CPI Training Session TWO, Parts 1-4

Greetings, CPI Trainees!

It's Best to Watch ALL the Videos in ONE sitting.
See the HOMEWORK Assignment at the bottom of the page.

1. Check-in. CPI Trainees send a SEPARATE email to praisemoves@gmail.com

Let us know the DATE and TIME you are watching Session TWO. We only have to know the time you are first checking in.

2. Watch the videos. Have your Bible, Manuals, and Notebook handy.

*** After the videos below, watch NolaJeanne's Lesson #2 part ONE and Lesson #2 part TWO ON 3-point Method, WWW, and BREATHING CUES here: http://miradance.weebly.com/cpi1.html

3. Do your Assignments and PraiseMoves workouts before the next class.

WWW – 2 minutes via Video separately to us. You can do this solo. 

Here are the 5 PraiseMoves postures for your Video Assignment where you will be teaching ONE student:

The Angel, The Eagle, The Prayer Shawl, The Rainbow, and The Reed


In light of COVID and CDC guidelines being implemented differently throughout the world, we understand that you may not be able to find a student to help you with your 5 postures video.  In such a case, we will set up a ZOOM meeting with you and you can teach us your required postures.

Let NolaJeanne know at nolajeannepm@gmail.com so we can schedule a time for you.

If you have the capability, you can actually record your own Zoom with a student and turn that in as a video. However, I think that meeting with one of the CPI Trainers would be simpler for most people.


5 Postures video or Zoom by the week of  February 19. See how NolaJeanne teaches the postures in the videos and you will do excellently well!

Start with Prayer. At the beginning of your video, start with Prayer from your heart (not reading from a card). Dedicate your workout to the Lord. You will do this at the beginning of every class you teach, so we want to see you start your video with prayer.

Remember the positioning of you and your student.

Follow the photo below. We have to be able to see you both clearly, and you have to be able to see each other clearly.

*** IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW the example of how the CPI and her student are positioned, you may have to redo your Postures video.

CPI Video example light

4. Download the GUIDE SCRIPT. We included it in your first email. It will help you tremendously!

===> NOW: Submit your Guide Script Template to Master CPI Trainer NolaJeanne Baird and have it approved. 

5. Praise the Lord, for He is worthy of ALL the praise–and He will take you the rest of the way!

Session TWO, Part 1 – IF NOT WORKING, TRY A DIFFERENT BROWSER (such as Firefox or Chrome). Videos seem to work better on computers or laptops, rather than phones or tablets. The password is in your email sent today (same as earlier videos).


If you have an issue with any video, please try a different browser.


Session TWO, Part 2


Session TWO, Part 3


Session TWO, Part 4


*** REMINDER: After watching the videos and checking out your Homework below, watch NolaJeanne's Lesson #2 part ONE and Lesson #2 part TWO on 3-point Method, WWW, and BREATHING CUES here: http://miradance.weebly.com/cpi1.html

Homework Assignment:

1. Study the first 5 postures (The Angel, The Eagle, The Prayer Shawl, The Rainbow, and The Reed — and Neck Stretches thrown in as an extra to help limber up the neck).

2. Practice and study pages 53-62. Use some of the VERBAL CUES for these postures. Practice teaching in front of a mirror.

3. Design and Practice a 2-minute Walkin' Wisdom Warm-up session using several of the Scriptural Affirmations and WWW moves on pages 50-52. You will do a solo video and send to us at info@praisemoves.com or praisemoves@gmail.com.

SEE VIDEO BELOW (at bottom of page) of WWW which CPI Jennifer Scheidt did for us. This is an example of part of a WWW session (6 1/2 minutes – usually our WWW in a 60-to-75-minute class will run 10-15 minutes for warm-ups.)

4. Know several BENEFITS for each posture. For Video: Be prepared to SAY what these benefits are before or while teaching the posture. This will become second nature to you as you become more aware of how the body moves and is strengthened or stretched in each posture.

5. Be aware of some of the most important CONTRAINDICATIONS of each posture (for example, if someone has a neck injury, they should not lift their head in The Eagle posture). For your 5-postures Video or Zoom: Be prepared to SAY one or more contraindications when you teach each posture.

