The Gimme Ten Workout Workout

The Gimme Ten Workout Workout

Six 10-minute Workouts with Light Weights and the Word!

What could be simpler? Monday through Saturday join Laurette in a cozy home setting for these fun, invigorating workouts which include:

 * 1-minute low impact aerobics

 * 8 minutes with light weights

 * 1-minute gentle stretching 


ALL while renewing your mind on the Word of God. If you're just getting back to working out, this is a great place to start. Or – if you're looking for a good warm-up before cardio activity or a PraiseMoves workout, The Gimme Ten Workout is for YOU!

“I went for blood work because of my past physical condition. ALL of the blood work came out perfect! And I lost 10 lbs! I know that it is because of the exercise on the Gimme Ten Workout Workout, but not only the exercise, it's exercising with God's Word! I wanted to share with you and you are welcome to share with others if you wish. Thank you and Praise God for His faithfulness when we abide in Him.” – Bea Lovelace, Ruidoso, NM
 “The Gimme Ten Workout is great – and I must reallyyyyyyy be out of shape – because it was quite a little workout! My stomach muscles are complaining a bit. Thanks. I love it! I think I could even take it with me while I travel and stick it in my laptop so I can do Gimme Ten wherever I am! Thank you!” — Elizabeth A. Moon, Oklahoma District Missionettes Coordinator, Assemblies of God
The Gimme Ten Workout™ Workout AVAILABLE HERE


  1. Just got “Gimme Ten” last week and I love it!! I am modifying some of the lower body exercises for my knee.

    I haven’t picked up any weights yet. I just grab to equal size cans out of the cupboard.

    It is wonderful to start the day with movement and praising the Lord :).

    Thank you,
    Victoria Loveland

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