CPI Training Session SEVEN, parts 1-4

PraiseMoves Teacher Certification Test.

Two Parts – Multiple Choice and Written.

Important Note: Have you watched ALL of the Videos and listened to ALL of the interviews? We can see the number of views on the videos and can tell some of you have not watched all of the videos. Please be sure that you do so.

All of these parts of your PraiseMoves Certification Training have been put together in a certain order for a reason. We know you want to receive a Certificate that really means something–and it does!

No, this is NOT an open-book test (some have asked us that).

You are an exemplary and uncompromising Minister of the Most High God. He has called AND equipped you — and you are more than able to do all He's calling you to do — today!

After your Final Exam, you will be taken to NolaJeanne's important teaching on WWJD & “Beautiful Feet” (and “God's Miracle Oil” — hmmm, what's all that about?! Wait until you see!).

That will be on this page, in case you would prefer to see the video before you take the test – completely up to you: http://miradance.weebly.com/cpi3.html


GO TO FINAL EXAM HERE WHEN YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN (http://miradance.weebly.com/test)


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  1. I just pray to God that my exam and requirements are enough to qualify me to become a CPI. Did not get the perfect mark but at least I did my best with God’s help, guidance and wisdom.

    I pray all of us will make it.

    Kudos to Laurette, Nola and Mary Ann. Thank you for continually inspiring us.

    God bless us all.

  2. This has been one of the best and most exciting exercise programs I have done for certification. I am praying that I passed the video section. There fore excited to learn even more PraiseMove Postures

  3. Wow! That was a great exam! Some of the multiple choice answers were funny. I actually laughed out loud. 🙂 For those of you still writing, or are about to write, my prayers are with you. God bless all of us trainees!

  4. Hi! I read yesterday somewhere that God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.
    Thank you again, Laurette for answering God’s calling to begin a Christian’s alternative to yoga. I am encouraged to see so much growth since I began this ministry. I pray God’s continued strength and obedience for you as you continue this upward call.
    I’ll make sure to send my videos before September; maybe I can recruit Debbie Rosado to video me! My files are too big for the Ipad or Iphone to send so I’ll redo it soon.
    Thanks to all of you who are stepping out in faith to begin or continue your journey. You’ll be amazed at how PraiseMoves will strengthen your relationship with Jesus. Each time you hear that little voice saying, “You can’t do this. You’re too out of shape or you’re not a good enough Christian or you won’t fool these students- you’re terrible at this!”, remember that God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called. Love to all!!

  5. Laurette (and the many others that have come alongside with you), I THANK YOU for this opportunity and blessing to have participated in this online PraiseMoves class! It has been a true joy and blessing to my spirit, mind and body! God has been so faithful to me throughout this study and I know He will continue to show me the area and avenues that He wants PraiseMoves to be in. Again, it has been the “best-est” time I have spent in ANY exercise activity!
    “May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26 NLT). ♥

  6. Thanks Laurette, for making the recertification available online! I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned new things, and was able to correct a few postures that I had forgotten or not fully understood from reading about them in the posture descriptions.

    I also appreciated your feedback on the video and really LOVED watching NolaJeanne do her gentle PraiseMoves warm-up with scripture interspersed throughout. In fact, I designed a new warm-up following that same idea for my classes today! The morning class (which is a modified class) absolutely loved it! I’ve added some more difficult elements for the evening class which I’m heading off to teach shortly. I can’t wait to see what they think!

    Looking forward to seeing many of you at the conference!

  7. Greetings in the Name of the Lord! I greatly appreciate the availability of the re – certification being made available on – line. Re – certification has reminded me how much I love the Lord and His ways! My God is an awesome wonder!

    As a part of the re – certifying process, I thoroughly enjoyed developing the lesson plan! I have been refreshed on every aspect PraiseMoves has to offer.

    Truly PraiseMoves!

  8. Excited to have completed the exam. Boy did the enemy throw some curve balls my way this month of training. Thank you for your support and prayers all. I could really continue to use them… 🙂 I know that the Lord will bless this effort, but I know I can’t do it alone. I assure you all of my prayers as well.

    Praise the Lord! Thank you Laurette and PraiseMoves team!

  9. About to take the final. Way to press through Chantal! I wanted to share a powerful story today. My husband works at the Rec. Center in our very small town in the mountains. Everyone knows everyone and everything! Anyway, being a preschool teacher for the past 11 years a lot of people up here are finding out I am taking a class not related to early childhood education, and they are surprised. There have been so many inquires, but the most important piece of information is the huge popularity of yoga and new age in this mountain community. There are many religions practiced up here as well. Mostly Eastern. All the yoga instructors (which there are quite a few for a small town) argue, fight and get down right nasty with each other over who has the best class and the most followers. Yikes! So, with the growing popularity and sacred view of yoga and the chanting and prayers, today several people inquired about my test today. When I told them it was PraiseMoves the Christian alternative to yoga, and that unlike the denial of yoga “not being a religion”, PraiseMoves is 100% worshiping Christ the Lord while reciting Holy scripture verses, there was not one argument, discussion, nasty gram or anger. Pure power behind proclaiming the Christian alternative to yoga. There is power in the Word. Blessings!!!!

  10. Amazing story, Heather. Intolerance among the “People of Extreme Tolerance.” Go figure.
    Yes, there IS power in the Word! Thank you so much for sharing this – and Chantal & Jennifer, too! Grateful for everyone’s comments. You are definitely in our prayers and praises to the Lord! with love, Laurette

  11. Wow, that was an amazing exam, challenging but good. I spent hours studying before hand, and prepped myself by watching your video Laurette from session 3 with your word on Galatians 3:5 and Jeremiah 33:11. Such inspiration. I hope we can still access the videos after training is finished so we can go back and refresh.
    What a privilige it has been to be part of this training, and it has been life changing for me already Praise God. My heart is full. Baruch HaShem

  12. To all the new CPI’s and Recertifying CPI’s I pray over your anointing!
    I know that God has sent Angels to watch over you sending you into all the dark places bringing light and hope to those who need it. Laurette has created a path for our journey and though it can and will be bumpy at times, never give up, never let others discourage you, never let fear stop you and never let closed doors keep you from entering them.

    Continue to praise our Lord for when the Praises go up, the Blessings come down.

    May God continue to bless my PraiseMoves family!

    1. Thank you for your wondeful, Holy Spirit-led prayer, Kim! We are so grateful to God for you. Good insight and wonderful encouragement!!! Yes, we’ll keep praising the Lord.

  13. Thank you Kim, and everyone else who is praying for this “Praisemoves” ministry! Through our GOD we WILL do GREAT EXPLOITS…! (Daniel 11:32)

  14. Another great session that was a blessing! NolaJeanne, praise God for sharing the revelation of the happy feet! I loved it! It felt great to do that with you. Thank you Laurette for sharing the wonderful interview with MaryAnn. She has a special place in my heart as she was the one who certified me in PA. For those who haven’t had the pleasure and blessing of participating in her live certifications, let me tell you: MaryAnn has been anointed to teach PraiseMoves in a powerful, life changing way! EVERY posture she executes brings glory to our Father in Heaven, as she is led by His Spirit and His flow. God is using this Sister to touch so many lives, be it on our CPI posts, phone and email encouragements, and any other means she is led to be a blessing to those God places in her path. Again, thank you and God bless you all in this powerful ministry. The best is indeed YET to come!

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