CPI Training Session SEVEN Final Exam

PraiseMoves Teacher Certification Test.

Two Parts – Written and Multiple Choice.

Important Note: Have you watched ALL of the Videos and listened to ALL of the interviews?

We can see the number of views on the videos and can tell some of you have not watched all of the videos. Please be sure that you do so.

All of these parts of your PraiseMoves Certification Training have been put together in a certain order for a reason. We know you want to receive a Certificate that really means something–and it does!

You are an exemplary and uncompromising Minister of the Most High God. Amen.

After your Final Exam, you will be taken to NolaJeanne's important final teaching session #7.

Session #7 will be on this link, in case you would prefer to see the video before you take the test – up to you: http://miradance.weebly.com/cpi3.html



GO TO FINAL EXAM HERE WHEN YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN:  http://miradance.weebly.com/test.html

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  1. The CPI training has most definitely stretched me- in a good way! Both mentally and physically! But what a stretch! It has been such an exhilarating experience. Everything has been put at our disposal for success wherever we take this message. I am so grateful! It is a forever thing!

  2. I agree with Claudette Steeves comment. I have been stretched like I have never been before, but I thank God for the challenge and I am grateful for the growth. I am excited about starting the new chapter and sharing the Word through a healthy means. Thank you Lord for Laurette and NolaJeanne and opening their hearts of love to share with me. I am excited to be a vessel for Your Word Lord.

    In Jesus Name.

  3. Love, Love, Nolajeanne’s Beautiful feet video portion! I am the proud owner of a right heel that I shattered 4 years ago and came to PraiseMoves as I was finishing my PT in Statesboro, GA while visiting my mom. I would have loved to have had her segment then, and I took the time to take note of a few of the scriptures she used. It is a new favorite! Session 7 is one of my favorites!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the CPI program. I am so happy to know there are so many people taking charge of their lives and building their spiritual side to develop their relationship with Christ. Let’s continue to share His word and worship God through fitness and educating those around us to be good stewards of Christ! I love PraiseMoves!

  5. Did my test in the wee hours of the morning (after midnight) to get it done timely knowing my Tuesday is packing and taking me to airport to pick up my daughter, son in law and grandson. Due diligence and timely lessons were helpful in the preparation for this and very grateful for all of your work in putting such a great on-line course together for us to participate in and feel equipped for the launch and what God has in store for our community in the Columbia River Gorge. Many thanks to the two other Oregon PMI’s Susan and Amy for their favorable feedback as I checked into this ministry with much prayer and so appreciate the heart and generosity behind all of this. To God be the Glory. Blessings to all He draws unto Him. A willing vessel and servant of the Lord always. In His Lavished Love <3

  6. Going through the CPI Certication process granted me an opportunity to conduct a clear introspection of my responsibility to be a functional member of the body of Christ. It is my desire to see the Body of Christ live a full active life here on earth as we complete the assignments the Father has ordained. The instructions from Dr. Willis and Ms. Baird have confirmed my desire to witness God’s Word being manifested here on earth through spreading the Word of God through movement. I will continue to LEARN, PRACTICE, PRACTICE some more and ENCOURAGE others with PraiseMoves, because Praise Moves God!!! Thank you for this experience?

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