Valuable CPI Tips

Valuable CPI Tips

CPIs share what has been working for them. If you would like to add your ideas or answer someone’s question, please write to info@praisemoves.comSubject Line: CPI Tips. Thank you!

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The Tip Sheet is divided into the following categories:

    1. Advertising – what's working for you?
    2. Class fees – what are you charging? Do people pay all at once, or as they go? Monthly cards for classes?
    3. Unexpected blessings
    4. Unforeseen challenges
    5. Helpful Advice, Ideas/suggestions; Insurance
    6. Questions other CPIs can answer for you
    7. Whatever you'd care to share / Testimonies
    8. What about MUSIC?
    9. Incentives for Class Attendance

1. Advertising – what's working for you?

a. Flyers in store windows and in church bulletins. We participated in a “Women’s Health Fair” for four hours inside our local Wal-Mart last Saturday. We had a table set up and passed out our brochures and current schedules and answered questions. It also gave us a chance to interact with other elements of the community that are interested in Women’s Health. GOOD EXPERIENCE. – CPI, CA

b. Church bulletin and my place have a school attached so I hung flyers all over the school and church and also keep submitting flyers to be stapled to the principal's information note that goes home to the families every week. Most of the advertising I've done has been directed toward the school or the church.  I did put a press release in each of our papers in the county.  I have also hung flyers up in other churches, places of businesses that would let me and put flyers on cars during school sporting events.  Oh, and one lovely woman came because she saw my car window decal on my car in the grocery store parking lot.  She said she had been praying for a Christian exercise program and parked right next to my car.  She looked up, saw the decal and thought it was too good to be true.  She checked out the website and came to class!  Praise God!  – CPI, IN

c. Right now, the advertising I am doing is only through our church bulletin, internet newsletter, and postcards to the women of our church. – CPI, OK

d. Word of mouth, open house event, PraiseMoves activewear from, and my business card includes PM information.  I limit advertising because I hold classes in my home and therefore need to “screen” students. – CPI, OK

e. We offered our class through Newtown Park & Rec. which gave us exposure throughout our town.  We posted a flyer @ our church.  Word of mouth has been most powerful.  About 50% of the women that signed up brought a friend to the second class.  Praise God!  But all in all, there is so much more marketing we could be doing.  All we need is the time to do it! – CPI, CT

(Note from Dr. Laurette: Many colleges and universities offer Community Education classes in the evenings. Various CPIs offer PraiseMoves classes at their local Community College. More colleges may be open to offering PraiseMoves. Christian colleges especially, and at colleges where yoga classes are offered, PraiseMoves could be offered as well. You may share the TIME article with them where the Hindu yoga professor said, “Yoga is Hinduism.” So – why not offer a Christian alternative for those who don’t want to do yoga for religious reasons?)

f. The brochure we had made is a wonderful tool. We mailed it to a list of friends/acquaintances, and we
posted them on the bulletin board at church. – CPI, CT


2. Class fees – what are you charging? Do people pay all at once, or as they go? Monthly cards for classes?

a. We charge $5 per class for walk-ins. We run 8 week sessions and give a $5 discount if they sign up for 1x per week for the entire session, a $10 discount if they sign up for 2x per week for the entire session. We also let everyone know that this is primarily a ministry and if finances are a challenge that all they have to do is let us know and it will be taken care of, that finances will never be an issue. – CPI, CA

b. I am charging $5 per class.  I gave a lot of free classes away first…I just knew if people would try it they would like it.  It worked! The issue of money has not once come up for me to overcome.  Yoga classes down the road from me are $15 per class.  The only thing I have been hearing are things like, “Well, you are definitely not in it for the money” and “It's so affordable I can come several times per week.”  I am praying about introducing a punch card in a couple of months.  $30 per month and they can come to unlimited classes.