6. Get INDEX CARDS (large or small) and write these 5-6 postures and their scriptures on the index cards. Note a few verbal cues to help you remember how to guide your students. You will be using these cards for your postures video, so start creating them nowIf you prefer, you can have a 3-ring binder with the postures and scriptures in it – or printed, laminated sheets, or PowerPoints with postures just for you to see (something you can use for your classes). Having something tangible will help you when formulating lesson plans. 

–>> BORROW OR PURCHASE a MUSIC STAND for your index cards or a 3-ring binder when you teach your class and for your video. See how NolaJeanne uses it.

DO NOT flip through the manual or use xeroxed sheets from the manual for your classes OR your video. We want to present in a professional manner. You are a professional. ?

*** You will NOT be reading verbatim (word-for-word) from your index cards or sheets in your binder. You may, however, refer to them as memory joggers. Watch how NolaJeanne does this in the videos, and that will help you.

7. Practice repeating the SCRIPTURE VERSES and REFERENCES that go along with each of these postures.

8. Start to practice teaching the 5 postures that you will do for your video or Zoom.

The Angel, The Reed, The Eagle, The Rainbow, and The Prayer Shawl

Write each posture's scripture, benefits, and contraindications on your index card for the 5 postures so you can say some of these in your video, as you would to your students (for example: “If your knees are sensitive, do this instead…”). Just copy what you see in the manual.

This is where having your Guide Script written for EACH posture is so very helpful. Yes, you only have to submit ONE to NolaJeanne, but go ahead and do ALL FIVE for your video so you can refer to it and stay on track.


START PREPARING FOR THE CLOSED-BOOK EXAM NOW by taking notes and practicing. Expect to do excellently well. You will!



     3-Point Method in teaching a Scripture Sequence
1.    Teach the postures that are in the Scripture Sequence during your PraiseMoves workout.
2.    Do the postures with your students as a flow-through without the Scripture (cue the PraiseMoves posture names as you do the postures).
3.    Do the SS again as you cue each PraiseMoves Posture Name and the corresponding line of verse from the Scripture Sequence you have chosen.
Your students repeat after you. 
4.   OPTIONAL 4th time –  Cue only the scripture lines (your students are invited to repeat the verse lines after you).

FOR YOUR 5 POSTURES VIDEO or Zoom: If you make an appt. with us to do a Zoom, we need to see you from head to toe. If you do a video, we need to be able to see you and your student from head to toe. The best way to do this we have found is to situate yourself, your student, and your camera in a V-shape. Your video camera is at the point of the V. Your student and you are the endpoints of the V, facing one another, but angled slightly toward the camera so we can see BOTH of your faces.

NOTE: IF YOUR VIDEO IS IN SEVERAL PIECES, PUT ALL OF THE LINKS IN ONE EMAIL TO US. Do not send separate emails with parts of the same video. This can get confusing when we have so many videos to grade. Thank you!

CPI Video example lightIn the Photo: Notice how the CPI Trainee on the left and her student on the right are angled in such a way that they can be clearly seen by each other AND the camera (us). Notice the angle of their mats.

Don't think “How easy can I make this for myself?” We reap what we sow, and we know you want to have a ministry of excellence as a CPI. Instead, think, “How can I do the BEST job possible and challenge myself to be the best CPI I can be, by the grace of God?” We know you can do it through Christ Jesus!


Previous Training Sessions:

Session ONE: http://praisemoves.com/cpi-training-session-one-parts-1-4/

NolaJeanne's Lesson ONE and Lesson TWO:  http://miradance.weebly.com/cpi1.html

  1. Thank you, Laurette! Thank you for your encouragement. It is so great to be able to stop these videos to make notes and highlight parts of the material. And thank you for your prayers!

    God bless you!

  2. Laurette,

    Your energy and enthusiasm made Week 1 of CPI online training a wonderful experience. I usually prefer in-person training, but your demeanor is so refreshing, I find myself looking forward to the next lesson. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Love it love it love it!!! Im really beginning to believe I can do this!! lol!! I like the anatomy sections…when im doing the postures it helps me to pic the different muscle groups in my mind. The breathing is really starting to become second nature…I sing on my church’s worship team on Wed nights and I realized thanks to Praise Moves Ive breathe correctly when I sing!! Laurette thanks so much for all the encouragement…i feel like youre sitting in my living room like an old friend!! I just want to give you a big hug!!

