CPI Training - Session ONE, parts 1-4

Greetings, CPI Trainees!

Follow these important steps:

1. Check-in. CPI Trainees: Send a SEPARATE email to praisemoves@gmail.com or info@praisemoves.com. Let us know the DATE and TIME you are watching Session ONE. We only have to know the time you are first checking in.

2. Watch the videos on this page. Have your Bible, Manuals, and Notebook handy (the password is in the email you received).

3. Be sure to Watch the video on the link provided below these videos (featuring NolaJeanne Baird, Master CPI Trainer & Coordinator)

4. Do your Assignments and PraiseMoves workouts before the next class.

5. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven't practiced videotaping and uploading a video to YouTube and marking it “unlisted,” do so immediately. You can “google” how to do that, ask a teenager to help you (they know “everything,” right?), or ask a neighbor or church friend to help you.

Mark Your Calendar. You will need to submit ONE or TWO Videos for your Certification:

One with Walkin' Wisdom Warm-ups and the other with your 5 PraiseMoves postures (or you may put both on 1 video).

You will teach 1 adult how to do 5 assigned PraiseMoves postures. Submit the week of February 19 (the sooner the better in case you have to re-do any of your postures). You will be shown how to teach the postures in your video training.

Here are the 5 PraiseMoves postures for your Video Assignment:

The Angel, The Eagle, The Prayer Shawl, The Rainbow, and The Reed

YOU MUST KNOW HOW to Upload your videos to YouTube and mark them “UNLISTED.” This is the ONLY WAY we can access your videos. Ask a family member, friend, or church staff person for help if you need it. We are not able to give technical support.

Start Practicing now so you will not feel overwhelmed later.


In light of COVID and CDC guidelines being implemented differently throughout the world, we understand that you may not be able to find a student to help you with your video.  In such a case, we will set up a ZOOM meeting with you and you can teach us your required postures. Let us know so we can schedule a time for you.

Email NolaJeanne at nolajeannepm@gmail.com if you would like to do a Zoom with one of our CPI Trainers for your video. 

If you have the capability, you can record your own Zoom with a student who is also on Zoom and turn that in as a video. However, meeting with one of the CPI Trainers may be simpler for most people.

Here is an example of how you and your student will be positioned in front of the camera so we can see you and you can see each other.

CPI Video example light

6. Start working on your Guide Script now. It is attached to your Session One email.

START PREPARING FOR THE CLOSED-BOOK EXAM NOW by taking notes and practicing. Expect to do excellently well. You will!

Okay! Praise the Lord, for He is worthy of ALL the praise–and He will take you the rest of the way! Feel Free to Leave a Comment Below!

WATCH ALL VIDEOS BELOW and then Go to the LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE to learn from NolaJeanne Baird, CPI Trainer & Coordinator, on “HOW TO SET UP YOUR PraiseMoves CLASS.”

Session ONE, Part 1



Session ONE, Part 2


Session ONE, Part 3


Session ONE, Part 4


NEXT: GO HERE to watch Lesson ONE Video by CPI Trainer & Coordinator NolaJeanne Baird on “How to set up your PraiseMoves Class”

http://miradance.weebly.com/cpi1.html (SAME Password as videos above)

  1. I love you so much! You are so precious – oh my word i look forward to meeting you one day! And you’re funny! Thank you for making it all so accessible. I praise God for you. If i continue trying to say what i have on my heart i’ll switch to glossolalia and i don’t know how to spell in tongues. In English, thank you Jesus for birthing PraiseMoves!

  2. Part 2: this is powerful “We have redeemed it back, bought it back, brought out of darkness” that which belongs to God.


    THIS is a time bomb, a nuclear disaster to the enemy camp. GLORY TO GOD!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the New CPI Training Manual! Laurette, you did such an AWESOME job of explaining everything. Then being able to follow along in the New CPI Training manual was a great help to me. I like the feature of being able to stop the DVD and catch up if I want to or linger on a given point. You can’t do that in a “live” experience! Thank you! I’m looking forward to our future sessions!