I felt the Lord leading me into ongoing classes instead of 8 or 10 week classes.  I just felt like I wanted to introduce PraiseMoves as part of a lifestyle not just a time-limited program.  Not that doing that is a bad thing….this is just what God laid on my heart for me.  My classes are $5 each.  – CPI, IN

c. I'm going to do 8 weeks then take a break for the Christmas holidays and start back up in January.  Our fees are $5.00 per class or 8 weeks for $35.00. – CPI, OK

d. (In-home studio) I charge $30 for a private, $15 for semi-private and $10 if there are three or more in class.  Classes are 75 minutes long and I incorporate health and wellness instruction as well. The price I charge for a private is much less than Pilates private classes even without the machines.  I feel that students get more than their moneys worth.  The free or cheap classes are just not valued the same way as you know.  Integrating the health education is a plus – and also just think about how some of the same things can be accomplished through people during the devotional time that therapists command over $150/hr for!!  Actually the fees are just what I “felt” was right to charge if that makes sense…because at first I just didn't know. – CPI, OK

(Note from Dr. Laurette: I saw on a news program that top yoga instructors charge $300 per hour – and $7,000 per week when they travel with their high profile clients to teach 2 hours per day. Yikes!)

e. We’re charging $65 for 8 wks (1hr class). The Parks and Recreation Dept. dictates that you must pay full fee @ start (or regardless when in the session you join).  We give $10/head to Park & Rec.   We’ve had no complaints about cost & have one woman take us up on our scholarship program.  (We offered 2). We didn’t ask about eligibility, etc. Variable class fee structure – CPI, CT

For years I've been running 8wk sessions to encourage women to attend on a regular basis Women have paid by session.  Overall, I believe this has been effective.  Yet now that so many as struggling financially I felt led to make the class more accessible.  (BTW, I've always offered scholarships, but few have taken me up on the offer.)  Starting in Jan., the class will be down to $6 each (inc. excellent childcare!) if pre-reg. for the session ($60 if not pre-reg.).  For the first time, I'm offering drop-ins @ $10/class.   (Background: I teach 1x/wk at my home church & all revenue go to Women's Ministry.) (Note: This CPI taught PraiseMoves at a local gym for several years in addition to her church classes).


3. Unexpected blessings

a. The knowledge that we are doing God's work and that He gets the glory and we get the blessings. – CPI, CA

b. Glory to God.  I haven't had multitudes of people per class but the people I have had absolutely LOVE it.  They have asked for more opportunities to come.  My first class stayed for 45 minutes afterwards talking about it and asking for more classes.  God is in control and I am trying to listen to His voice and follow.

At St. Paul Lutheran Church which is where most of my classes are held they have a school attached to it.  My son goes there.  There is no bus service so the parents drop off their children at 8am and my classes are at 8:15.  They can just walk across the parking lot and join us!  Other parents and teachers requested an after school class at 3pm so they can join.  The 8th graders are going to provide childcare for $$ they need to raise for the 8th grade trip to DC.

St. Paul Lutheran School is going to let me teach PraiseMoves for PE classes to the 5th-8th grade girls! They want it to be an on going thing throughout the year…..those kids getting exposed to PraiseMoves and God's word!!!  God is so AWESOME!!!!!  I was in tears yesterday talking with God.  I am so honored that God is letting me do this for Him. – CPI, IN

c. Meeting new friends, seeing the Lord do powerful things in lives of students. – CPI, OK

d. I am SOOOO praising God w/how much I’m enjoying teaching PM.  In contrast to the professionally-mixed pop music I use @ the gym, Christian music is so uplifting.  During the WWW, I find my true spirit unlocking & I’m so joyful!  When I do this, many of my students reflect it back.  So awesome! – CPI, CT

e. Women come up to us at the end each week and really thank us for having the class! They LOVE the Christian music we use for the aerobics (Walkin’ Wisdom Warm-ups) and the scriptures and the devotional time (and of course, the exercise part too). – CPI, CT


4. Unforeseen challenges

a. One class no one showed….surprisingly I didn't cry.  I leaned on the Word and the Word says that God is in control. – CPI, IN

b. Not having enough time to commit to doing classes! – CPI, OK

c. Our church is not especially supportive of physical exercise beyond a component of its offerings.  This may be because it sees exercise enthusiasts prioritizing exercise over a relationship w/God.  Also, they haven’t seen a curriculum like PraiseMoves & it is up to us educate them.  Having said that, I pray about all our challenges & will likely push on through a long, laborious approval process @ our church.

Another CPI & I have been emotionally & time-challenged w/PraiseMoves taking us away from our husbands & sons.  It has been particularly hard lately for my friend since her husband has been traveling so much.   She has needed to hire sitter to teach.  We know that on that glorious day when we stand before Him, our PraiseMoves classes will be way, way behind the “What kind of wife & mother were you?” questions.  It is a struggle to have young children & start this ministry.  I pray for His will, wisdom & discernment concerning PraiseMoves (& my practice @ the gym) every night. – CPI, CT


5. Helpful Advice, Ideas/suggestions

a. Sometimes I lose track of time and don't get the Scripture Sequence in. I find that if I put it first thing after WWW it works very well.

