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Congratulations on your new Power Promises purchase!

Here are the links to your Power Promises Program:

1. Power Promises workout mp3 (audio):

NOTE: DOWNLOAD link below.

It opens to Hightail.com–> then click Orange Download button.

SCROLL DOWN for Videos, eBook, eWorkbook – and more!

Click HERE for Power Promises then click Download


2. Power Promises Video – Here is the link to Days One and Two. In a short while you will receive a Confirmation Email that you can click to receive these special video teachings from Laurette automatically.


3. Power Promises eBook – All the Power Promises on the workout audio in a convenient easy-to-follow format. *Right-click* on link below to “save as” or “save target as” to your computer.




4. Power Promises Workbook – Keep God's Power Promises in mind as you answer simple daily questions which help keep you on track. *Right-click* on link below to “save as” or “save target as” to your computer.

DOWNLOAD eWorkbook HERE – full color

Download plain black & white version HERE (save on color ink!)




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  1. Just purchased the Power Promises Workout. It’s a little “reward” for myself for losing 4.2 pounds out of 15. 😉 I hope this will add to my regular 30 minutes of cardio workout per day–change things up for me once in awhile (I use aerobic videos via ROKU, too). I plan to use the PP Workout while walking in my neighborhood – or even perhaps when “power walking” early at the mall! I look forward to also working thru the workbook, although presently I’m working on two separate Bible studies, so I may wait a bit until I am finished with those. 😉 – – God bless!

  2. Wow, and double wow! Thank you so much for putting the word to music so that when I walk I am strengthening my spirit and my body! Blessings!

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