  4. I am humbled and amazed by all your wonderful comments. I am so very, very grateful to Father God, the Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit that we have been given His Word and such a unique way to share it through PraiseMoves. And, I am grateful to Him for YOU. Just LOOK what the Lord has done! All honor, all glory, all power to Him! He is so kind, so pure, so holy, and so very forgiving (and patient!!!) – that He uses vessels of clay through which to pour His living Spirit. Glory to God forevermore!!!

    We are on such an adventure of faith! Thank you for your prayers and praises to the Lord for us. On the journey together!!!!!!!!!! with love, Laurette (:

  5. Laurette, You did a wonderful job expressing the heart of PraiseMoves and the glory of the Lord–His desire for His children to be in connection with Him through Christ and in our spirit, soul and body. I am SO delighted to be taking this training. I believe it will explode into a wonderful healing ministry here in Michigan. Glory to God!!!

  6. I, too, LOVE the recordings. I am soooooo thankful it wasn’t a live broadcast. My children distrupted me a few times, so I was able to move locations to get “away”. I am also delighted they are recordings so next time, I can watch them during the day when the kids are at school. Thank you so much!

  7. The sessions were great!! Laurette you are a great speaker and of course the material speaks for itself. Ive been awake for over 24hrs and just finished a 16hr shift at work before watching the sessions and I feel completely renewed and transformed!! Praise God for PraiseMoves!!!

  8. Great info. Laurette it was good to be reminded of this information as a fellow CPI. A great refresher for me being a fellow CPI. I look forward to the next session and this journey for the upcoming weeks!!

  9. Loved the first session! It is such a wonderful way to reconnect & review the materials. I know it will enhance my classes and upcoming certifications. I felt like you were sitting across my dining room table teaching me one on one! Like having a cup of tea with an old friend! (not old in age but in length of years!) Thank you, Laurette. I’m feeling so blessed this evening. Thanks for coming into my home and bringing the Joy & Peace of the Lord in your teachings.
    God bless you abundantly.

  10. I especially liked the way the written material coincided with the videos. This means it is an easily followed curriculum which is priceless for beginning CPI’s. Also teaches many areas on various levels, all at the same time. Interesting concepts!

  11. I am thrilled to be learning all these amazing insights and truths. I praise God for Laurette and such an amazing group of fellow believers. Thank you for stepping out and following God, not willing to compromise. I am truly inspired!

  12. I’m inspired! It’s even clearer to me now why Praisemoves is such a wonderful thing to do: it’s rejuvenating for spirit, soul and body, bringing life and health, peace, truth and more of our lovely God himself!
    I’m still getting used to the idea that God will use me to bring that to others through Praisemoves, but Laurette, your encouragement and reassurance helps me believe I can.
    I was grateful also for being able to pause and rewind.
    Looking forward to next time,

  13. Dear Laurette,

    I decided to check the video section on Lesson I one more time before going on to Lesson 2 and I saw all these wonderful comments! I am sorry, I missed the option to leave a comment the first time around! I say Amen! to every comment here! I especially like what you said about “redeeming” the postures!

    God bless you!

  14. Just finished my first class. It’s exciting to be in the privacy of my home & be able to pause & replay the videos. Thank you, Laurette, for creating an alternative to yoga & scripture based postures.
    We all have our different personalities yet Christ shines through us just the same! Love to all of you followers of Jesus! May He shine though us in PraiseMoves! Annette

  15. Hello Laurette,
    I just finished Session One and I’m so excited! I am feeling more and more confident about this pursuit, and I’m excited to start sharing with my friends what I’m doing and getting them on board for future classes! I am thrilled about the opportunity not only to use PraiseMoves as a discipleship tool and an outreach tool, but also to use it as a tool in my own personal life in growing closer to the Lord.