I've printed out the section of Psalms 119 that coincides with the Hebrew letter and tape it on the back of the laminated sheet so it's right there for me.  I also print out at the bottom of the Scripture, the directions for the posture.

I've printed out several “routines” with moves that flow nicely into one another and protect them in the plastic sleeves for repeated use.  I lay them in view of my mat as I teach for easy reference.  That way I don't get “stuck” week after week forgetting some other postures and doing the same ones time after time.

When I'm ready to create another “routine,” I simply check out the PraiseMoves book to refresh myself on the ones I use less often to incorporate them.  Sometimes we start on the floor (in “The Little Child”) and progress from there and other times we begin standing (in “Mt. Zion”, “The Reed”. etc.). – CPI, OK

b. Liability Insurance:

1) Just read the posts on insurance and want everyone to know about a GREAT site I found called  That is where I purchased my insurance for – hold on to your hats! – $150 a YEAR!  They have different classifications – personal trainers, yoga instructors, etc… choose the one that fits best for you and you can purchase the policy right on line and the extent of coverage that you want – plus you have access at all times to the Certificate of Insurance which most places require a copy of before you can teach there if you are not covered by their insurance.

It is good to have anyways and really – $150 for the year is not that much – $12.50 per month and you could forego a McDonald's trip to cover it.  The great thing about this policy – apart from the price – is that it allows the freedom to group/individual instruction as well as at multiple locations.

You'll receive the full packet in the mail about a week later.  It is by far the best rate I have found – and believe me!  I spoke with A LOT of reps!  In Ohio – most places would not insure me as I did not have a “home” location, meaning I would be teaching in multiple locations and no conventional insurance company wanted to touch that – or if they did – it was for about $600 a year!! Thank you – no!  Anyway… check it out and see if it works for you. – CPI, IN

2) I found the most wonderful deal through AG SEcurity Insurance Company – it is a Commercial General Liability Policy.

Our agent from Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company set it up.  Here is what I got a one year policy for $165 (per year)

Individual –


~Premises and operations liability insurance – $300,000 each occurrence; general aggregate 1 million dollars

~Personal injury & advertising injury – $300,000 each occurrence

~Fire Department Legal Liability (any one fire) – $50,000 each occurrence

~Premises medical (any one person) – $5,000 each occurrence

My agent's name is Bryan Williams – in Tahlequah, OK – Ph:  918-685-0312

– CPI Trainer/Coordinator Nola Jeanne Baird, OK


c. Team Teaching is GREAT. One CPI and I usually teach together but we also can teach alone if necessary so it gives us each flexibility and a break whenever we need it. I will be in Phoenix for 5 days this month with my grandchildren and not feel any guilt for leaving my classes.

We put all the money we receive from each session into a joint acct. and pay for any expenses first. At the end of the session we pay ourselves.   We take the number of classes in the session and divide it into the amount of money to determine the “profit per class” amount. Then we each take our share depending on the number of classes we taught. (if one person taught more classes they would make more). This keeps the financial part VERY SIMPLE.

We got the idea from a CPI in CA to use lavender scented cloths for “eye towels” during the WWJD relaxation. People LOVE this, it is so relaxing. They are easy to launder and if you have several and keep them in a plastic container you don't have to add more lavender each time you launder them. Simply fold them and alternate them in your container with the already scented ones and they will pick up the scent while being stored inside the container.

We just bought white wash cloths from Wal-Mart and they work great for this. Also the lavender essential oil works much better and lasts much longer than the lavender spray. Just a drop or two on each cloth is all it takes.

We keep everything that pertains to our business in a Plastic Bin that is designed for hanging files. In it we have a file for everything that we need. i.e., Waivers (for each facility), sign-up cards, brochures, schedules, our devotional books, our Hebrew letters and book, and a Misc. file.

