word, Barb!!! I can see that as a teaching when doing the Chet posture for PraiseMoves Alphabetics — applying the blood of the Lamb of God to the door posts of our life. Perfect! Glory to God!

  10. Excellent session!! Study of Hebrew words was amazing; learned things I did not know and looking forward to reviewing and learning from the DVD. Loved interview with Jennifer Scheidt, especially that God called her and she obeyed and now is most satisfied. Reminds me of a quote from John Piper, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” And the testimony from Lynn Daniel-Ceja proves it true. I also loved the “special touches” that Jennifer adds to her classes, what a special way to honor and pamper her clients! Thank you, Laurette, for providing such valuable classes, information, and testimonies!

  11. Laurette,
    Thank you for the info about the Hebrew alphabet. I’m only familiar with a few of the Hebrew letter postures; I’ll be challenging myself to learn them all and use them more than once in my classes.
    Also was really touched by hearing how Jennifer’s classes have encouraged Lynn. If we will allow God to use our feeble temples, He will do the work to establish His kingdom.
    Had my normal Monday class today with only 1 student. Very strange as usually our classes are upwards 10-20 ladies per class. The student was raised, Shaman, and I felt Christ planting His seeds of scripture into her heart. The single student today was God’s divine plan. Glory to Him.
    Be encouraged that God wants to use YOU. Love, Annette

  12. I’ve been teaching PraiseMoves for 4 years now… praise Jesus! I’m really enjoying the online training for my bi-annual recertification…. these past weeks, I’ve been meditating on the purpose of PraiseMoves.

    My conclusion? I’m deeply astounded by the vision that LORD JESUS has given to our precious sister Laurette. Laurette’s obedience to Holy Spirit, will be lasting for generations & generations to come.

    Starting now, [until LORD JESUS returns in the clouds to gather his people] …. there is a valuable document [PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry] that is in agreement with Scripture. PraiseMoves teachers & students now have every info available to them fight off the coming darkness of enemy infested eastern yoga/meditation/philosophy. For Believers, and for those that will turn to Jesus in Repentance & Faith, there is always hope. We are in a battle of Faith vs Post Modern Hindu Yoga Culture that deceitfully clothes itself in ‘light’, which is able to take many through the Wide Gate of Destruction. Thank you Jesus, that we have encouragement in these last days. “… for the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, & he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor..”– Jesus.

  13. Lynn’s testimony really hit close to home. From 1988-1999 I went through the heartbreaking experience of watching my father deteriorate as scleroderma spread through his body, affecting one organ afer another. As a student of occupational therapy I shared my newfound knowledge with a scleroderma support group. I remember speaking of the importance of their spiritual health & ways they could exercise to promote joint mobility without causing pain (gentle stretching). This was long before I was introduced to PraiseMoves! Lynn’s story has been a reminder to me that that God is always working behind the scenes to prepare His children for what He has called them to do! Praise God He has called each of us to this ministry!

  14. Wow! I continue to stand amazed before God!! He is SO AWESOME! Even the letters of the Hebrew alphabet praise HIM! YHVH…I am so priviliged to not just be able to say the NAME…but to KNOW the God that the NAME refers to…to be HIS friend! And to be able to worship and praise Him with my body as a living sacrifice… HE IS OUR REDEEMER! Laurette, when I read how you were brought out of Yoga and everything that went along with it, and how YOUR redemption was so key to the redemption of Yoga by the birth of PraiseMoves…I just want to say “Thank you!” Thank you for saying yes to HIM!