  4. Loved watching Jennifer on the DVD. She has such a high energy class. Wish I lived in CA – would love to attend at her Power UP Fitness Studio. Would love to see examples of the feet stretches on page 37. Are they similar to NolaJeanne’s Beautiful Feet posture. Any chance of getting NJ’s Beautiful Feet movements on tape? I think they would be so helpful. I’m really enjoying the review of all this information and gaining some new knowledge! Praise the Lord!

  5. Laurette! I absolutely loved Session 2! You are so very encouraging; through your enthusiasm and your reference to God’s Word! I felt like you were right here with me. Thank you for sharing Jennifer’s video – that was great. And thank you, and your team, for your prayers. My family is keeping you in our prayers. Praise God for this wonderful ministry!

  6. Laurette and Jennifer…enjoyed both session two and the WWW video! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the bones and muscles chapters until you relieved me by saying we did not have to have it memorized word for word, but to keep and use it as reference, and study them on our time. This comfort enabled me to relax and enjoy the session! What a powerful ministry to strengthen our the body and increase flexibility, renew and transform our minds, feeds our spirit, and enables more intimacy with Papa God…all in one workout!!! Brilliant!

  7. God bless you all! What an awesome God we have, thank you for your words of encouragement Laurette! For He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind!!

  8. Wow! What an amazing WWW Jennifer does! Over the years this has been the area I have felt weakest in. She has inspired me! 🙂 And….I just love spending time with you, Laurette. It really does seem like you are right here in Florida with me! So far the training has been a great review with even more info than our original certification class. I’m so glad you decided to provide online training! It seems so much more personal than the previous method for recertification. Of course, nothing would be better than seeing you in person 😉 but this is alot more economical! Love you!

    1. Thank you, Melanie! I look forward to seeing you in person again, too – and I love YOU!!! Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad the training has been productive for you. I think it goes well with the new Training Manuals, too. God is gracious to us – and we are so grateful for you and the amazing recertifying CPIs worldwide. God is doing a work in and with PraiseMoves, and we’re thrilled to be part of “a new thing” He’s doing! love, Laurette

  9. Thanks Laurette, for the lesson. Jennifer’s WWW was awsome! Hearing her speak aloud the scriptural affirmations made me teary eyed. Just encouraging those women is beautiful to see.

  10. Great session. Informative and more information I can incorporate in my 4th grade science lessons on the Human Body. Praise God for your willingness.

  11. Thank you Laurette for this wonderful review for my re-certification. Though I have been teaching 3-4 classes a week the past two years I realize that the review & the training sessions are really important. Your love, enthusiasm, and passion for PM & the Lord is incredibly inspiring.
    Thank you for your continued commitment to PM, the instructors, and to the Lord!
    I really want to give my students 100% and that can only come from practice, review, your teachings and prayer. Love you Laurette!

    1. We love you so much, Kim – and are so grateful for all the Lord is doing through you and your uncompromising stand in the marketplace sharing PraiseMoves.
      “Christ in you, the hope of glory!” Colossians 1:27

  12. Dear Laurette,

    You are such a power house for God, a sweetie and a silly willy all wrapped up in one wonderful package. You had me smiling, laughing and determined during this session. You are a great coach!

    1. hahaha! I love it – silly-willy, too! I feel that way most of the time, actually! I’m grateful for you, Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  13. Hi Laurette and everyone else attending this online CSI training! This is such a blessing. There’s a lot of information so I pray that God will especially strengthen our memories and help us focus. The thought of doing PraiseMoves for the rest of my life, and better yet, teaching many other people as well is so exciting. “For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him.” (Isaiah 64:4)

  14. I am watching the Webinar at 5 AM (Austrian time) in the morning to do it properly and being able to finish it in time and PRAISE THE LORD, God makes me awake & fresh and Laurette You make me smile and laugh and praise God while listening to the Instructions!

    This course and all of PraiseMoves is truly an amazing tool of God!
    Let´s praise Him for it and spread His word!!! 🙂

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