  16. Hi Laurette,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m currently 6.5months pregnant with our 2nd miracle baby Simon Elias Lockhart who’s expected arrival is 8-29-12. During the pregnancy I’ve experienced shallow breathing and increased blood pressure which is all very new as I’m normally healthy.
    However, after reviewing Session 1/Part 4 & Chapter 2: The Breath of Life and practicing deep breathing, I’m feeling tremendously better!! GLORY TO GOD!! PraiseMoves is truly a gift from the Lord and I’m blessed and honored to be a vessel to carry His Word and message through this vehicle called PraiseMoves.

    Continued Miracles and blessings to all who embark and enjoy the PraiseMoves experience.
    The Joy of the Lord is truly our Strength!

    1. Yes, LaTrice! Glory to God! The Breath of Life and all that wonderful Word Simon is hearing!
      Our God reigns! Thank you for sharing your heart and love, LaTrice!

  17. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, the videos! What a fabulous way to refresh, reconnect, and be reminded of all the material!

    Laurette – You are adorable and you reveal your precious heart. I loved that you moved around…don’t change a thing..;-).

    I love the fact that these are recorded so I can keep coming back, which I plan to do to.

    Bless you in abundance for all you are doing for the Kingdom!


    Keep on PraiseMovin’

  18. Hi Laurette,
    I have really appreciated my learning with you! I had no idea that when I saw your ministry through XP Media what all the Lord would be teaching me through it! He is so faithful as I have been praying for our son who has been dabbling in the New Age/yoga/meditation. I am so grateful to God for leading me here to have better understanding! The Lord bless you as you continue to stand in HIS will to get HIS Word out!
    Prayers and blessings,

  19. Very happy to be involved in this! Your enthusiasm is infectious!
    It is so good to put the physical wonders of our body in the context of God’s Word.
    We are blessed to have this ministry and be able to encourage people into a physical program with the best motivation built right in: the Lord’s desire for us.

    Now…let’s go!!

  20. Loved the sessions!! Very glad it was recorded as well and not live due to interruptions. Loved the part on “redeeming back what the enemy has stolen”. Thank you Laurette,

  21. Thank you for helping us take care of our temples while sharing God’s word. This is great! It’s so peaceful listening to you after a long, stressful day!

  22. WAHOOO!!!! I am SO excited to be starting this training! Been reading, PraiseMoving and praying in preparation for this opportunity! Gloria a Dios and THANK YOU Laurette! May God use me mightily in this fitness ministry!

  23. I actually got a little teary as I started.
    I am just soooooooo thankful to you Laurette and your obedience and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit prompting you to start this ministry. I can’t wait to see what God has in store in my own personal life through training to be in fitness ministry. It has been a long time coming and I could write a book about the journey, both good and bad.
    Praise God for redemption and restoration.
    Praise God for the opportunity to do this course and glorify Him truly in my life again as I worship Him in Body, mind, spirit and in Truth.

    1. Thank you Anika, Susie and Jennifer! We have so many wonderful new CPIs joining us from all over the world. It is truly an honor to work and serve with each one of you. Your humble hearts – hearts submitted to our Lord and Savior Jesus – shine through gloriously! We are grateful-grateful for each one of you and will continue to lift you up to Our Abba-Father! love, Laurette

  24. Thank you, Laurette! This is a wonderful way to do CPI training and I didn’t mind you “bouncing around” one bit! In fact, I think I’ll use an exercise ball for the remaining classes too. What a great idea! Looking forward to Thursday. Praise God!

  25. Thank you for being a vessel that Christ can use. Great lessons. They go right along with the manual.
    I always have fun with my students when I teach the human body, and stress to them the proper way to breathe. They are amazed at how the body works when the diaphragm drops down allowing more air space.

  26. Hi Laurette.
    praise God for you.
    You are wonderfull, and you are so good at presenting everything, I couldn’t wait to get home from my 12 hour shift to complete the first session.
    Thank you.