  15. I am in awe of what is possible and what is being taught through this Praise Moves Training, I only wish it went longer….but then, the journey is just beginning and I am so excited.
    I am truly grateful for the Hebrew letter postures and the teaching on this this week. Many years ago I was involved in teaching the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, and not without opposition. This is like healing to my bones, and I just get excited where Abba Father is taking me personally in this journey with PraiseMoves, altho i seriously can’t do the Dove.
    Which brings me to another point, which is I have learnt a lot about my body as I have lived with chronic pain for 10 years and even tho I did university level anatomy and physiology, it didn’t click, for me to look at what was happening on a muscular level with my problems with prolapsed discs, hip pain etc. In the muscle section we did, it “tweaked”. I looked at my shoes and why they were wearing on the inside only and going thru the muscle section of the training manual I came to understand the problem. So now, putting weight on the outside of my feet and the postures are re-aligning my body. It is a blessed gift. (I have a huge testimony on this).
    So before i babble away I just want to say it seems Adonai is bringing me up and out of a place of dry bones thru every training session.
    I had come to a place of, “I’m done Lord!”..then, He led me to PraiseMoves.
    Ps The audio with Jennifer was encouraging, oh and the little video cuing session. I was just asking myself last night, “how am i gonna talk upside down” lol and then it pretty well got covered today. Baruch HaShem…

  16. Glory to God – what marvelous testimonies! Thank you all so much for sharing. The Lord’s magnificence takes my breath away — and then gives it back to me FULL!

  17. 06/03/13: What an amazing session! The teaching of the Hebrew Letters truly points to Jesus! Glory to His Name forever! I also was blessed by Jennifer’s interview, her client Lynn’s testimony AND sampling of Psalm 23. Loved it! The modifications were on target. She nailed it to the glory of our GOOD SHEPHERD, HALLELUJAH! The Word of God truly HEALS & RESTORES!
    Now, my video assignment…..Woot! Woot!

  18. I absolutely was touched so emotionally when Laurette taught us about the Hebrew alphabet all pointing to Christ…I started to get teary when YHVH..”the Hand Behold the Nail Behold!” BEAUTIFUL! And Thanks to Nola Jeanne for making me realize that I can slow postures down so that my students will feel the muscles that are engaging…..I am learning so much! Hallelujah! I also really loved Jennifer’s cueing of The Lord’s Prayer….it made me realize that the most important thing I can share with my students is the Word of God….slowly and with passion! Thanks for the encouragement in the beginning session, Laurette…it is jus what I needed to hear!!!!! God Bless you all for lovingly instructing this up and coming CPI!!!!!

  19. I love the teaching of the Hebrew Alphabet. It is very revealing and new to me. It make me feel so much closer to my faith. What wonderful God idea to include it in your exercises. I get such peace hearing about it. Thank you, Laurette.

  20. I so agree with Pastor Cori. Not long after I started teaching classes I incorporated praise into many of the postures. It just seemed to flow so well!! There have also been a few times during classes with students that are all baptized in the Holy Spirit where I felt we just needed to praise Him in our “prayer language” while holding a posture. It was very powerful and moving. I think since God is limitless that there must be an unlimited number of ways to praise Him!!

  21. A big thanks to Pastor Cori! I’m so glad you shared your response to this revelation about the value and power of praising God through His Word. I can hear the love of your heart, in what you wrote, for praising God. And I’m inspired by your enthusiasm and your practical ideas, especially the simple suggestion of practicing in our own private PraiseMoves time.
    I’ve started to include this element of praise with the scriptures when I teach, and from the very first time I could tell how much it lifts the class, it really does take it to a new level because our spirits soar when we praise God with faith! His Word is precious food for our spirits and powerful promises for every aspect of our life. He is worthy of all our praise!! 🙂

  22. Pastor Cori, thank you for what you shared. Isn’t it cool how God will be teaching a truth to one person, and also teaching it someone else at the same time, and then we realize He’s bringing us together to learn the same thing? So very cool. I’ve been trying to incorporate this praise through the Word into my classes as well, and I love it. I agree with Sharon, it takes our heart and our class to a whole new level. I am learning more and more the POWER that comes from speaking God’s Word aloud!

  23. It is such an amazing thing that you are able to minister to so many, right where they are. You encourage each person and bring glory to God at the same time. What a gift! God has you in the right place at the right time!

  24. Pastor Cori, you did wonderful in explaining your procedure. I do a similar procedure. The scripture on one side and the affirmation/praise on the second side which IS very beneficial. Thanks for your write up.

