PraiseMoves Alphabetics Downloadable MP4s

PraiseMoves Alphabetics Downloadable MP4s


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The 22 Hebrew Letter Postures

Move through the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet during this unique workout. Laurette has created 22 postures which beautifully mirror these ancient characters.

Several workouts complete the video – Psalm 119 and Proverbs 31.

Both of these are acrostic passages of Scripture. An acrostic is a poem or psalm in which each sentence  begins with a certain letter. In Psalm 119, the longest  psalm, every 8 verses begin with a different letter of  the Hebrew alphabet – in order alef through tav.

Likewise, the last 22 verses of Proverbs 31 (verses 10-31, about the Virtuous Woman), follow the same progression alef through tav, each verse beginning with a different letter.


At right are the Letter LAMED (lah-med) and the posture Lamed.



Interesting Example of the Hebrew Letters:

The Word for “Religion” in Hebrew is Dat

Religion = dat –> Dalet (door) + Tav (Cross)


Dalet + Tav = The Door to the Cross – in Hebrew we read from right to left.



Originally, Tav looked like a CROSS, but it was changed to the way we see Tav today shortly after the Resurrection of Jesus. Wonder why?

–> Consider what “Religion” means in Hebrew! “The Door to the Cross.”



Dalet – Stand feet together, right arm out to side, palm facing forward; bring left hand in behind, placing back of hand and fingers close to right shoulder blade; switch arms after 4 verses. Reach left hand back to grab right fingers, stretch, reverse.

Tav – At right are the Modified Cross posture and the more challenging Cross posture.

All 22 Hebrew Letter postures are in the PraiseMoves Alphabetics MP4s.

Bonus Section: The Lord’s Prayer Scripture Sequence in English AND Hebrew!

You certainly don’t have to understand Hebrew to enjoy this PraiseMoves workout!

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