  27. Thank you Laurette for taking the road less traveled and standing for God’s truth.
    I am so very thankful for all the teaching and the distinct clarity between yoga and PraiseMoves. This life changing knowledge is power for the kingdom of God and for my life.
    I enjoy learning from you. You are funny and your passion and love for Christ shines through. Thank you for loving Jesus and people, your time, hard work, and sharing this amazing life giving ministry!!!!
    Praying for you and all my fellow CPI trainees!! 🙂 Hugs & Love

  28. Thank you Laurette for sharing PraiseMoves with us, I am humbled and full of joy and overwhelmed at the same time to be part of this. This is like an answer to prayer, I have had trouble with hearing satans junk in my head for all my life telling me how miserable I was. I could see how I was passing on this legacy. I was praying for God to transform my mind. My wonderful husband has been beside me the whole way since we were married (even thru the potholes), but kids don’t understand any of this stuff. praiseMoves is like the last peace, (pun intended) that I needed, Now I have begun to believe its possible to have a transformed mind, because I have begun to see change, he doesn’t have to tell me.
    Thank you again for sharing, may God bless you more abundantly than he already has.

    1. Beautifully put, Christi. We are grateful you are joining us in PraiseMoves. Yes, His Word does completely transform us by renewing our mind. How wonderful is He!!!

  29. Thank you Laurette this time of shalom in the evening of quite a day that I did so need HIS peace like a river in my soul. This recertification period is of course right when our Abba Father knew I would need this intentional and set aside time with HIM through you!

  30. Hi Laurette, this session one was very well assembled. I loved the section about Breath of Life! THANK YOU for taking time make this possible. Looking forward to session two. (((Hugs)))

  31. Thank you, I really enjoyed the learning you have put so much into it. Your ball is a really good idea, looks like great fun and good for the body too, will have to get mine out of hiding and get some air into it. Looking forward to the next session. Excellent!!

  32. Forgot to add that we have a lot in common because I cannot sit still either!
    Also, love the fact that I can playback the video’s.

  33. And we are OFF, to a great year of sharing the word and Praising God. I am amazed by this wonderful ministry and the quality of the training and teaching. Thank you Laurette.

  34. That was long but good. I am glad I decided to do this online so I can absorb the information in a deeper way. If I did the one day live class (even after reading the manual before) I would have TMI overload. The information is not hard but it is deep and I need time to really grasp what I have heard and read.
    I can see myself doing a class. This is a good way for me to be a Lighthouse for Jesus as well as salt for Him.
    Thank you Laurette.

  35. I loved my first class. I learned so much more about the deception of yoga and about how to present the truth…I will read and study so I will be able to give an answer to as many questions that arise about why Christians and anyone shouldn’t d yoga and WHY everyone should meditate on the Word of God, filling our minds while shaping up the Temple of the Holy Spirit….I loved the way you, Laurette spoke with such a friendly and gentle yet intelligent way…It was like sitting in your living room absorbing your wisdom. I loved that you, Nola Jeanne got me up and moving and taught me some new WWW. You taught concisely and clearly demonstrated with poise and grace….thank you both for taking the pressure off of this brain of mine by letting me know and by letting me see that cue cards and a music stand can be used….as I opened the first video class…within the first 5 minutes I started crying tears of joy….by the end of all of the sessions I was totally relaxed…and as I went through and repeated each scripture I received such a warm fuzzy peace of God’s presence letting me know that my desire to become a CPI has been orchestrated by Him! Thank you…see you Thursday…

  36. Laurette, Thank u for being the vessel you are to Christ!!!!! This is far more that I thought and I love it. I am having lots of vision and ideas about venues just will let God lead me to the when the time factor to be consistent with classes and make a difference in people’s lives. Praise God!!!! I thought I was excited before I am super excited now.

  37. Thank you Laurette I enjoyed the classes very much, they were very well explained, very clear, and very helpful.
    I can tell the Holy Spirit is flowing through you.
    You have done an awesome job putting all this together.
    God continue blessing you, and blessing all of us in this fitness ministry.

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