  25. I am glad to do my two year review with the Hebrew video. That video is SO awesome!!! I enjoy learning about the Hebrew. Laurette you did a wonderful job explaining things. 😀

  26. Great thoughts Cori. This reminds me of one of the affirmations that I picked for my lesson plan. All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true….. 2Tim 3:16

  27. Cori, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the importance of praising the Lord as we do the postures. The Angel posture is one of my favorites, so I include it in my lesson plans frequently. I say a scriptural affirmation with praise on the second side as well. Doing so has been a blessing to me and to my students! God wants us to praise Him at ALL times–Psalm 34:1!

  28. Thank you Cori for sharing a little about your ministry and how you are implementing it in PraiseMoves classes. How wonderful that you are able to shepherd your church and build them up with PraiseMoves at the same time! I agree that there are many postures where turning the scriptures into praise work very easily (and some that are a little more challenging).
    Laurette, I am so glad for the challenge of taking the 3 postures in our recertification for 2014 and turning them into praises. It was not easy at first, but I feel like the Lord has blessed me as I’ve practiced these postures and praises. I thank God that He opens to me the gates of righteousness! I WILL go through them, and I WILL praise the Lord! In my own strength I cannot enter His righteousness, but He graciously opens the gates to me!

  29. I agree with Cindy. I have been thoroughly enjoying the training sessions. I really didn’t know or expect it to be like this. I am so excited to be in the process of being a CPI. People are in for a real treat with these fitness classes. I have been somewhat anxious about the classes and video and exam. But I know God says be anxious for nothing. So I am resting in his word and knowing that he did not give me the spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind. I thank God for him planting PraiseMoves in U. :):):)

  30. Praise God and glory to Jesus! These training sessions are like a renewal and just such a joy-provoking encouragement. The Lord has been speaking to me about the Hebrew letters, and learning Hebrew. I have been listening to Pastor Joseph Prince and learning about the exceeding grace of God, and bless God, I am very grateful that He has chosen me to be a vessel of honor and serving Him.

  31. That was great, Cori! I often use Psalm 91:9 when doing the Angel on the 2nd side since vs. 11 is conditional upon dwelling with the Lord. So I’ll be practicing vs. 9 along with vs. 11 to make it personal like you did. Thanks so much for sharing that with us! What a blessing!

  32. Thank you Cory for the reminder about God’s Word having the power to bring people to faith. Hid Word remain the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. How amazing!

    Thank you for your inspiring words

  33. Thank you Pastor Cori Johnson, CPI in sharing how you incorporate Praising the Lord in His Word during a PraiseMoves class. I plan to use this technique tomorrow! In the past I would demonstrate the posture on one side (Rt. Angel) then recite the scripture on the other side (Lt. Angel). I think your idea of stating the scripture on the first side then praising the Lord for the Word on the second side is brilliant!

  34. Thank you, Cori, for suggesting including the higher level of praise on the opposite side of a posture. You mentioned The Angel, but I am seeing it with The Runner, Rainbow and Rest and Rest and Stretch. For example, with the Rainbow, I could say on the opposite side, ” We praise You God for giving us the beautiful rainbow as an eternal covenant between You and all Your creatures on earth.”

  35. Dear Pastor Cori Johnson:
    Many thanks for your inspiring message about the importance of praising our God in all circumstances: our circumstances always change, but He remains the same! As well, thank you for sharing about how you weave praises to God during your PraiseMoves classes. I have been doing the same for various postures. For example, with the Hey (Behold) posture, after proclaiming the accompanying scripture, I say “Thank you Father for making all things new!”. Thank you Pastor Cori Johnson for giving your yes to God, and leading His flock both in your congregations and in your PraiseMoves classes. Thanks be to God!

  36. This recertification process has been a wonderful reminder to me to directly praise the Lord using the PM Scriptures, to actually turn the Scripture into a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. There is such power in His unchanging timeless Word! Our hearts are encouraged and strengthened in the Lord as we lift up praises to Him!