There is room in the bin for a small plastic file box that we keep our Sign-up cards filed in behind alphabetically marked dividers. We file their cards by their “first” name and as they enter each class they pull their own card and lay it on the table. After the class we mark their payment and/or attendance and we re-file their card for next time. It also holds a small “First aid Kit” and a roll of masking tape to put up our PraiseMoves Banner and some pens pencils and a small calculator. This way our “Stuff” is very portable and always together and if one of us can't be there the other simply takes the BIN home and has everything she needs.

We printed our Postures and all of our scriptures on the computer (large type) and taped them to large foam poster boards (it took 4 boards). We use a portable easel and put them up on the stage with us during our classes. If you don't have an easel a chair will do. They travel well and stay in our trunk. Leanne and I each have a set for convenience.

We have several extra MATS for newcomers to use. We carry a container of Disinfectant Wipes and hand everyone a “wipe” at the end of each class so they can wipe their mats off. It makes them and us feel better about using each other’s mats.

We love using the Devotional Book provided by PraiseMoves for the WWJD Relaxation time. Occasionally I use a devotional article that I receive daily from Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotional. Once in a while there is an article that is so timely and so special that it is wonderful to be able to share it with our classes at WWJD time. This Devotional is free and anyone can sign up on the computer by simply going to the Purpose Driven Life website. – CPI, CA

d. The facility that we are using has a Projection system that I am able to put a PowerPoint on –  I have downloaded music and prepared the presentation for a 45 minute workout. (15 minutes of Walkin’ Wisdom Warm-ups and 30 minutes of PraiseMoves postures and devotion)  There have been a few challenges with it, but I'm working the bugs out of it. – CPI, OK

e. Be open to ministry during class time.  Attend to individual student's needs and concerns.  Classes are also great for youth – building confidence, character and a heart for God and taking care of your body. – CPI, OK (A boy whose Mom wanted him to take a PraiseMoves class from Marlene to improve his flexibility wound up coming to Christ when his heart was touched hearing the Word during The Little Child posture – Mark 10:15!)

f. During relaxation, if I have time, usually for a 10 min. relaxation period, after relaxing I start off reading a Christian praise poem. It helps set the mood.

Be creative on the postures. There are slight alterations of some of them that change things up a little. Such as the scroll… there are many different stretches you can do from the initial position (Note from Dr. Laurette: Turning to the side with legs apart, for example. Left hand goes down left leg, right hand can go on floor or over head for a stretch to the side.)

If working at a gym like I do, you will have different people coming in all the time. Be sure in this instance that you always offer a modification if doing advanced postures or postures that might seem too difficult to some, so the new people do not get overwhelmed.

Love, love, love. Remember the reason you are doing PraiseMoves. Sometimes you get so caught up in doing things just right. That causes you to get nervous and possibly ignore individual needs. Pray before class, be prepared, and let GOD LEAD! Be in tune to your student's needs. If you need to alter your plans accordingly, do so.

In one class of mine, we had a 15 min relaxation because of stress and spiritual reasons in the ladies that were there that night. In another class, I felt God leading me to focus all our attention on listening to God's calling in our life, searching Him to determine His path for each of us. We spent a lot of time just being quiet, me included. I had only one lady show up one night and she could barely walk from being sore. Everything I did was different that night but it was what she needed! Again, be in tune to the needs of others and LET GOD LEAD. – CPI, AR

g. Remember to pray and give thanks to God for the opportunity to bring PraiseMoves to the community.  Even if nobody comes, still praise Him.  He will make it happen if it is in His will!! – CPI, IN

h. Make time for yourself to exercise. Your class is not your time to get your PM exercise.  Not only is maintaining your own PM practice essential for teaching competency, but you will be filled by Him to share w/others.

Opening prayer – I always mention that we are sisters.  Let us have patience w/ourselves & not be judgmental, or compare ourselves with each other, etc.  When I’m feeling anxious, I admit it aloud & ask for His help.  I assume that makes new students feel more at ease.

Keep reminding people to breathe!

