Weight Loss: Marshmallows or Gold?

Don't Be Afraid of Weights! It's Marshmallows vs. Gold…

BAD NEWS: While aerobic exercise burns calories, the body’s metabolism quickly returns to pre-exercise levels, usually within 30 minutes or so.

GOOD NEWS! Resistance training, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, leads to increased calorie burning for up to TWO HOURS after the workout is over.

The Perfect 10: Clinical exercise physiologist Carol A. Binzen and colleagues asked 10 women to perform three sets of 10 exercises at 10-repetition maximum with a one-minute rest period between each set. Researchers found that fat oxidation was significantly higher after the strength-training session.

Which would you prefer to be:

130 lbs, size 14 — OR — 130 lbs, size 4?!!! 

 A similar comparison:

130 lbs of marshmallows or 130 lbs of gold? Which takes up LESS space?

Muscle weighs MORE than fat – and it burns fat, too!!! Weight training can result in a slight increase in weight due to increased muscle mass (but smaller size!). However, many women abandon their strength-training efforts, opting instead for strictly cardiovascular activities.

Smart Tip: Researchers suggest combining aerobic exercise with regular strength training for maximum benefit.

Work out with weights 2-3x per week — it doesn't take much — and be pure gold!

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