  37. I agree, Cori! God is on the side of evangelism. People DO come to God through faith. He draws us in and pursues us like a groom does his bride. Like Laurette teaches, He hears our proclaimation of faith by declaring His Word with our mouths. Praise MOVES God and He delights when we do what we were created to do – bring Him Praise! The healing I have received by transforming my mind through practicing the art of PraiseMoves has been like a “morning star rising in my heart.” Praising God has not always been “natural” for me, and PraiseMoves broke the barriers that kept me living a life of “I’m not enough” to a life of “I am beloved and whole in Christ!” There have been burdens released and new found freedoms that God graced me with by being deligent in bringing praises to Him and proclaiming His word. PraiseMoves classes have been the happiest times of my life!

  38. Yes in abundance! Openly praising Jesus in a group setting is sometimes uncomfortable for people, yet the more they do it the easier it becomes. Speaking the scriptures out loud becomes a personal statement and the participant begins to not only plant the Word of God in their heart but they begin to really believe what His Word says.

  39. Thank you for sharing your passion about praising God FOR His Word, and WITH His Word. This is also a truth and reality that has recently become impressed upon my heart. I look at my PraiseMoves students as sisters that I’m discipling, and this is an incredible practice that I want them to incorporate in their lives.

  40. Pastor Cori,
    I am so glad you are a Michigan PraiseMover!!! Keep up the enthusiasm and great work! People’s lives are being transformed! Praise God!!! <3 :)
    Tina Jackson,
    CPI Michigan

  41. Cori, I appreciate your sweet words and restating what I needed to hear today from Laurette’s video, “…the circumstances of our lives are so changeable. God’s word, though is UNCHANGEABLE!” That is the most precious piece I needed to hear tonight. ?

    Thank you!

  42. Thank you Cori for your insight. What struck me the most was the strength of God’s Word doesn’t depend on the changeable circumstances of our lives – PRAISE THE LORD!!

  43. Cori, thanks again for your inspiring message about giving praise to God. As you pointed out, our circumstances are always in a state of change, yet God’s Word never changes. (Hebrews 13:8) I now have a renewed appreciation for the necessity to praise God in His unchanging Word during my classes. The Lord delights in our praise!

  44. That is why I like the term scripture “affirmation”. We are affirming the Word of God to our spirit and mind and heart. God’s Word being spoken into our lives.

  45. Thank you Pastor Cori for how you explained that the Word is unchanging:-) I have heard that before, but when I read what you were saying it clicked:-) Thank you for your great example of how you are doing this with the Angel Posture:-)

  46. Ms. Cori
    Thank you for your affirmation and encouragement to use the Scripture associated with PM postures by repeating it in a Praise or Thanksgiving back to the Father. When I do this, my spirit leaps with joy! For His Word is alive!! Praise Him, and thank you!
    Melinda C

  47. Cori,
    I love the example you gave of giving God praise during the Angel posture! Saying the scripture on the first side & then praising Him for His Word while turning the scripture into a personal affirmation on the other side is powerful! The scripture becomes so personal & the praises just seem to flow from the heart naturally that way!

  48. It’s wonderful how Cori and Laurette make praise just flow from the heart. Since practicing that, now I often say “Thank you Lord for giving your angels charge over me and keeping me”, or “Thank you for giving me the strength to do all things”. Expressing appreciation seems to make it a very personal testimony and I have found that reminding people of God’s blessings and provision (as stated in His word) helps chase away their fears! It’s wonderful to be used by God in this way and to see HIM change lives to adore Him!

