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Laurette writes, “Most of us are busy as a bees nowadays! Know what helps keep me buzzing along? BeeAlive Royal Jelly products: Energy Serj, Queen's Royale, B12 and the new Omega Plus – awesome power food. Pure, powerful and potent.
“I like the increased energy I have–but you know what I really like? The knowledge that you can trust the dietary supplements BeeAlive produces. They've been around over 25 years and are on the leading edge of products that DO what they say they'll do. I've been blessed to meet some of the precious BeeAlive people, and they are quality, too.
“As founder and director of PraiseMoves, I am honored to endorse BeeAlive products and invite you to try them for yourself. Just call this toll-free number for a very special offer just for our PraiseMoves friends!”

Improve your everyday lifestyle with renewed energy and stamina!

Discover the wonders of Royal Jelly… one of nature’s most precious and potent foods.

Found in minute amounts in the beehive, Royal Jelly is the exclusive food of the Queen Bee and consists of nutrients that nourish the body, helping to increase your energy, stamina and vitality.**
Royal Jelly has been prized for centuries by royalty and the most learned people in Europe and Asia. One of America’s most respected nutritionists,

BeeAlive’s Royal Jelly is the finest in the world! Always pure and never, ever freeze-dried, as are most Royal Jelly products on the market.  At BeeAlive, they believe that freeze-drying may destroy some of the most beneficial properties of this precious food substance.  So they use only fresh Royal Jelly as a base to their products and pack them in glass for purity, dating every bottle or jar for freshness.  BeeAlive’s goal is to bring you Royal Jelly that is as pure and natural as possible….straight from the beehive!

As a friend of PraiseMoves, you may call this exclusive toll free number and receive a FREE gift with your first Royal Jelly order! 

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BeeAlive products are RISK-FREE with a full money-back guarantee!  (less S+H)

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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