POWER PROMISES 4-part Walking Workout - Downloadable MP3s

POWER PROMISES 4-part Walking Workout - Downloadable MP3s


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Plug-in for 30 minutes of music & motivation for your outdoor walk, treadmill, elliptical — even chores around the house!

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Walking Workout

4-Part WALKING WORKOUT gets you MOVING with the Word AND Music!

1. Power Promises mp3 (audio)

Walk to the Music & Scriptures!

Plug-in for 30 minutes of music & motivation for your outdoor walk, treadmill, elliptical — even chores around the house! Get moving with Warm-up @ 110 beats-per-minute, then a steady 130 bpm, ending with a 110 bpm cool-down.  ALL accompanied by the Word and Scripture-based affirmations.

* Train Your Body

* Renew Your Mind

* Motivating Music

* Life-changing Scriptures


Power Promises!!! I LOVE IT!!!  I was listening to it in the car yesterday for the first time, and it made me want to MOVE. Today on the elliptical–what a great time I had with the Lord!!! It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. “–LeeAnne Watson, Ohio

“This is exactly what I needed. Incredibly invigorating both spiritually & physically.” – Brenda King, Director of Positively Feminine Magazine


I look forward to hearing your testimonies once you try these products, too!

1. This page (more info below) Power Promises 4-part Walking Workout


LISTEN to a Sample of the Walking Workout: Starts at slower pace 110 bpm for warm-up, and then faster 130 bpm.

Listen to BOTH on the PROMO 30 second clip BELOW. Click link or arrow below!

–>>1. Easy, slow warm-up @ 110 bpm

–>>2. Faster, techno-electronic pop music @ 130 bpm


Power Promises Promo


What the Experts have to say

Dr. Ken Cooper, is considered by many to be the Father of Aerobics and Founder of the Cooper Institute.

A dilemma at the Institute – HUGE Drop Out Rates!

Several years ago a study was done at the Cooper Institute on the benefits of walking the suggested 10,000 steps per day.

As the project progressed, they were confronted with a problem: although the program started with 730 participants, by the end of the study, ONLY 83 people completed the full 12-week walking schedule. THAT’S AN 11% COMPLETION RATE!

This proves we need motivation and encouragement to keep with a schedule of fitness.

Faith AND Fitness are Key.

Motivation is Good. Music is Good.

Music AND God’s Word? NOW you’re talking!

  • According to the Cooper Institute, walking 5x a week for 30 minutes a day at the rate of 3 miles per hour reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 58%.

With Power Promises, you average  3-to-3 1/2 miles per hour for 30 minutes.

The University of Maryland

  • A study from the University of Maryland concludes that “people who listen to music during exercise activities such as walking or jogging tend to exercise MORE frequently, for LONGER periods of time, and with GREATER intensity. In addition to getting better workouts, people who listen to music ENJOY THEIR WORKOUTS MORE than people who do not.”

Power Promises set


2. Power Promises VIDEOS

Daily InBox Motivation!

Over the course of a month, you’ll receive 30 videos (2-minutes each) which amplify the Word in your workout.  Add POWER to your Daily Walk in the Word!

“I was very encouraged during the duration of the entire workout and found myself reciting the verses from the Bible throughout the day.  I remembered how God has brought me through SO MUCH in my life and how He has always been faithful.” –Holly Kaufman, Ohio

Here’s an example of what you’ll receive:



3. Power Promises eBooklet

Helping you commit the Word to memory, here are the scriptures and Word-based affirmations used in the Power Promises Workout – plus helpful tips to keep you on track in a convenient easy-to-follow format.


“I loved the Power Promises! It encouraged me and made me want to keep moving. I liked that it included a warmup,  workout & cool down. I used it on my stationary bike – and while cleaning the house! My daughter (she’s 18 months) was even dancing along to the music. I look forward to using it on walks this summer!” –Tara H., Michigan



4. Power Promises Workbook

Focus in on your goals as you “Write the Vision” and take your Power Promises Workout to the next level!


“I have to say that I am truly encouraged by the music/scriptures! I absolutely love having the scriptures spoken to me and into my life! I’m going to use this while doing my elliptical workouts.”–Christy Dunning, Oklahoma


Personally and as a Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry, I strongly recommend Power Promises Walking Workout.

“It addresses our physiological needs to move; addresses our psychological needs so that we maintain an active mind and healthy emotions, and addresses the spiritual needs we each have.

Laurette’s written materials are invaluable, the videos inspirational and the mp3 download offers great music &  inspiration to move by. Power Promises Walking Workout‘s foundation is the Word of God. The end result: We find ourselves healthy and prospering according to God’s plans (3 John 2).

“THANKS, LAURETTE for making the information readily accessible, enjoyable and easily affordable!!!” –Dr. Pam Anderson of New Horizons Natural Healthcare.

You get all 4 *Instant Access* Products!

1. Power Promises Walking Workout – Music & Scriptures in an mp3 Download.

2. Power Promises Videos – daily teaching videos delivered to your Inbox for a month.

3. Power Promises eBooklet – with the Word, scriptural affirmations & helpful tips.

4. Power Promises Workbook – help you “write the vision” and make it your own.

“The Power Promises workout is appropriate for everyone –at a great speed – not so fast that it could be dangerous, but not so slow that you get bored. It’s also worth about 3800 steps, which is a good chunk of your daily 10,000 step requirement – not a bad way to start the day!” “Wonderful selection of scripture, well read, and well presented. You come away truly strengthened in spirit.” — Darlene Hull, PraiseWalker.com

Walking Workout!