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  1. Thank you Cori for your rich insight on praising God’s Word always. He Word never changes even though events in our lives do. This takes me to 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.
    It is so beautiful that we can take the scripture and claim it for ourselves. Praise the Lord!

  2. Thank you, Pastor Cori, for your wonderful insights into incorporating praise for God’s word in our PraiseMoves classes. You are right how praising God in His word is so powerful! I believe it helps to strengthen our faith even more by getting His word down into our spirits. Plus, at the same time, it is a form of worship back to God, which we know is so pleasing to Him!

  3. Thank you, Pastor Cori for sharing your ways to incorporate praise into our classes. God’s Word is unfailing and unchanging!!

  4. Comment for Pastor Cori Johnson:

    Hallelujah!!!! Praise God 🙂

    Thank you Pastor Cori, your message was definitely an encouragement and spoke in agreement what the Lord has impressed upon me – “His Word is life, and the very source we need for abundant living.” A while ago, The Lord told me “praise was my weapon, and to continuously be a praise before him. I have seen the atmosphere shift, sickness healed and homes restored because of praise and praying The Word of God. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped, the evidence of things not seen”. – Hallelujah!!! Today I join you in faith believing that we, CPI and all those who are sharing the love of Christ will begin to know the unchanging power of the the Word of God – for He is the Word! And yes His Word shall not return unto Him void. I hope that wasn’t too long, I just love the Lord and you. May you continue to prosper as God uses you for His Glory. Love you much, Shoshanah

  5. Cori
    Thank you for sharing I agree!

    When I began using praise and thanksgiving in my classes it was forced, a little planned out. On side one I would say the scripture as written on side two I would say “I thank you God that your word says, ….” etc… I even wrote it out on my note sheets…. But now I am contented without thinking praising and thanking God for what his word says! It is very natural and worshipful!

  6. Thank you Cori for your joyful and encouraging words. I hear your excitement about PM in how you describe sharing God’s word with your students!

  7. Thank you Pastor Cori for your insight. God’s word is unchangeable and when we add our praise and thanksgiving for it, we will all see how much more powerful He really is, in our life’s.

  8. Thank you Pastor Cori for your encouraging message and explanation of using Gods spoken word as a Praise or Thanksgiving. I had struggled with the incorporation of the Higher Dimension of praise, and your message truly helped me see that I was over-complicating it!
    I appreciate learning from those of you with such experience and your love for sharing Gods Word through PraiseMoves.
    JHyett, CPI

  9. Thank you, Pastor Cori for your message.
    I too agree the higher dimension of praise in our PraiseMoves postures, brings worship to our sessions.
    May the Lord God richly bless you and the work of your hands 10 fold, today and everyday for the rest of your life.
    Mona Jackson, CPI New Mexico

  10. Thank you for your message of encouragement Cori. Every time I read what you have shared I get something new to take back to my students. Praise the Lord for He is always good.

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