Team teaching – Ideally, you don’t want to be dependent upon each other (if someone can’t teach).  First and foremost, the choice of a partner is the most important thing.  Cathleen & I think alike, can openly express our opinions, are non-competitive, and supportive of each other (including kicking each other the butt!).  This being said, assessing our strengths and weaknesses was a great starting place.  We realized my experience teaching and the gym made it more appropriate for me to do the WWW.  We split teaching the postures (including memorizing the verses), and Cathleen did the WWJD.  She is a more mature Christian, is more competent at praying aloud etc. – CPI, CT

i. Do a lot of word of mouth advertising. Start very early if your church has a committee/approval process as ours does. Team teach if you can, to help keep one another motivated. Do charge a small fee, so people are compelled to return each week. Do offer it more than once a week if possible. Consider using upbeat,
popular Christian music for the aerobics section — we even love using some of the Christian music that the teenagers like. – CPI, CT

j. Here is something to share with my fellow PraiseMoves sisters/brothers.  I do the Prayer Warrior posture a little different regarding scripture.  It has three parts to the posture.  The first position we silently say a prayer for someone other than ourselves or our family.  The second position we ask God for something we need help with or a family member needs (silently).  And the last part we praise God for something He has done for us today (silently).  I'm getting GREAT responses from people with the Prayer Warrior.  Even the girls PE classes are really praying!!  I hope this is alright with you Laurette.  You did give us freedom on scriptures so I took the liberty of exchanging a scripture for some prayer time. – CPI, IN    Great!!! ~ Dr. Laurette

k. Personalized scriptural affirmation cards – For the WWW, I'm doing personalized affirmations instead of quoting scripture.  1 Cor. 2:9 will sound like: “I cannot see, I cannot hear, I cannot conceive what God has prepared for me because I love Him.”  At the end of class I'm handing out small cards with each.

Suggestion: CPIs… as there are now so many of us (PRAISE GOD!!!) could you please include which state you are from when signing your post (on the CPI Forum)?  As I don't know everyone, I often want to look up the face behind the post & it would be quicker to find you.  Thanks :.) ~ CPI, CT

6. Questions other CPIs can answer for you (if you have an answer, email us at: )

a. I have not sold anything from my table – i.e., DVDs, books, water, etc.  Any advice? – CPI, IN

Try sharing something from one of the books during the WWJD relaxation time, or at the beginning of class. Recommend they use the DVDs to keep limber and toned between classes – or share something from one of the DVDs you or one of your students found especially helpful. ~ Dr. Laurette

b. What postures do your students notice in making the greatest differences in spinal health and muscle toning? – CPI, OK

The Tent, The Altar, The Cross, The Flapping Tent, Rest and Stretch, The Burden Bearer, The Support, Tallit-The Prayer Shawl…

c. I’d love insights on how to get the unsaved to our classes.  For CPIs who teach at different times of the day, do they get the same people?  Does anyone integrate a childcare component?  If not, are they not getting women because of it? – CPI, CT

I just prayed and asked the Lord – His answer was so QUICK to the question of how to get the unsaved to our classes. “Ask them.” Now, why didn’t I think of that? You may think, “Easier said than done,” but think of some of your students—many will have unsaved friends and family members. They may indeed be open to bringing a loved one to class.

Okay, here’s a Win-Win: “Bring a friend to class and they get first class free AND you get a ticket toward this month’s door prize (or end-of-class-series prize).”

I liked one CPI's comment about the older girls at church watching the children to raise money for a missions trip. ~ Dr. Laurette


7. Whatever you’d care to share / Testimonies

a. I've only had 2 classes – but so far so good.  The ladies seem to be enjoying it.  We have 25 signed up for this 8 week session. – CPI, OK

b. The postures are more than just names assigned to poses – it's a great way to teach Scripture/Bible stories.  One of my younger students asked Jesus into his heart during the “Little Child” posture…the Scripture reference speaks for itself. – CPI, OK

c. Team teaching is very beneficial. We help each other stay motivated and encouraged. We ran into a snag, because of my reoccurring back problems. I was advised to do nothing physical for 3-4 weeks and write down the effects/results (I still don't know if I agree that that is good advice, but felt I should try it after the MRI confirmed spinal stenosis and I have something affecting the nerves).

I thought, what am I going to do about PraiseMoves? I prayed about it in the bathtub one night and felt that God instantly gave me an illustration/vision of how he wanted the class to go. I was tentative about it, but I shared it with another CPI and told her I wanted to try it; she agreed. It has worked quite well. This is what we are doing for the 3-4 weeks: I made up a prayer request sheet and as soon as the members get there I ask them if they'd like to fill one out. Then while that CPI teaches the aerobics section, I go in a hallway and pray according to their requests.

I also write down any scriptures that God brings to my mind pertaining to each request. I pray those, and I use them again later. Then during the postures, that CPI leads and demonstrates while I walk around and gently help people into better alignment. (We teach in a school gym with no mirrors and people are surprisingly grateful that we are doing it this way now).