  49. I just read an article by Dr. Axe about how yoga changes the brain in a good way. After reading it, I thought, if yoga (and the false god of that religion) does that, then how much more will God do for us when we honor him with our mind, body and soul. Pastor Cori Johnson confirmed the power of praise. God honors our praise. Not only that but his Word transforms us from carnal thinking people to spirit-filled believers. His word is sharper than a double-edged sword – Zayin – [Hebrews 4:12] and gives us power to overcome the enemy of our soul who attacks our mind, body, finances, marriage and anything else that is exposed. Yoga may make you feel good, which is a false sense of security brought on by a numbing of your senses, but God’s Word gives us POWER and when we give our body and words to him in praise he does more than produce a physical reaction. We receive power from on high. As Laurette always says, Praise Moves God deeply.

    The article is here:

  50. Thank you for reminding us that although our life circumstances constantly change, the Word of God is UNCHANGEABLE. What a comfort to know we can rest IN HIM.

  51. I loved this quote… “By praising the Lord in His Word, we are offering up timeless, enduring praises! Hallelujah!” I will practice and ensure I prepare affirmations that expand on the meaning of the text, because if you have a new or non believer in your class, they don’t always understand what the scripture means (NKJV), by restating it in a way they can relate, it has more meaning to them. I also like to tell them sometimes how to put the scripture into action in their daily lives. It just means, we as CPI, must research, dig deeper into our own bible study, and fully prep our lesson plans, so that we can be the best representation of God’s people, who know how to explain HIS mercy and grace. If you truly understand the scripture in your heart, there is no stopping to how to Lord can use us all. Amen!

  52. Cori, Thank you for sharing the revelation and how to implement it in PraiseMoves. Actually, we can do this all day long, in our every situation. Blessings.

  53. Cori, I was blessed by your reminder that God’s Words are everlasting. That even though our circumstances may change, His Word remians. Thank you also for the reminder on how we can use the original Scripture in one side of the The Angel posture, and to turn it to a more personal affirmation whendoing it on the other side.

  54. I wholeheartedly agree with Pastor Cori that we should praise the Lord in His word, since it is unchangeable and endures forever! Hallelujah!

  55. What an awesome way to take the Word and then use it to thank Him. That is something I will begin to put into practice to not only with my class but in my own time of worship. Thanks!

  56. I am looking so forward to learning the depth and breadth of the Hebrew alphabet. Just the little bit that Laurette shared really has me drawn to this deeper meaning of our Lord Jesus and redeeming this world to Himself. Thank you, all, for this ministry and so much more! God bless you abundantly!

  57. Hi Pastor Cori,
    Thank you for your sharing, I do the same thing when teaching class. Praise God together is so powerful! It really makes class exciting. I am a teacher-the see say do method of learning is so powerful. Encoding a truth into our mind and body at the same time. Life changing!
    The Hebrew alphabetics video is so exciting how God encodes the truth for us- hidden in plain sight! Praise God. Thank you Laurette.

  58. God’s blessings and favor rest on you Pastor Cori as you continue to minister in the transformational power of God’s Word. May we all walk moment by moment praising Him through His unchangeable, everlasting Word. Thank you for encouraging us in this direction, Cori.♡

  59. Paster Cori’s heartfelt message strikes a cord with all PraiseMovers. We are in it to Praise the Lord while exercising our bodies and spirit. God moves our hearts and strengthens our spirit when we praise in unison. So proud to be participating with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Hallelujah!

  60. “By praising the Lord in His Word, we are offering up timeless, enduring praises! Hallelujah!” I love this revelation! Thanks Cori for sharing this! What a blessing!

  61. Cori,

    Thank you for sharing your insights. I particularly enjoyed and needed the reminder of how God is unchanging. Even when our circumstances change, we can consistently praise Him.

  62. Thank you Cori for your insights and encouragement, how you point out that God’s Word is timeless and our lives are always changing, we really need His Word, spoken aloud through praise. What a beautiful habit and practice we can do daily, so thankful for PraiseMoves ministry!

  63. Thank you Pastor Cori for reminding us about the importance of being “in the habit of speaking praises to God from His Word!” My father always emphasized the importance of reading scripture aloud, proclaiming the truth, especially in the face of the enemy. God has provided for us His everlasting truth that reigns over everything, that never changes, and that sustains us. Amen!!

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