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Add'l PraiseMoves Certifications

  • PraiseMoves Gold (Teach Seniors & Limited Mobility)
  • PraiseKicks (Kickboxing with the Word)
  • MIRA! (Christian Fitness with a Latin Beat)
  • PraiseWaves (Aqua PraiseMoves)
  • L.I.F.T. (Laughter-In-Fitness-Training)
  • PraiseBarre (Barre + PraiseMoves)
  • HipHop2Scripture (Fun Hip Hop Moves to Scripture)
  • POWER PraiseMoves (High-powered PraiseMoves!)
  • Praiselates (coming in June 2023! Pre-Purchase. PraiseMoves-infused Pilates!)



NOTE: We are no longer able to offer PraiseMoves DVDs in hard copy format, so ALL of our PraiseMoves Workouts are only available via streaming or digital download format (see STORE)


PowerMoves Kids Program

for Public Schools, Private Schools, and Home Schools

Read more about it here: PowerMovesKids.com

The FIRST Program to combine Character Education AND Fitness! Great for transitions between subjects, group discipline, and focus.

Add Character Education and Fitness “nuggets” to your students’ day — or teach a full class!

Note: CPIs may use this program for After-school programs, Fitness centers, YMCAs, etc. We are looking for skilled speakers who could act as distributors and/or workshop leaders for PMK in area schools.

Designed for the Classroom, the PowerMoves Kids program comes with:

Teacher’s Manual Over 50 photos and descriptions of each of the 12 PowerMoves Kids postures with corresponding Character traits, 5 quotes each (one also translated into Spanish), upbeat affirmations, poetry, and proverbs. Plus PMK posture sequence (to Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech) and the 26 Alphabet postures and affirmations. 83 pages

Curriculum with 48 mix n’ match lessons (divided into PK-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grades). Each unit begins with a physical lesson (good posture, correct breathing, hygiene, heart health, etc.) and is followed by lessons for PK-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grades. Includes stories from around the world, group activities, crafts, games — even snacks — all geared to help your students experience the power of being persons of character. Learn from Aesop, Anne Frank, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Harriet Tubman, and today’s young heroes (just like YOUR students!). Discover how to incorporate the PMK postures and lessons into your day – whether you have only a minute or an entire class period. There’s always time for PowerMoves Kids! 228 pages

PowerMoves Kids DVD Laurette Willis, Jillian (kindergartener), and Josh (7th grader) demonstrate all of the PowerMoves Kids postures for you, with form and breathing tips, plus the “I have a dream” PMK posture sequence. The instructional section includes correct breathing and posture, plus how to implement PMK in the classroom. 60 minutes

PowerMoves Kids 3-piece Program:

  • Teacher’s Manual (83 pgs.)
  • Curriculum (228 pgs.)
  • DVD or VHS (60 min.)

$59.95 for 3-piece PMK Program (99.95 retail)

Notice: We can outfit an entire school with PMK for a $450 Unlimited Site License (about one-tenth the cost of many Character Education programs — and none have a fitness component!) — so that EVERY classroom has PMK!

CPIs will receive a 50% commission on any Unlimited Site License they sell (that’s $225!!!). The school receives one hard copy of the entire program, up to 25 DVDs for teachers and a Text CD of Both Manuals so the teachers can make Unlimited Copies and download them via the school intranet!


MORE PraiseMoves Products (t-shirts, mugs, and much more!) are available at CafePress  (http://cafepress.com/praisemoves )

Note: Our CafePress store has PraiseMoves logo products, and is a separate shopping cart with a secure server.

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