The other CPI talks about proper body alignment while in each position and I say the accompanying scripture. I then lead them through the relaxation and devotional time. Toward the end of the devotional time, I pray aloud for anyone who checked “yes you may share this aloud” on their request sheet. I pray using the scriptures God revealed to me during the earlier prayer/aerobics time. I also pray for what I feel God leads me to for “unspoken” requests. He may nudge me to pray for healing, etc. Last night I found myself praying for grief and His assistance to anyone who might be grieving about a person, situation, stage in life, relationship, etc.

Last night one woman stopped me as I came close by her and told me of a knee injury and asked me what types of things she shouldn't do. I was able to make suggestions/cautions. She expressed that she would not have mentioned this out loud in front of everyone, so it was nice that she had a way to express it to me without feeling odd. Another woman seemed to really be struggling physically through the stretching postures. With our team teaching, we were able to deal easily with this.

I went over to her and asked if she was okay. She told me what she was feeling and I suggested she sit down for a while. She sat out for 3/4 of the postures, but was able to go back near the end. At the very end of class she came up to me and told me how much she appreciates the scriptures and that she was able to just listen and meditate on those while she was sitting out. She also shared how she is going through a really rough time in her life and how she so much appreciates the extra praying that we've added. So, with my back issue and having to change our class around, as it turns out, God has once again taken what we view as a problem and turned it into something for his glory. – CPI, CT


8. What about MUSIC?

a. FROM DR. LAURETTE: In addition to PraiseMoves Music CDs #1, #2 and #3 here are some of the others our CPIs use. NOTE: Some lyrics may be used for Walkin’ Wisdom Warm-ups (as long as you still have your students repeat Scriptural Affirmations after you).

However, it is important we DO NOT use music with lyrics for the Postures portion of the PraiseMoves Class. Here’s why (this is taken from an email I put on the CPI Forum:

CPI Trainer MaryAnn (Haslett) and I were discussing why PraiseMoves class music has no lyrics. It's okay to have some lyrics WITH WALKIN' WISDOM WARM-UPS ONLY (NOT POSTURE PORTION OF CLASS).

Here's what I wrote:

“Thank you, MaryAnn – Yes, I think some lyrics are okay with WWW – it's not as vital WWW be w/o lyrics BUT music for the posture portion of the class MUST be without lyrics. If CPIs are familiar with yoga classes, those that have music (as i remember back lo these many years) use instrumental, New-Agey and/or Indian instrumental music (mostly New Age or Indian).

“I never went to a yoga class that had lyrics with the music — even in yoga they seemed to understand that the lyrics took away from the concentration on the postures and relaxation and the spiritual focus of yoga classes (albeit the WRONG spirit!!!). I never gave any of this any thought (re: yoga, that is) until now. Of course I didn't decide on the no-lyrics “rule” because of yoga (!) – I know you know that — I hadn't even made the comparison 'till this very moment. Our direction in this with PraiseMoves has to do with the concentration/focus/meditation on Scripture and worship during the postures.

“Again, words with the FAST music of WWW is okay – *** as long as people can get in their Scriptural Affirmations.*** I think some would prefer to use words during WWW as an excuse NOT do Scriptural Affirmations, which is counter-productive. I can't stress how important I believe it is that the students (women, in particular) say these positive, first-person scriptural words about themselves in the beginning of the class like this.

“I believe it prepares them for the class, gets them speaking from their spirits (in line with Scripture, instead of speaking from their minds or emotions which may be riddled with doubt, fear and any number of other negatives, as is common with most people) and by speaking these words aloud themselves it prepares them to receive the Word they will hear and hopefully respond to during the class. That's also why we have begun having students repeat the scriptures and their references with the postures with us (except in the case of postures such as Tallit where it may be difficult to speak).

We're not being old-fashioned, fuddy-duddies or hopelessly senior in our thinking on this. I think it's as vital for children and teens as I do for those 20-120. We are so bombarded with distractions in the world – PM class is an opportunity to pull away from this. We are so concerned as a culture with getting people's attention by being hip — PM class is meant to be different – we want to draw people away from the WORLD and in another direction BY THE WORD. The music should complement this shift, not detract from it.

