Great Women of the Bible DVD or CD

Great Women of the Bible DVD ~ The Movie

Laurette's critically-acclaimed one-woman musical drama.

See portrayals of Elizabeth (the mother of John the Baptist), Mary Magdalene (who walked with Jesus), and Priscilla (the wife of Aquila who worked side-by-side with the apostle Paul).

Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene and Priscilla tell the whole story of the Bible in 3 acts. See biblical history come to life told by a master storyteller and actor, Laurette Willis.

90 minutes in length.



Great Women of the Bible DVD $14.95 (save $5.00!)


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Great Women of the Bible Music & Songs CD $9.95

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12 great scriptural songs to build your faith. Sing along!


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Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene & Priscilla in a One-Woman Musical Drama!

Undoubtedly “the greatest story ever told,” like the photographs on this page, has many varied colors and expression.  In Laurette’s one-woman show Great Women of the Bible you will meet three remarkable women who tell the story of when “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14).”  Subtitled “Witnesses of the Messiah,” the three women you will meet are Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene and Priscilla.

Great Women of the Bible had been a project the Lord first put on my heart in 1987, shortly after I committed my life to Jesus Christ,” says Laurette.  “Over the years I would study different women of the Bible and the lessons their lives teach us.  I would write sketches about them, praying for ways to present these women to the people of today.”

The sensitivity with which these Great Women are presented to us brings us into their world so we hear what they hear, see what they see and feel as they feel.

“Laurette was invited to present Great Women of the Bible for our Sunday morning worship service. Our church members were mesmerized by her performance.  Especially effective was her benediction at the end of her dramatization, which led into the altar call at the end of the service…

“Laurette is multi-talented, and humbly uses these talents to bring the gospel message to as many people as she can.  Her heart is completely set on bringing glory to our Lord.”

Dr. Charles E. Higgs, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Portland, TX

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Have you ever wished you could step back in time, just for a day, and sit at the feet of the Master as He spoke with His disciples?

Each Biblical “character” is 30 minutes in length – choose 1, 2, or all 3.

Have you ever wondered how Elizabeth and Zechariah felt when they discovered she was with child, just as the angel Gabriel said she would be – a woman who was “barren” and “well on in years?”  Her son was John the Baptist (called “Yochanan the Immerser” by his people), prophesied by Isaiah as “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the LORD; make His paths straight (Isaiah 40:3; Matthew 3:3).’”

Have you ever wished you could step on board with Paul the Apostle as he sailed throughout the known world spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ?  What was the first century church really like, and why were people willing to give all, even unto death, for the sake of Christ?

Several original songs are neatly woven throughout the piece.  Elizabeth’s songs have a decided Jewish flavor to them, “Elohim Hu Kol Yachol (God, You Are Able)” and the vibrant praise song, “Shiru Le’Adonai (Sing Unto the Lord).”

Mary Magdalene touches our hearts as she relates how Yeshua (Jesus) changed her life in “Home Was Just a Memory.”  The second act closes with a musical depiction of the crucifixion and resurrection that has audiences cheering by the end of “He Is Risen!”

“Great Women of the Bible” is also the name of the new CD by Laurette Willis and producer/arranger Steve Cypert.  “Traded for a Martyr’s Crown” is sung by the character of Priscilla, who with her husband Aquila worked closely with Paul the Apostle.

As Paul awaits execution in the horrid Tullianum prison in Rome, Priscilla sings of Paul’s readiness to join the Lord in heaven:

“Traded for a Martyr's Crown,Traded by grace;
Traded for a place with Him, Soon face-to-face.
Out of the body is present with the Lord–
Our last breath breathed in this world…our next breath with God.”


“Laurette is a delightful blend of professional actress and anointed minister.  Her dramatic presentations bring a greater depth of understanding to the Bible stories we've always known.  Her portrayal of characters like Mary Magdalene and other great women of the Bible seem to bring these people back to life and reveal their very souls.

“Watching her perform is like taking a ride on an emotional roller coaster all the way from joyous laughter to tears of grief and then joy again.  She loves God and it shows.  Her ministry will be a blessing to any church.”

Robert O. Johnson, President, Clarion Ministries, Former President, Independent Assemblies Fellowship of Churches

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