“If we have Steven Curtis Chapman singing some wonderful godly song during our Scripture Sequence, we may begin meditating on Steven Curtis Chapman (or how nice his voice is, or what neat lyrics, or why does he pronounce his words like that, or what was his wife's name…..). Know what I mean?

New Note to CPIs: If you feel “funny” having your students repeat scriptures after you that's okay. It means you're getting to the edge of fear. Huh? Remember that “feeling” of fear, discomfort, looking/sounding/being weird is not a “feeling.” According to Paul, speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in 2 Timothy 1:7, said that God has not given you/us a SPIRIT OF FEAR, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.

“Fear is a spirit. Who's it from if not from God? Your enemy, satan. Why would the enemy NOT want you and your students to say positive scriptural things about yourselves? Because it will make you/them more a threat to him.

“I tell people who are stepping out, doing things that are uncomfortable such as this (pushing the border on the fear zone): ‘If you feel foolish, you're on the right track.' Push past the fear to the other side – where you are weak, God is strong. The next time you do it, it will be easier, your faith will grow, the fear will have less of a hold on you.

“Some of your students will feel shy about repeating scripture and scriptural affirmations after you. Don't give up. Don't make it ‘easy' on them by not doing the affirmations or scriptures aloud.  That's just what the enemy wants you to do!!!

Push through!!! Don't use lyrics in your music as an excuse NOT to say Scriptural Affirmations during WWW. You can use some music with lyrics (ONLY for WWW – NOT the postures – EVER!!! – I feel justified being adamant about this per the reasoning in paragraphs above).  Shout out your Scriptural affirmations anyway and encourage your students to repeat after you. Smile! Be joyfully encouraging to them.  They will come along.

“YOU ARE THE LEADER – that's why God has called you to this.

“Of course it's easier to add scriptural affirmations when there are no lyrics to contend with during WWW – but as long as you're doing the affirmations, either lyrics or no lyrics is okay during WWW. Your students NEED to speak the Scriptural Affirmations aloud in order to prepare their spirits (their REAL SELVES) for the Word they are going to hear; for the worship they are about to enter into; for the revelations the Lord is preparing to give each of them individually during your class.

“If you have not given them the opportunity to SPEAK these scriptural affirmations aloud, their spirits will be less ‘primed' for the incomparable experience of your PraiseMoves class.”

Update: With the Power PraiseMoves DVD, you’ll notice there are no WWW on it because the workout itself gets some good cardio going, and we’ve used the postures as an introduction to the workout—to stretch and prepare the body for the more challenging workout. As long as the Word is incorporated in the warm-up, this is a viable option. MaryAnn Haslett also has a breathing, flowing warm-up she has used in her classes (posted on the CPI Forum).

Any others have music suggestions? Please post and I'll post on the CPI Tips page, too:

b. One CPI writes:

Bronn Journey CD — I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  My favorite.  (Note: we have permission from Bronn Journey to use any of his music in our classes. ~ LW)

And yes, I have a bunch of Daily Bread CDs that I use for the posture portion of my class.  If anyone wants to know the specific ones I have, just email me.  Daily Bread offers a few great sets of CDs.  I'm willing to bet all are great.

Discovery House Classical Praise CDs (all instrumental). .  (Lois Veenstra of Discovery House Music recently gave us permission to use any of their music in our classes.) They offer a nice change in music style.  The other thing I suggest is going to a local music store.  I got a great 3-CD set (“Best Loved Hymns & Bible Songs” – by Twin Sister Productions) for a very inexpensive price.   – CPI, CT

c. Barb Selfe from Toronto shared some of the beautiful music she uses and demonstrated at our recent gathering. Cheryl Puthoff has found some wonderful music – we heard some of the karaoke ones below – that has limited lyrics and very upbeat for WWW – there is enough space between the songs, and that is when Cheryl has them continue with Jericho march and she does the Scriptural Affirmation.   Here is what she forwarded to me (MaryAnn Haslett, PA):

www warm-ups

Gospel Walking, Somerset Entertainment (Wal-Mart)

Karaoke Open Mic, Audio Adrenaline, Vol I (Life Way Christian book store)

Karaoke Open Mic, Christian Rock, Vol. I (Life Way)

Worship Next 2002 Chordant Dist. Group (Life Way)

meditation and postures

-Relax with mountain streams – Creative Music Marketing Ltd.

-Classic Worship, Awesome God songs of adoration, MMV Smith Management Partners (Life Way Christian book store)

-Wishes, Owen Richards solo piano,2006 Somerset Entertainment Ltd (Wal-Mart)

-Relaxing classical piano, Reflections (Wal-Mart)

-A Peaceful Soak, 2005 Somerset Ent. Ltd (Wal-Mart)

d. The Wal-Mart CDs came from the candle section not the music and movie section. Life Way has a web site I am sure you could Google them for internet sales. This music got me through the first two years I hope it will help you too.  CPI, OH

e. SpiritFit Music says they are designed for Fitness classes: — they mention so-called “Christian yoga,” but just overlook that for now if you like the music.

The music is LESS on the link above (iTunes) and MORE on their website: – but you may want to go to their website to check them out, and then buy on iTunes.

On iTunes you can get just a few songs if you like.
They have music in various categories – but the slow instrumentals are ideal for PraiseMoves classes, while the ones with words can be used during WWW if you like.

Other lovely, peaceful instrumentals: – has several CDs

f. CPI from OK favors David Nevue's music, who also welcomes us to use his music in our classes. Solo Piano Artist & Creator of Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio – Listen to his music here —>

g. Dr. Laurette: The music of Julie True is amazing – worshipful and perfect for PraiseMoves. Known as “soaking” music – for soaking in the Presence of the Holy Spirit.  — only use those without vocals for class, however.

h. Dr. Laurette: Klaus music is on our PMGold DVD (CD: “The Invitation”) – worshipful piano music and more:

i. We have been given permission by John Tussey to use his beautifully anointed music. We hope to do some projects with him in the near future. Specializes in “soaking” music – soaking in the Presence and Word of the Lord.

John wrote to me about our using his music in our classes: “I will suggest these CD's for your instructors and believe they will all work well:
Time and Eternity
Peaceful Place
Frequencies of Life
Frequencies of the Heart
Majestic Journey

If your instructors would like to download the CD's from the Internet, I would prefer them to purchase the downloads from:

However, if they feel more comfortable with iTunes, they can purchase the CD's there as well at:

(Discounts for more than one – can be downloaded or CD sent — John said the CDs have the better sound quality — for information, you may email him at:  or visit his page on Facebook: also “Link where you can listen to 3 full length instrumentals. I hope you enjoy the music:

j. I was at a festival this summer and met an amazing Christian artist who gave us approval to use any of his music in our classes. (Obviously as long as we do not give his music away or sell it!)  It is all instrumental and I have enjoyed using the “Hymns” CD.  I can't wait to use the Christmas one in December!!   His music is very anointed!  Enjoy  🙂

His name is Dave Villano.
Love, CPI from CO

h.  From Lia Thiabault of Canada: 

Hi CPI’s!  I download music from iTunes for WWW.  Songs like…

Eye on It, Lose Myself, Love Broke Thru, all by Toby Mac
Trading My Sorrows by Darrell Evans
I Am Free by the Newsboys
Happy Day by Tim Hughes
Do Life Big, Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace
Diamonds by Hawk Nelson
Joy by Rend Collective
Greater by Mercy Me
God is On the Move by 7th Time Down
The River by Jordan Feliz
and so many more!

9. Incentives for Class Attendance

Incentive programs are a great way to keep students involved. An idea: every student gets a PraiseMoves Attendance Card the first time they attend (can be printed up or written on an index card), and the instructor signs it after every class. After every x# (8, 12, 20?) workouts, the student gets a $-off coupon from a local health-conscious restaurant or store (a member of your church may have a business and want to help support classes by giving you gift cards, coupons or several give-away items). Other give-aways can be books, CDs, DVDs, PraiseMoves T-shirt, Coupon for $ off next series of classes, a PraiseMoves mug.

You can find these at:

It’s good to have a gift that helps promote your classes in some way. T-shirts or other giveaways are a great way to promote your program, and a fun incentive to keep students coming back.

Drawing – With the free PM for Children DVD Laurette has graciously given us, I'm going to draw a name among women who attend all 8 classes.  If this works well, I'll purchase PM products & continue to do this each session. – CPI, CT

Bring a Friend to Class Incentive: “Bring a friend to class with you and your friend gets the first class free AND you get a ticket toward this month’s door prize (or end-of-class-series prize).”

If you have something to share, please send it to: Subject Line: CPI Tips. Thank you!

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